Why Do We Get Nervous?

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What causes those butterflies in your stomach? DAILY EPISODES, answering your burning questions. Watch 5 episodes before anybody else: http://bit.ly/1n5llRo …


AsapSCIENCE says:

Why Do We Get Nervous?

Find out why you get those butterflies in your stomach, and how athletes
can teach us to deal with nerves!

Why Do We Get Nervous?

secretutuber24 says:

science of braces

Google Science Fair says:

Why do we become nervous, and what are the benefits of getting the

Meena Anwar says:

i have a really important presentation in front of the whole class in 3
days 🙁 and im really really nervous and the teacher seriously hates me :c,
he’ll probably tell me that i sucked and get me an F and the whole class
will laugh at me 🙁 what do i do?!?!

Harwinder Singh RupaL says:

That explains all 

Lee Obregon says:

why do we get seek?

Renay Harris says:

These videos are awesome. I strongly disliked science in school but you
make everything seem so interesting. I’m learning a lot.

fourPOdimethylT says:

Stemming from some of the same science briefly mentioned in this video, it
is possible to cause physical change by thought. For instance, you can
build muscle by thinking about the work out. I won’t go into the details
here, but studies have been done that show significant muscle increase in
athletes who only did the workouts in their heads (although not quite as
much as those who actually worked out) because the thoughts stimulated the
brain enough to initiate the processes for building muscle mass.

911ambulancegirl says:

This kind of explains why I have problems with my stomach in relation to a
PTSD issue. I was involved with a shooting when I was a police dispatcher,
and have severe PTSD as a result. I have always had problems keeping food
down when I have flashbacks or nightmares, and this video kind of helped
explain why. Kind of.

Zondron says:

Am i the only one who gets immediate Diarreah on the spot when i get

AntLionAlpha says:

Never knew that the kidney and adrenal gland looked like a turd with a Rick
Astley haircut.

Liam Toole says:

That makes sense.

dgwear69 says:

the best thing you could do to calm your nerves before an interview or
presentation is make your self laugh.

James Bodington says:

this channel is brilliant, both informative and entertaining. Keep up the
good work- and please don’t sell out, a lot of channels take that route
after establishing stature in the youtube community.

Typho0n says:

I get stoned not nervous

064razor says:

Dammit, why do you put a link to your page to subscribe when I accidently
clicked the video to pause? Besides, I don’t like being told to subscribe.

Nick Dominguez says:

Do people with ADHD learn faster or get more used to something faster than
non ADHD pep?

Harmony Claira says:

I always get nervous before a presentation and COMPLETELY blank out. Today
was so embarrassing. We have a Spanish speaking PBA and I had studied quite
a bit. I was sure I would nail it but when I got in front of the class
everything left my head. My heart started beating really fast and to make
things worse people were laughing at me 🙁 I wanted to cry so bad but I
didn’t, the end. Rant over

TenninWorks says:

Nervous is this video. What a waste of markers, thanks for throwing your
nasty used up markers in landfills! ya’ nervous wreck!

chelsea padilla says:

Why do we cry? #ScienceSays

Neosteo2010 says:

Why do we get nervous? Because one chemically unbalances themselves through
improper sex practices.

Samarth Pokar says:

can you please answer to the question

Why do we feel shy?

Nhon Nguyen says:

Why so much olympic stuff!!!

gloria valdes says:

why are our lips more pigmented than our skin.

anygirl3598 says:

Why do we feel that ache in our chest when we’re sad or when we see
something sad?

JayJason says:

Is that Mr. Hanky, the Christmas Poo being drawn at 0:17, lol?

Lupescu Ioan-Cristian says:

The pituitary doesn’t send to the adrenal to produce epinephrine, but to
produce cortisol…Epinephrine is produced by activation of the sympathetic
nervous system, which sends stimuli to the medulla of the adrenal gland.

Taisha Charles says:

suck it up

cathycat3cute says:

I freaking love this channel!I learn sooooo much!Thank you! :)

maxwell okamoto says:

It’s not why do we get nervous it’s why don’t we not get nervous.

Brandon Mendoza says:

You talk too fast :S

Susana Aviles says:

Pretty logical explanation why, 

Besh Marco says:

I never smelled bad breath from an animal neither funny terrible smell from
their armpits or vagina. What is fucking wrong with you humans?! You just
disgust me pigs yet you think you’re sexy, what a joke.

Jenessa Rodriguez says:

can you do the science of anxiety?

Sara Gazvoda says:

I should do that before I perform:0

Chase Ledger says:

This was a great video! As a swimmer I always get the butterflies and the
nervous sensation before I get up on the block. But the moment were told to
stop up on the block all that feeling goes away suddenly. I found it
awesome to actually learn about the way this works so next time I can have
better control of my “pre-race anxiety”

EmInEm says:

i hate his voice

David Young Oh says:

#anxiety #fear #worry #nervous #counseling #therapy

Benjamin Harbic says:

#SienceSays Why People Have Strong Bones?

Brianna Esposito says:

I love it, love this channel

goldenfun4545 says:

Why do we tend to only breath trough our nose?

Guillermo Rigondeaux says:

Could you do one on the science of ejaculation bad or good.

Jenny Lily says:

please dont talk too fast, i m not a native english speaker. 

Dennis Johnson says:

Fear of failure.

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