Will Smith – Ultimate Motivational Speeches

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Actor Will Smith provides some excellent motivational advice on achieving your goals in life…


Angela Hemans says:

Motivational Clips with Will Smith in simplicity!

#motivation. #humpday

Alexander Mcdonald says:

Their is No reason to have A Plan “B” because it distracts from plan “A”

Mauriziobarenboim says:

Actually talent can be taught they found out, but hell he’s still dead on

Happy Chick says:

Will Smith for me is not an example of motivation..He’s a
Illuminati..puppets…He’s an actor! no a motivator…

David Sebastian says:

“The truth is the only thing that’s ever going to be constant.”

jame trem says:

hy likes a brazilian book the most :))) love you Will …:)

Corey pearson says:

Whats so surprising about will using motivational philosophy?

if everyone was honest with themselves, and just simply sat and thinked and

thered be beauty everywhere, …actually sorry we’d RECOGNIZE that creative

the insane perfection of insane human creations makes for a sane world

Renate J says:

what book did he mention?

Rone4mile says:

Yes I Can…….

Ina Mech says:

I proper love this man, everything about him. 

Cotoh says:

Will Smith is such an inspirational and awesome man.

Lee Young Yae 이영예 says:

We love you man, Will Smith ♥

Alex Colombo says:

Inspirational video and artist: Will Smith – Ultimate Motivational Speeches

Claire Warren says:

Will Smith – you have always made a difference :)

Regal Tone T says:

Love Will Smith, I actually made a video of him if you can go to my channel
and preview it. Its called Will Smith ( Nightmare Swag) its a great video
about Will and his career and his videos. He has inspired me so if you
guys can go to my channel and view it it would mean the world to me. If he
could see it I would go crazy!! THANKS!

SpiritofSix says:

This man is inspirational.. I think that this type of motivation, this
thirst for life, is something we all should strive for.

For what it’s worth, I try to talk about things that I believe are
important to think about and to understand, so if you’re interested check
it out. I want to grow and become a better person but I need your opinions
and life experiences. That is all, no more no less

Miran Ginem says:

so you’re not better than me…you’re just hungry than me…makes sence

mario marcos says:

Will smith is dead on right. 

Susan Irfan Aleem says:

This guy is very inspirational

jame trem says:

great man

Sai Harish says:

184 people gave up!

Jean-Sébastien Harvey says:

Can you imagine having a man like Will Smith as your father?

Tôn ngộ KHông says:

5:50, that a quotes Henry Ford, not Confucius.
we loot at google , you find anwer right.

Dongguk Reading & Writing: Discussion Page says:

Dear Students:

1. Watch the video
2. Think about your dream or what do you want to do with your life.
3. Write 2 paragraphs

—- Paragraph 1 – Give your opinion about the video. Do you agree? How did
it make you feel? (Your opinion)

—-Paragraph 2 – What is your dream? Why? 

nijo jose says:

What a load of “copied dialogues”!

Venetia Sundance says:

I pray for you soul Will, and your familys, come to Jesus, He is the Truth,
the Way and the Life, without him, you lost. please come home to HIM

Shaylah Geikie says:

Keep religion out of it, FFS -.-

David Chandler says:


Gwyn Huff says:

Will Smith a man a truly respect. Watch this video often! 

Javier Vidana says:

So why doesn’t his son have this mentality?

Steve Henderson says:

This guy is very inspirational

Edward Lakatta says:

I knew there was a reason that I liked this guy other than his acting.
What a positivist. Just kidding about the acting Will. Hey, I have an
idea. Let’s start with the Universe. Ok now equate that with sucess and
then take yourself as the individual and let the universe let you win. LET
THE UNIVERSE LET YOU WIN. Will, I want shout out$ for that one.

Raseri, Inc says:

Will Smith has some great knowledge on succeeding in life! #willsmith
#motivationalspeech #makeyourlifebetterbyhelpingothers #raseri

Dean Hinitz says:

I’m going to have my son watch this five times…after I do.

yeslem hamoud says:

great will smith, I like his strong believing of his self and the
confidence,this is motivational speeches 

Sennith says:

An impressive man.

fairysa K says:

WILL Smith you are a LEgeNd !!!!!!!!!! i LOVE youuuuuuuuu!!!

Rurouni Kenshin says:

Will Smith is a genius.

Richárd Német says:


christopher waweru says:

respect from Kenya..mordern day robert collier

Roxy Star says:

EVERY SINGLE DAY when I wake up I have to convince myself all over again
that it’s all possible. There’s none of that left from the day before
because I have to exhaust my supply of faith an vigor in order to
accomplish everything for that one day. BELIEVING IN YOUR DREAMS IS ONE
THING. INSISTING ON THEM IS ANOTHER. If you are like me, in that mediocrity
is your idea of death, I’m sending you encouragement in the form of this
video. I honestly believe that Will Smith is one of the greatest figures of
our generation, and I admire him immensely. I dare you to watch this then
try to have a ‘normal’ day. Love, Roxy #motivation #inspiration
#likeaboss #pole #burlesque 

Jason Nunn says:

Can anyone advise me here? I’ve been thinking- how long do you think a man
or woman could survive in permanent solitary confinement, with just the
Bible for companionship? A few months- maybe years?

I have built an entirely bare 10ft X 10ft concrete cell in my basement,
with a just chute to allow food & water to be anonymously passed in and a
video camera in the ceiling for observation. I have asked members of my
church if they want to assist in this experiment, but no-one has yet shown
interest. I might try a homeless person (they can be enticed with alcohol)-
it could really turn their life around! I’m desperate to try this and
publish my results online!

je3f0o says:

i don’t know what to say now. Because my mind is flying somewhere other
place. lol

Samurai Jack says:

That treadmill part is a very hard concept most people will never

Dave Keays says:

“once you believe, the universe is going to get out of your way- just do
it”. Most of the time true. But life isn’t always that simple. You have to
be ready for the water to not go around you (it doesn’t always). What
works for him does not work for me.

Kevin Smith says:

Listen to these comments…

115awesomeone says:

Powerful motivation,will is the best! 

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