What You Believe! – Law Of Attraction – Part 1 – (Success is just a thought away!)

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YouAreCreators says:

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Mr Pregnant - Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st says:

The Law Of Attraction is a pseudoscientific metaphor extracted from quantum
mechanics and legitimized, not based on inferences but pseudo-empiricism.
the success of these mediocrities are contingent on two factors: the appeal
to authority and the compartmentalization of personal biases. Trailing the
evidence and dealing with the consequences regardless of personal biases,
tends to protrude objective reasoning rather than subjective appeal to
personal desires. Conversely enough, the former has propagated generations
of rapacious gullibility. A credulity riveted on emotions and viable
nothing more that prejudice of ideology.

Liquid Blue says:

I Believe the rest of my life, is the Best of my life…

Jiaer Lavon says:

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MsCupcake39 says:

This is absolutely great…loved it! Very true indeed!

erqfqwef qwefqwef says:

check this out! /watch?v=Q_cgigSjWms

Bob Riddell says:

When You But Ask And Then You Believe You Absolutely Will Recieve

Bob Riddell says:

You Are What You Believe!

anaemiabag says:

claude bristol didnt create these ideas… Hermes Trismegistus did

Pop Lar says:

LET IT BE KNOWN!! If he says “EVIL” is just the counterbalance to Good then
he is evil! If he claims that “you create your own reality” as a way to
explain the behaviour of the world, then he is evil and takes you to be a
blind fool !
It should be obvious that we cannot distinguish Good and evil the way we
distinguish two things on a balance beam! That’s just idiotic and immoral.

It should be obvious that we cannot take responsibility for the world,
certainly not on the flimsy pretext that in SOME SENSE we create our own

Further, it is even obviously SELF-CONTRADICTORY IN SEVERAL WAYS.

1) It is not clear at all what “balance” is achieved by allowing evil to
run amok and choose sometimes innocent people as victims, unless you have a
very cynical view in the end, and view ALL beings as evil, and all evil
done as payback for previous evils (teaching tools?). But then they can’t
explain where the FIRST evil came from, and they cannot define how that is
being paid back in all these ways since they also claimed that it was in
fact a BALANCING FORCE (which means it never goes away, and SHOULDN’T go
away). They are saying evil is payback for evil, but then in fact they are
saying it is “payback” for Good also, because if Good exists, then it MUST

2) If you really do “create your own reality”, then SO DOES THE REST OF
THE WORLD, since there ARE others who are out there (only a solipcist says
otherwise, and then “who are they saying it TO?” if they say “to myself”,
then you can just ignore them and walk away, by definition. It’s not rude,
after all, since they created their own reality and they walked away from
their self, and can stop talking to their self any time they want…. :D).
So it solves nothing to “create your own garden” when the rest of the
world is busy surrounding it with overflowing sewage tanks. Sure, someone
can “make the most of it”, but they look really silly pretending they are
“changing the world” or “making the world a better place” or “doing
something positive ABOUT the world condition” or “taking responsibility for
the world”. Really, they are putting up a fig leaf, and small fig leaf at
that. The world is still there, in all its evil anti-glory, and denial
means putting one’s head in the ground, garden or not, while putting ass in
the air. The world is all about taking advantage of THAT condition.

So to everyone, clean up your room, organize your stationary, throw out
junk and trash, wash your clothes, buy your groceries wisely, do your
hygiene rituals and otherwise maintain your physical existence, but don’t
pretend this “changes the world”, because it just makes your corner of hell
more livable, and why in hell not do that? Of course you would do that.
But just because Hurtado channels a deceptive demon being who helps him
make millions by being a good marketer of BS, that doesn’t mean he’s
making the world a “better place”, and it doesn’t mean he has any Truth.
It means the opposite.

Seeing evil for what it is, purifying oneself of all evil, and doing this
DAILY, ALL DAY, is the only way to be Saved. One does this by KNOWING THE
DEFINITION. Seeing this TRUTH is what FREES you.

Remember this when your body or the world fails you

Bella Bell says:

That’s your belief. I choose to be the flower and not the crap. Think
better of yourself and you will see better results. Are you calling
yourself crap? Eikes!

Bella Bell says:

Even janitors are successful. My mother was a cleaning lady and owned her
own business! she made over 100K per year. Everyone even the trash man can
be successful. Let go of your poverty mentality and get rich!

SelMir Hrnčić says:

sure…things..yes…all is thought

Steve Kosvic says:

Poverty is simply a mental condition.

Saurabh Nair says:

I love this vedio. it is pragmatic, accurate and are based on lucrative
studies and experiences. I like it and will listen to it every time I need
a dose of positive thinking and encouragement. awesome.

Lancelot Curry says:

thanks bro. this was great. love it.

lisa priest says:

wow x

Houston Guerita says:

part2 is way better!

Johann Khamis says:

Thank you for taking the time and replying to my question, that can be true
because most of the time I think negatively about my situation. So by
changing my thoughts I can change my reality. Well, it doesn’t hurt to try
I guess. Thanks again.

sarka krupa says:

with regards to doomsday, how many did REALLY believe? how many gave away
their money and possessions? Many talked about it, but if you told them to
give up their things, they wouldn’t, just in case if it doesn’t happen. So
they didn’t actually believe. They just had a fantasy glamorised by

Jordan Freund says:

To anyone who says money isn’t important and the only thing is your
relationship with God… get a grip. If you keep telling youself money is a
bad thing, you’re a fool. God gives whatever you ask for intelligently, you
just continue to ask for poverty. So you receive.

Venugopala Rao Atmakuru says:

have u made any effort to come out of the poverty by hearing the
radio/audio/tele/video education any time to arrive at a conscientious
calculation of the telecast.

russell mathis says:

what do you think success is ? lol Success is th progressive realization of
a worthy idea.. nothing more really, money doesnt make you successful. You
become successful , then the money comes.. janitors can be wealthy..
everyone should be wealthy… and are capable of being as wealthy as bill
gates.. yet not everyone wants wealth mainly cuz they don’t know how to be
that… and they’re paradigm isn’t programmed to be wealthy.. so they probs
never will be wealthy.. doesn’t mean they can’t be tho.

Ani Manukyan says:

is this the full version ?

Godsraptor says:

They have an electro-magnetic vibration which can be monitored, making them
“real things”. A thought is an intention which is What? A thing. Hope that

Pretty Pinky says:

Everyone one Should of ignore any negative comments and ignore the
negativity. Only post positive comments.

Arnie Williams says:

So all the hungry people in Africa just need to think about food, and they
will have it right? WRONG

sarka krupa says:

continued from below: but there’s always the same thing they all ask me,
especially when things don’t go their way; how can you be always so upbeat,
so happy, so optimistic? It’s simple, I choose to be happy! Otherwise,
what’s the point?

Wlliam Hernandez says:

How come there are so many likes in this viddeo don’t tell me this balony
worked on all of you ! I want to know how cause it never works for me no
matter how much I believe it can work its just bull crap

Alan Johnson says:


Michelle Birdsong says:

I Believe! Sometimes you have to first become aware of and admit your
blocks created in childhood as a coping mechanism – this can be done using
the talknshare process

Arnie Williams says:

I did it for them, it didnt work, this stuff is complete garbage

Bella Bell says:

That’s not true. You believe you were born under a bad star, so that’s what
you get! If you start saying that you were born under a lucky start and
start looking for the positive instead of the negative, you will find it. I
don’t know your life or situation, but every man/woman has the ability to
get rich or live a comfortable life. This doesn’t mean that everyone will
be a millionaire, but you dont’ have to live a life of struggle. Its a
matter of choice.

propertyofje says:

Money is not importened! Jesus is!

Herminia Riera says:

Thanks so much for your teaching.Blessing Herminia

david5372 says:

If one has not examined this, asked the tough questions, and taken the
chance, then one cannot make a determination as to whether this concept
fits into his or her life. But be careful; if this does work, it works
without regard about positive or negative outcome. You have nothing to lose
but the chance to succeed.

devaztator01 says:

Yes they are. But this goes very deep. You see human minds are connected to
the collective universal mind. Substance is thinking before creating
something. Everything you see around you is created and shaped by intent.
That means that the universe is actually thinking. And humans and animals
are a small part of this thinking and creating things to help expand this
universe. Everything in the universe is in a state of constant growth and
thought is the only thing that triggers growth

ali hajbi says:

wish more and more success

Sam Saluni says:

Thank you!

txhypnotist says:

Outstanding book on audio. Thanks for posting.

Ariues says:

perhaps my patience is too short sweetheart. i might come back and watch
this at some point.

Fred Flintstone says:

Thought’s create form.

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