You Are Rich – Money Beyond Belief – EFT with Brad Yates

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Okay… so I finally did a video on financial abundance…! You are rich… you are a multi-billionaire… it just may be that most of it is in circulation a…


Tati Brugnera says:

You Are Rich!!!!

Nicholas Sceusa says:

The only thing that makes money is money. Pure and simple. Rich is another
thing altogether. Musical talent, mathematical talent, good character, and
all the character virtues are all riches. 

utalmor1 says:

You shouldn’t be saying the negative comments while tapping. The positive
affirmations are fine, but “maybe I look at my bank account and figure
that’s the limit” and “when I look up at the ceiling and say, nope, that’s
the limit…because that’s as far as I can see” will create exactly that.
One shouldn’t say these kind of comments while tapping. Your subconscious
takes every statement literally and will take each comment at face value.
Just take out these comments and this is a great resource. 

sturla thordarson says:

This is stupid.

David Widmann says:

From your heart. Manifest always from your non-dual point of your heart.
And you will not get the negative aspect of manifesting in a dualistic way.

Take care.

Susie Lima says:


evelyn duncan says:

Just won 6,000 dollars using this technique- Thank you Thank you Thank

Samalabear says:

I need to do more tapping. In spite of keeping Joseph’s Murphy’s books
next to me at all times, when I start to doubt, the panic still comes back,
and I know it’s keeping the manifesting on hold. It is difficult when
things are that tough, but Josephy Murphy dealt with people who were
dealing with all kinds of serious debt issues, and it worked. That’s what
I love about his books, very easy but very in-depth, and I can understand
why Cynthia Stafford did so well using them. When it comes to writing
nothing gets me back on track faster. But I need to do a lot more tapping
to get rid of heavy-duty negative programming for so many years. 

Thomas Thiger says:

I Thank You Much!

Hana Mezei says:

Thank YOu ——Lovely ……Thank YOu …….<3

daniela bastos says:

Thank You Brad for taking the time to help so many achieve their goals and
reach health and wealth in their lives! God Bless you! 

crystala917 says:

This is my first time watching your video, and I feel soooo overwhelmed!
I believe my vibrations have gotten higher since watching this! Thank you
very much for sharing! You and Margaret Lynch rock!!! :-)

Omar Bilal says:

I Feel Rich!

crystala917 says:

I LOVE YOU BRAD YATES! Every time I do this video, I feel soooo
overwhelmed! I feel and know in my heart my financial blessings are on its
way!!! Thank you for this amazing video!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!! :-)

Evelyn Wells says:

I want to have an abundant mindset …

Martina Hourigan says:


Steve Hogwood says:

Hi Brad – I now understood after all these years, the penny has finally
dropped, and a peace came over me – my thanks and love goes out to you,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I am going to meet you face to
face to continue my my journey. Steve from down under.

Guy Riviere says:


Jack Danny says:

So. I suppose that finding your fear that blocking the success or the money
is the the most important key, correct? And how do you know exactly if it’s
released, not hidden somewhere in your mind?

Ash Brown says:

Thanks, definitely will try this then =]

AlanGee says:

I’m very fascinated about the actual science behind this and what happens
to the brain and to the body, even the spirit! It also seems like tapping
is not only about letting go of negative limiting beliefs but also about

alaurentinovic says:

that’s cuz it’s silly 🙂

Tracy Jones says:

how often should i do this? 20 times, 50 times?

najanderson says:


Dassoon Fitz says:

thank you,brad, for your time and your healing. Do you think it is possible
to do DISTANT HEALING with tapping? Seriously, can one do it? i mean,
christian spiritualists, who are very spiritual people, can heal you,
sometimes, either by touch or by distance!! When i am on a bus, i have a
habit of DISCRETELLY tapping my hand and asking for healling. I don’t want
to draw attention to myself if i start tappiing my head or face on the bus!!

Haven3300 says:

Thanks dear for your reply. I greatly apreciate that.

Iceman31211 says:

I am a billionaire

shaneleo1 says:

I think if some people don’t understand something they shouldn’t make such
a conscious decision to judge it… Remember when you were a kid and
thought that santa claus was real and found out that he was not… Well
keep an open mind…

Linda Thigpen says:

stop listening to others and BELIEVE & DO IT! Others will always something
negative to say Positive words come for you. Positive statements have
always worked for me. I have been Tapping for things for years and IT

Haven3300 says:

Thanks dear!

Steve Hogwood says:

Many thanks – Also Brad, is it common when clearing out the cupboards of
your mind and getting rid of all the baggage that you feel really tired and
light headed? Or am I just getting old? Cheers, Steve.

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