Will Smith Tells How He Used “The Secret” Part 2

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Will Smith tells how he used “The Secret” a.k.a. “The Law of Attraction, a.k.a. “The Science of Getting Rich. I found this Video on YouTube over 3 years ago …



5TH ATTEMPT COMPLETE: With the $8,000.00 I manifested in Feb 2012 using
“The Secret”, I was able to make The Universe reveal to me the “Ultimate
Foreign Currency Trading Strategy” over the course of 22 Months. Now I must
Manifest $100K or more A.S.A.P., so I can move my accounts from FXCM over
to CITI BANK where “The Big Boys” Trade FOREX.

Skin4free says:

Droppin science!

Skin4free says:

Yes, I see it. I have seen it for some time. I just did not know what it
was. I am great inside. I just have to let it go. let it shine. Mind over

Ruben Joshua Moreno says:

he is fucking genius man.

alisha47x3 says:

this explains why his kids are so spiritual and wise

Mariam Wadan says:

I love him

RootsRunDeeep says:

now i see why him and jada are a team- theyre on the same wavelentgh

Jose Garcia says:

Great video! Thank you for sharing this… When you believe and take action
everything is possible:) Have a great day!! 

Melissa melli says:
Lindsay Isaac says:

Thank you Will Smith!

Sarah Centrella says:

love this video.. it’s so true that all successful people apply the law of
attraction weather they realize it or not. It worked for me! changed my
life, i’m proof it works!

Geo Ivery says:

Great message. Great man. 

Silavwe Happy Elijah says:

Success is a charracter

Lisa Hightower says:
Mychal Simmons says:


Julie K says:

Thanks for sharing! Great stuff. 

Benjamin Harris says:

A positive outlook on life will help you become the person you need to be
to get to the things you want.
The positive outlook itself did not place the things you want in your path
Your physical actions are the middle man between the necessary attitude and
the things you want.

Coach Gettight says:

I Love it #gettight 

ericfogle1 says:

great video!! thanks for making

Duke Atkinson says:

If you are a realistic person, carry on.

Edyta A.T. says:


Nikki Robinson says:

EVERYTHING I do falls in line with these principles… life-changing
wisdom. *Watch it now!*

daveshomestead says:

Will Smith is the perfect example of somebody using the law of attraction
and making it work!

Mareshah Abers says:

Two things I disagree. 1. I am willing to live for anything because I am
not scared of death. 2. My motivation isn’t fear of fear, it’s love of
But other than that. Go Will Smith!

C Wellington says:

inspiration at it’s finest…..

Alisia Bradshaw says:
Omar Aburto says:
Vedran Solaja says:

*** EPIC, MUST WATCH, Will Smith Tells How He is awakened and Uses “The
Secret” ***

Will Smith tells how she used “The Secret” a.k.a. “The Law of Attraction,
a.k.a. “The Science of Getting Rich. I found this Video on YouTube over 3
years ago & had to share it with you Guys.

Will Smith Tells How He Used “The Secret” Part 2

Victoria Belle says:

omg SOMEONE who sees the light. THANK… YOU…!

GamePlayRaja says:

How did you do to achieve that success ?


And remember Windy “YOU” can have anything in this World that you Need, and
Want, and Desire, and Must Have!

HealthyistheNewSexy says:

He wasn’t born a public figure. He started off as a nobody with no
spotlights…just a desire to become something and believing that he could.
There’s an expression, “They know the glory, but they don’t know the
story.” If you had to walk in his shoes before the fame, how would you have
handled it? He decided he was gonna make it or die trying….commitment.

Lion Heart says:

This was Great, Thanks for putting it together ;^)))

XxMaDDoGGxX210Xx says:

HOLY shit. Will Smith looks like my Brother.

MNOTM1 says:

Will Smith for president.

kano8506 says:

Wow I’m starting to believe this. Just wow I got goose bumps

Marqueshia Fountain says:

The is an awesome video. I’m so happy I came across it.

betterdaeyz says:

I second you there brother.. We are lucky alright..


Thanks for the AMAZING VIDEOS Joseph!! Looking at your blog now! I realized
after I’d read your blog that within the last 6 mos I’ve bought the Law of
Success book, Science of Getting Rich audio. Coincidence? Nope! I’m
watching all the videos on your blog now over the next several days. Again
thank you!

Luke Harding says:

Reach for the moon you may not make it there but you will land in the stars.

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