What you Believe! – Law Of Attraction – Part 2 – (Success is just a thought away!)

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http://youarecreators.org/ We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally cre…


Loveinall says:

Thank you, I will remember that❤️

Robert Steveson says:
TheStarshop says:

Remember Seasame street? Extra extra , read all about it, 3 people fooled!
extra extra read all about it,4 people fooled!!!! Headlines..HEAD LINES 

Pretty Pinky says:

This worked. I’m almost moved to tears in joy. How many books have been
written over and over about this. When will we humans believe over all. I

Ralf Michael says:

Put Claude M. Bristol’s special “magic” into your life and into action!

Pretty Pinky says:

This is amazing. God bless you. 

Mekia Jackson says:

Has ALOT to do with what YOU attract:

Dee Westcott says:

Awesome Videos 😉 Thank you.. Love it.. Full of Great Information. 😉 How

PK12345 says:

simply amazing 🙂

Edna Hearsey says:

Thank you and grateful for having the opportunity to know of this. ” I like

Rona Barrett says:

yes the vision board is very important. I started using it when I learned
the secret 8b yrs ago and I have gotten everything I put on that board so I
update it often. Trust me, the vision board is very important but it still
takes mediation and visualization daily.

T M says:


corxzee says:

I wish I could listen to full audio 🙂 thanks

esqueda58 says:


Xurong Peng says:

Thank you!

Ricky DaCosta says:

This is a great book to listen to while Going for a great one on the
treadmill. My mind is completely open during those times and this
information sinks in my brain. Great stuff and I will listen more often

cocamocha681 says:

Great material.. Thanks for sharing..!!!!

Haasin Khan says:

reading from dubai too hahaah

8888norman says:

i read the book couple of years ago when i was in Dubai, long before this
Law of Attraction and The Secret dvd’s became popular… i did a lot of
visualizing and made myself a vision board, now I’m living in the U.S.
traveled around great places, acquired a high end condominium unit in the
Philippines and starting my own Charity for needy children in Manila…all
these by magic of Believing!

Shibly Khoury says:

Thank you Thank you Thank you Very much!!! much appreciated!!!

GadflyTheOne says:

POWERFUL… on my way to the bathroom 😀

wildlife T-shirts says:

Great stuff.

Silvia Voss says:

This was so helpful,THANK YOU, wow!!


A graphic or vivid verbal description. For instance, if you desire a luxury
home, write : Mansion, on the cards the author recomends. The word:
Mansion, should convey to your mind a vivid / graphic picture of the
beautiful home you want. Looking at this word constantly with belief and
desire, manifests the object of your desire. Some recomend using an actual
picture or pictures of the desired object. Of course using an actual
picture, is not a : “word picture”. Hope that helped. G’Day.

katreidkr says:

Thank you! This has expanded my knowledge,im just wakin up to all this!xxx

dirtnasty213 says:


Rona Barrett says:

I agree.. I listen to it daily and before going to bed. its worked for me
for 8 years now since I learned the power of the secret, meditation and
visualization. god is powerful and we are gods.

mac thehat says:

Cheers :)))))))

txhypnotist says:

I’m gaining so many ideas just while listening to this audio book.

esqueda58 says:

muchas gracias from mexico

Bob Miller says:

Great book. You did a great job.

russianguy86 says:

Thank You!

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