Your Thoughts Are Creating Your Reality – Dr Wayne (Law of Attraction)

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YouAreCreators says:

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DarkSecretBliss - DreamWorker says:

Reality is creating “your” thoughts and feelings (although they are not
really “yours”, because you do not really own anything, but the Universal
Power of Reality owns everything, including you and all thoughts and
Do you control “your” thoughts and feelings, or do “your” thoughts and
feelings control you?

Red Pill Philosophy says:

Thoughts do not “create” reality: they are simply a symptom of what TRULY
molds reality: your choices. I can think about Disney world all I want,
but I ain’t going to be there until I DECIDE to go, and start making real
world actions that bring me there. At the most, our thoughts are powerful
in how they REFLECT who we are (and the kinds of choices we will ultimately

But to conclude that thoughts create reality is a flaw in the
reverse-engineering of how to get what you want, it’s a cause and effect
flaw, it’s a “which came firs, the chicken or the egg” flaw. Changing your
thoughts can be powerful in terms of having healthier thought-patterns,
like becoming more positive and self-loving. That is true.

But this idea that thinking alone will literally manifest physical reality,
I think that’s a bunch of wishful thinking garbage. Thinking is as
important to the creation of reality as a blueprint is to the creation of a
home: the blueprint is just the plans, but without the CHOICES and ACTIONS
that actually BUILD the physical house, there will be no house.

The same is true with thoughts: they are simply the blueprint, but no
thought will physically manifest without CHOICES and ACTION. Any “thoughts
that manifest” are likely just circumstantial coincidences based on the
fact that you live in a world FULL of other people who ARE making choices
and taking action, and those forces are at work to affect your own life.

Mr Pregnant - Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st says:

The Law Of Attraction is a pseudoscientific metaphor extracted from quantum
mechanics and legitimized as a form of scientific truth, not based on
inferences but on pseudo anecdotal empiricism. The success of these
anecdotal appeals are contingent on two factors: the appeal to authority
and the compartmentalization of personal biases.
Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

Rebecka Rose says:


Philippe Winston says:

D.E.C.O.N.S.T.R.U.C.T.I.O.N of everything is quite O.K. even the ego.
but then, so what ? still waiting for an answer.

Marge719 says:

I read somwhere that there was a misinterpretation, or mistranslation in
the bible:
“In the beginning there was light” is supposed to be:
“In the beginning there was thouhgt”
I don’t know whether this is ture, but it makes sense to me.

Billie Lankford says:

My mind set…exactly….

Michele Johnson says:

A great way to end my day!

Anthony Costine says:

It’s depressing to observe how the internet is full of this pseudo-science
bullshit, and how it’s lapped up by gullible people. 

Alamar Fernandez says:

I watched videos of the meeting btwn Dr Dyer & Abraham-Hicks & it was
interesting that he was having a hard time letting in that his intense
Thots Abt GMO’s were not serving him or the Planet…are there videos that
show how he embraced Abraham-hicks input?

luvbird says:

I’ve had that little book for so long and have not read it. I think I’m
going to start. What I’ve curious about, is what attracted me to the book
to begin with. I was so young when i bought and knew nothing about Taoism
at all..

Rosemary Lincoln says:

awesome Amazing :-)

angela price says:


Carol Rainey says:

The way ads are inserted every few minutes into this talk about liberation
from “stuff” is completely insulting–to the speaker and to the listener.
It’s completely, utterly out-of-sync with Dyer’s message. Do you not see
that? I suggest you remove this video or (ideally, the interrupting ads).

ThisIsNaoko says:

Thought itself does not create reality. Your beliefs influence your
perception, and your perception creates your reality. A lot of people use
“thought” and “belief” interchangeably in this area, and they are actually

christine simpson says:

my son and I were on our way through the bush to the rubbish tip he was
nearly four and asked about 50,000 questions a day so when we came across a
sign in a tree saying LOST find Jesus he asked what it said, I told him
then what does that mean? I was up to about question 49000 so I said Jesus
is probably lost in the bush up here but he will be ok, and so we went on
to our next question, Next time I picked him up from pre-school the teacher
was waiting for me and asked, Just what sort of religious instruction do
you give your son, I said none I dont believe in it at that age he will
decide himself later what he believes, She had asked the class does anyone
know anything about Jesus and only Samuel had raised his hand, when asked
he said yes Jesus is lost in the bush on the way to Nambucca Heads rubbish
tip, she seemed quite disgusted, I well he said that because thats what I
told him its not his fault he said that She had found it quite insulting to
her religion, I said if what a four year old says upsets you so much I
don’t think I like your religion I said my children have a huge love and
respect for the australian bush animals and original owners I think thats a
very good quality, I liked a lot of what Dr Wayne had to say but I don’t
think the chinese were any wiser than the australian aboriginies who had it
worked out perfectly before white man ever set foot here I had the honour
of sitting with them around a fire on princess charlotte bay many years ago
eating lobster and fish in the moonlight beautiful children swimming and
playing I stayed with them for a while they taught me some songs and a bit
about what to eat and not to eat in the bush they were so generous, I said
the last lobster dinner I had was at Doyles floating restaurant $80 way
back then they had very few posessions didn’t farm no house repayments NO
extinct animals NO trees cut down We still have such a wealth of knowledge
going to waste. I can’t talk I bought land and a house but now think much
less of possesions my house burnt down in bush fires not insured I was sad
my stuff was gone but later felt liberated in a funny way I said to the
kids we have nothing my oldest boy said well the only way is up from
here,he was my backstop An old aboriginal man asked me did I believe in
adam and eve I said no, same old the woman always gets the blame, I asked
him if he did he said no way because he would have eaten the snake stuff
the apple. I think if you look after the earth it will look after you Just
don’t know how much more she can take, but she will win in the end, I like
the KISS method to live by Chris x

Nia.Valerie merritt says:

I love it! He is saying take responsibility for your life created the way
you want it without the complaining and blaming others! Love yourself
enough to do that!

Libor Tinka says:

Not caring what other people think? This is called ignorance, isn’t it??

rozain chitty says:

I have been very interested in the evolution of Wayne Dyer’s thought
processes. I ask questions of the Lord as to why this man was blinded to
the oncoming onslaught of his wife’s divorce, which was not merely a
divorce, but a shattering of all this extremely popular, charismatic, world
renowned speaker stood for. .

Whereas he taught man to be an active overcoming inter-actor with the world
through his own positive thinking etc. he now teaches man to find an exit
door from an “evil” world. It is the position that many people go through
when their own experiences fail them or shock them into the understanding
that they were, in some way misled. (See his early message on “How to get
what you really, really want” also on youtube).

My ancestry is originally from India, and I dabbled with all the guru
buddha stuff about 20 years ago. None of them, unless they accept Jesus as
the ONLY Way to Father and the ONLY authority over dark or demonic spirits,
can SAVE YOU FROM AN ONCOMING CALAMITY. The person may sense the calamity
in their heart, a sense of foreboding and they can decide to give it all
the love, the positive energies etc. but they cannot OVERCOME or destroy
that evil power and its roots and command it not to invade their space
(their spouse, children etc.) unless they know the ONLY Name that is
recognized in the spirit world as having that power – the Name of Jesus.
See chapter 2, verses 5-1 of Philipians, Mark – chapter 16:17.

I am NOT a christian nor do I claim to be of any religion. I have a
personal relationship with God as my Father and I honor Yehoshua (Jesus) as
my redeemer brother, who reconciled me to my spiritual roots as being a Son
of God in the Family of God.

While I respect and honor people like Wayne Dyer for knowing much more
about the Truth than all religions, I understand through his experience
that like Jesus, we have to have a relationship with God as Our Father and
we have to be guided by Him alone. Jesus said, “I never do anything unless
I see my [our] Father do it.” He never decided to do his own good on his
own judgment. Man in his flesh, may not have all access to all Truth at all
times, and he is wise to depend on Father to show him. Read also Romans 8:26

vava dova says:

Law of attraction can hair regrow ?☻

yunglink Jr says:

Law of attraction is a distraction without massive action 

Katrinaz says:

He looks like lord voldermort

Hilda Kh says:

Fantastic ! & a sentence that touched me most is, ” It takes a second from
Invisible to Visible” . Thank you & Bless you.

Cyril Coralie says:

If ‘we’ came from ‘no thing’ and return to ‘no thing’ then in between,
‘everything’ must be an illusion of which we are simultaneously part of as
a human AND, having the privilege to be able to ‘observe’ and experience
the unfolding of ‘consciousness’ or no thing at every subsequent ‘moment’
as it happens. Clearly, your teachings and those of your teacher is the
unfolding of the ‘ego’ part of your being within an unfolding illusion
because there can only be just the one real ‘no thing’ that ‘is’ at ‘any’
moment, but it’s ‘everything’ as we know ‘them’ to be (every ‘thing’ that
exists is totally unique, continually changing to the ‘new’ including our
bodies and thoughts). knowing ‘nothing’ or ‘no thing’ cannot be taught, it
has to be ‘experienced’ individually by experiencing the ‘dying’ to ‘no
thing’, as you mentioned, it’s only ‘then’ that the ‘individual’ knows what
‘no thing’ really is. Questions: should the ‘understanding/knowing’ not be
totally different for each ‘individual’?, if so, how can it possibly be
taught? Please, do you think I understood? (No disrespect to you or your
teacher meant).

Jiaer Lavon says:

I make POWERFUL Law Of Attraction videos! come over to my channel and
become wealthy!! #Subcribe

charles910 says:

He seems to change his theme through the decades. What ever is popular he
is in it. Not a true teach. Great teachers have no need to teach or be self
promoting. He just learns from the Asian culture and talks like it’s all

bonomaully kamlesh says:

Awesome man. Failures will always be negative.

Tremayne Douglas says:

Love @youarecreators best message ever

badurski roffli says:

Yeah, I wanna be a rich white dude so I can move to hawaii and sit on the
beach reading eastern philosophy books for a whole year. Tell that to a
starving child in Afrika, come on man change your thoughts, think about
food all day and your gonna get it. Only works if your a rich bitch.

Charles Stout says:

Change your thoughts and change your life…You can heal your life!

M. Shannon Turbeville says:
Jose Suarez says:

wayne, after seeying this video, i now walk arround without shes. you’re
o.k. wayne. i have some old videos of you that i purchased while in miami.
in one of them you talk about the cookie thieve… 

Nic Peterson says:

lol, the dragon over the ocean made me bust a gut laughing.

Matt M says:

Wow! He sold his town house to move to Maui! What a trooper!

The fact he plagiarises all his stuff would not offend me if he truly
believed what he was saying, and did it for the greater good rather than
his own financial gain.

Jazmine Lavender says:

This is awesome.

Kailash Nath says:

i’ll start working upon it.

Hugo Ferretti says:

Love it 

Patrick Mallilo says:

Dude has enough dough to hang out in Maui all day and jerk it. I’d be
pretty happy too! As a matter of fact I’m doing a similar thing, and yes :
Life is Awesome! HOWEVER>>>>

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