What is the Silva Method and what is it good for 1/5

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all you need to know about the Silva Method and its possibilities.


Sanjieev Pragasam says:

@Medut i dont think that’s fair… to be honest, i wish i had the maturity
and understanding when i was that young… i am 22 and wish i started
earlier… that being said i think 12 is a very very young age to venture
into this as you tend to unlock or rather grasp certain things that you
might not fully understand. thanks

ohactress says:

i’m so confused

DolphinsSpirit says:

Im studyng this method and Im only 5 years old

ratonL says:

Well, all that’s left is for me to try it out and stop
speculating….hopefully it isn’t that, expensive.

Preppychic25 says:

im studying the method and im only 12 years

Zrinyi Miklos says:

Laci Köszönjük!

Speshul Kay says:

Great videos….thank you so much.

Medut says:

@Preppychic25 you already have so much stress that you need this method?

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