Zig Ziglar Setting Goals 2 of 3

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Sharron Ferrell says:

I love watching and listening to this amazing man!

Kellie Alston says:

Need a good laugh? Watch this video. It cracks me up to this day! SMH.

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling says:

wow hes got a funny name but hes good as they say


fucking hillarious!! who is this mothafuckahhhhh!! love his ass;)

Satnam Punglia says:

Zig Is brilliant, it’s better than listening to a comedy sketch and you
learn a heap of things ……

Ryan Masterson says:

“The rule is simple. You do it now. You do it now.” Excellent advice.

lompemoen says:

He is really a good speaker. He motivated menow:-)

Haibara Idiomas says:


Samuel Barge Jr. says:


A1ComputersIreland says:

He says it likes it is

baby2mitu says:

I really don’t know how the last 15 years went by. I hope the next 15 will
be different after listening to this.

nodahl tenz says:

i had to watch this twice to keep up lol. anyways i can reeeeeally relate.
He is brilliant!

howtotruckdriver101 says:

He Great! Telling the truth.

Elliott Shultz says:

A great example of how comedy can be used to drive home a message!

CitizenNorwood says:

All right, back to work…. Riiiight after I watch part 3!

Andy A says:

So true, so true. Zig is the Man!

AftabSyed says:

Ziglar is so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

positivesecret says:

dave ramsey sent me.. great stuff

JonOfAllTrades says:

this is my favorite video ever I believe!

FlatLand43 says:

So encouraging, thank you, Zig

JASHIEL77 says:

Excelente video. Combinacio de gracia y sabiduria invaluables.

MacKeeper Review says:

wish i had his energy. He is in his 50s in this video? Man he must have
been hyperactive when he was my age (26)!

Rene Pearson says:

It now 2011/2012 the time is now!

AftabSyed says:

I LOVE Ziglar. We LOVE Ziglar. Everyone LOVES Ziglar.

creativity8284 says:

Do get cooked in the squat! I love it!

numbahone says:

Wow i love his energy!

Kenny Lauderdale says:

I am too guilty of this. “my computer is too slow to make beats. Wait till
I get a new one then I’ll reeeeaally get started” the list goes on and on.
Then ya wake up 5 years later still waiting. Problem is, ya don’t remember
what you were waiting on!

Aatash Parikh says:

So true.

John Boyd says:

Yep. Leaders take action and stand for the biggest gains! John
teamsuccesspresentation. com

bunnyluv41 says:

I agree with all comments posted! Thanks for sharing these terrific videos
with us!

FloormanofAlabama says:


Sayhellofirst says:

Hello!! Mr. Zig Ziglar how are you? I hope all is well. My name is Rachel
Tookes. Nice to see you for the second time on line. I hope to meet you in
person some day. Thank you and God bless you too!!!

BornTV says:

He got me pumped up now! I am about to reeeeally git bizzy!LOL

kannibalkook says:

painfully true

Psa1mist9 says:

6 people are procrastinators…

dvnguyen says:

he speaks wayyyy too fast it’d be nice if he spoke a little slower

georocky says:

i never heard a men speaking so fast,i`m struggling to catch every word;

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