Will Smith on the Law of Attraction

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fairysa K says:

u are a Legend !!!!!!!

Brandin B says:

Dude was thinking “The hell you talkin bout” 1:00

GoingToTheFieldForever says:

I’m gonna be a bird, because I want to. Those poor african children, they
should stop attracting that hunger and misery onto themselves, I actually
don’t know how the babies do it, because they can’t think yet, but they
must somehow do it.

Seriously, don’t you realize how fcking ludicrous this whole BS is?

Not to mention, it’s hiding a pretty disgusting motive underneath it.

“Attract money! Money!”

Google The Truth Contest and read *The Present* and let’s snap out of this
illusion onto something better, greater, higher, *real*. 

Zhou says:

will the whitest black guy ever.

pat parker says:

He is so inspirational

nadira braxton says:

I Love Just Listening To To This Guy Talk For real Tho.

Dana Julei says:

Will Smith is so inspirational to listen to. It’s amazing the faith and
amazing drive that he has. Although I think it’s a little crazy to say that
you’re willing to die on a treadmill. But still Will Smith is an incredible
motivator. Follow your bliss! ;)

Nicolina Wroblewski says:

The Power of Law of Attraction #positivethinking #inspiration 

Ashley Kujan says:

May be a couple of years old, but always relevant and so valuable! You
truly ARE what you BELIEVE!!!

Sheldon Moore says:

Want online Job? Want regular income? It is possible!

Lyndi MacRae says:

How do you keep your Hustle on?

Steve Chafin says:

Here is a book your viewers might like.

malukillaz says:

Does anyone know the rap song that has part of this speech in it?

brian gonzales says:

Sorry Fresh Prince of the Universe. This is all hackneyed conjecture.

Ishant Kumar says:

does he think hes batman?

Amber Chacon says:

One of my favorite actors 

Misty Denson says:

Its all about the hustle…Love this

Kwasi Alexis says:

What you think about; you bring about…. POWERFUL

Katrina Kavvalos says:


This is why Will Smith inspires me so much..

There is a power that making a choice has- all you have to do is DECIDE
what it is that you want.

Let your life represent magic – you may know that 2+2=4 , though 2=2=
whatever you want it to be!

You are not an effect to all the things that are happening in your life –
just DECIDE – WHAT its going to be, WHO your going to be and HOW you are
going to do it- the the universe will get out of your way .

Let your life Represent possibilities – that anything and everything is
possible – you just have to make a choice and DECIDE what it is that you

We are who we choose to be !!! Its all up to you !!

Please COMMENT & SHARE if you found inspiring :-))

Lori Hil says:

One of my favs!

Geli Heimann says:

I wonder if he’s also read Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Crush it” ……

steph wanamaker says:

#lawsofattraction very interesting!

Nadeem Damani says:
Mat Steinwede says:

Great Video.

Will Smith On The Law Of Attraction And Success.

Nicteha marquez says:


Sharron Ferrell says:

Please check out what Will Smith Has to say about achieving success!

Robert Lee says:


Ecuazon W-S says:

Check this out!!!

Valérie Chanudet says:

I like this guy

engida bekele says:

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