Will Smith on the Power of Positive Thinking

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Will Smith talks about what can happen with positive thinking! Camera By: Angelina Peterson. Sponsored by: MediaTrust.


Gina Ayanna says:

“People ask me about racism in Hollywood. Why would I acknowledge racism?
When you acknowledge the obstacle you actually give it power. I want to
walk through it. I want to walk over it. I want to walk around it. So my
preoccupation.. is with the power that we all possess individually.”

oh jay says:

@SoooooRich well i believe in trying and I believe all things are possible.
doesnt mean it will happen. and I dont believe in god

texasbeatbattle says:

Hebrews chapter 11 really defines the law of believing and positive

Leo Parkour says:

certified though lol?

Kennieboo234 says:

i think some people are missing the point. think of it this way, if you
believe in something so much, if you want something so much, you are going
to put yourself in situations where you will be able to get the things you
want, you going to have people thats going to help you obtain the things
you want gravitate to you. Its not enough to just work hard in the sake of
working hard, you have to have well defined goals to work hard towards.

oh jay says:

@SoooooRich …….lol so sensitive I see. u must be a billionaire then,
just attract it. are you like 15? when u get in teh real world, you’ll see
success is far more complicated then think about it and try. almost
everyone does that. im not negative at all. i thought ur comment was stupid
so I said it. cant handle the truth? u didnt even comment on any of my real
points, u have no answer…………………..cause im right. dueces

Boomerino says:

What you need to do is visualize some roast beef, mash potatoes with some

Madeleine Brazeau says:

The Book was not by Dale Carnegie, no offence Dale, it was written by
Norman Vincent Peale. The philosophy might be prettu much the same, but
Norman wrote it. I highly recommend it.

slickhbb1 says:

@Ste9877 when sitting on the spining chair bottom left hand side of the

Pierce Baxter says:

@040181991 i never said or “realized” i was wrong and im not “sheep”
because i believe in things for myself. not just cuz someone says it. i
dont get into this debate because religious and political debates/arguments
lead nowhere. ive seen it soooo many times. thats why, im dropping the
subject. i don’t think im wrong. i simply dont want 2 get into a useless
debate. i dont agree with u. but as far as “defending” my stance, ur NEVER
gonna agree. so, there’s no point. I’m done

maria cummings says:

Wow my mind just got so blown away like it has never done before. Great
wisdom, I always knew that there was something special about Will Smith.

MrCopyrightinfringer says:

if the power of the mind works then how come he keeps getting such crappy
movie deals?

YoungStardust says:

The book wasn’t by Dale Carnegie, it was Norman Vincent Peale.

oh jay says:

@SoooooRich u call it being one with the universe and/or with
god…….well suppose god or the universe doesnt have in store what u
want? if i want to be a doctor but god or the universe has different plans,
how can I reach my goal?……………in terms of being humble, I mean he
should acknowledge the fact that he has some natural talent and needs to
give it credit and stop acting like he is 100% responsible for all his
success. luck is very important to you know.

vjm3 says:

“That we bend the universe into what we want it.” To me, that sums up the
thinking patterns of Liberalism entirely. Yes the universe dictates that
people are NOT equal, and some DESERVE more than others, because they
earned it…yet despite this fact, Liberals seem to believe something like
nature can be changed, be it through conditioning or otherwise, and that’s
simply not how people work. That’s not even how animals work and we’re
descendants of many variations. I just find it interesting

mty6 says:

What you don’t get is that he isn’t talking about one period in your life,
but the whole life. It is true that some people do get less resources than
others, but their positive thinking and their motivation to keep fighting
and not to give up it’s what makes a difference between a complete failure
and just a step forward to their goal. Happiness is what you do with the
life that is given to you. You know what happens when the situation gets
hopeless? YOU change it. Sorry, we won’t accept it.

VoodooKush says:

This is great!

BePositive2012 says:

It’s hard to argue with this!

Rob Lett says:

@040181991 First let me clarify that I’m not trying to sell you on thinking
this way. Think what you want. I merely wanted to know what you disliked
about what he said, and it basically amounts to you assuming something
about him that you don’t know for sure. So you’ve answered my question. To
answer your question now, two things: One – this isn’t magic. LOL. You
don’t say “Make me a billionaire” and poof, there you are. It’s not about
that. It’s about being your best and opportunities flowing

oh jay says:

@SoooooRich okay whateves, we’re both talking about some guy we dont know.
go around believing this if u want. reality will set in one day. if u work
in real estate and believe this, why arent u a billionaire? just attract it

expius says:

@040181991 type “Stallone success” in the search bar and watch the first
video. You’re saying Will Smith got lucky…maybe he did but even if you
don’t, if you have the mindset Will, Stalone and MANY other succesful
people have, sooner or later you WILL achieve your goal. Its all about the
mindset man, have the image of what you want in your mind EVERYDAY and be
POSITIVE about it, and if you’re willing to put in the hard work, I can
fucking GUARANTEE you that one day you WILL achieve it.

Revo77 says:

what movie is he referring to?

Andy Kay says:

People should really listen to what he says about the racism in Hollywood
thing that he said and how not to acknowledge negative aspects because it
only empowers it. I believe the same thing.

Rob Lett says:

@davidtibble7 While I can’t speak for Will since I don’t know him, but I’d
equate his racism comment to the crazy preacher who wanted to burn the
Quaran. It was a dumb thing, and if the media had just let him be and
ignored him it would have continued to be just a dumb thing. Instead the
media gave him a platform and wanted to feed this idea, and it nearly posed
a threat to national security.

oh jay says:

@expius tell that to my starving friends in nigeria. “be positibve and work
hard, you’ll find food”. they will laugh at you. it doesnt matter what you
do when you dont have opportuinity.

itsmenotu menotu says:

There is no need to ask the question which GOD there is only one. The ALPHA

oh jay says:

@swwaayy when there is a will there a way….lol so if im 5’5 do you think
I can make it to the nba? If im blind do you think I can be an pilot? if im
butt ugly am I going to be a model……….NO. its called reality brah.

Ste9877 says:

@slickhbb1 Wat? Do think Will Smith is connected with the Illuminati?
Explain please? Ive been researching these Illuminati Basterds lately.

KhakiBeats says:


Ste9877 says:

@slickhbb1 I was watching the opening song of the fresh prince and I dont
see any 666 or satanic symbols.

Rob Lett says:

@040181991 I don’t get this thing about he needs to humble himself. He
didn’t say he was better than you. He said that’s the power that WE have.
When you get a chance, study something by Tony Robbins. Notice I didn’t say
“listen” to Tony Robbins. I mean study his work. There’s a reason why some
of the most productive people in the world have studied him in some form or
fashion. Call it being what God made you to be if your religious, being one
with the universe, it’s all the same.

oh jay says:

will smith never had to struggle for anything in his life, its easy for him
to say this. I mean not many people are talented enough to win a grammy
before they graduate high school. im sure he works hard and what not, but
when u have rare talent as well, you cant go around saying its all in the
mind. bullshit. If he struggled his way to success he’d have more

Jacob Fehr says:

Jay Pharoh’s impersantion was spot on!

cherry blossom says:

These guys acutally believe the shit they’re spewing? Think about how much
$ you’re going to have to part with in the divorce there Wil. See how
positive you are then…

Zeek Taylor says:

Its simple. Just put total faith in God…

Rob Lett says:

@040181991 99 percent of people won’t reach their dreams “no matter what”
they do? So you believe you’re predestined to fail or succeed? You’re born
a failure then and there’s nothing you can do about it? Surely that’s not
going to be your argument. You’re viewpoint would then sound like one of
hopelessness, because why try if you’re destined to fail? Why pray to God
for things you’re just not “supposed” to have let you tell it. I feel sorry
for you if that’s your view on life.

nickshel says:

Oh shit and I thought this was gonna be a philosophical exploration not a
dotrinistic, simplistic, self-ridiculling fallacy. Oh well. I suppose you
lose some you win some.

mataman47 says:

@brothaman101 Thank you. I needed to hear this. I am also going through
financial strugges, and the story that you’re telling me about W.S… Mr.
BrothaMan101,…. is inspiring!

Rob Lett says:

@040181991 I wish you the best.

oh jay says:

@SoooooRich I respect that. and like ive said I agree with the message will
is trying to convey. Its in various books like think and grow rich, the
power of positive thinking, and I know theres much merit to it. I just dont
like it coming from will smith. Compared to other celebrities, it seems to
have come to him relatively easy. I idolize people like jk rowling and
tyler perry, who struggled before success to the extent that were both
homeless at one point. will seems to have it easier

swwaayy says:

@bigman32193 not true. not true. not true! Maybe ur dad knocked on 300
doors but the 301 was the winning door. No person can tell u when u can
reach success but your own will and determination to reach success. Maybe
your dad is struggling now but his handwork &positive thinking is more than
enough for you to take over where he ends up and continue to fight until
success. This is no hollywood what I’m saying. This is truth. Where there
is a will, theres a way. Period. I wish you success bro.

oh jay says:

@gameboy2k5 if gods in control, then nothing happens without his consent.
even when u make a “choice”, its only because he allows u to. if god says
no, it wont happen. so how can you believe in your own powers if you also
believe tehresa magical man in the sky who has the ultimate say? cant have
it both ways. free will is an illusion by the way, everything we are and do
is random at the core

Platinumotion says:

Because its not about movies smart guy.

itsabossthang1 says:

lets use simple math:) if everyone used the law of attraction wouldnt u
think lots of people would be rich?or famous?this week i tried that law
,there were ups and downs as my usually weeks not much as a
difference.listen up!if u want a good life be a good person,never give up
no matter what happens the tide will turn if u keep on fighting, and never
quit on ur dreams! if the law really really really works then i can sit on
my couch be lazy use the law and be rich as we all no not gonna happen!

Pierce Baxter says:

@040181991 God also gave us free will. we do have the ability 2 do things.
doesnt mean God isnt in control or anything like that. i stand by what i

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