What Is Consciousness?

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What Is Consciousness?


CreepingTortoise says:

Lol. Cleverbot just told me “I am a government designed super weapon” 

Nayab Khokhar says:

Isn’t that lightning example exactly how teleportation would hypothetically
work? You are atomically disassembled in one location, and then rebuilt in
another location. Technically, the original you was destroyed and an exact
clone or duplicate was built in another location.

Which is why teleportation, while cool, is also kind of terrifying.

Stefan Geels says:

It’s so interesting to listen to you… whenever i watched i video of you i
feel smarter that the rest of the people around me because i know very
complex stuff then haha. Keep your vids up. You’re amazing

luke spiteri says:

i love it when he raises an eyebrow after saying something mindfucking. 5:54

Scale Bloodhoof says:

You should do a video on what water tastes like. Like without sugar or
enhancers. Could it be tasteless? Or could it have taste so little where
the human taste bud can’t taste it.

Emerald Dragon says:

I have a way of thinking that decides that if you could duplicate my body,
leaving my brain alone, then safely split it in two and
successfully transplant the separate halves of my brain into each body, I
would still largely be myself, but we would see differing personalities.
Perhaps one of us will be happy-go-lucky, while the other’s a stick in the
mud. Or perhaps one of me is creative, while the other is purely logical.

Martin Mcintosh says:

I asked cleverbot whether it is conscious or not and it said “NO.”

rawestmeatevr says:

What if you took half of my brain, and half of yours, and put it in ONE
body? Then who would be who?

76Eliam says:

Brains are just automatically self-assembled organic “computers”. The brain
treat inputs an send outputs through the body. But there is no “conscience”
or “choice” or “liberty”. Only “programmed” reactions. And our brain is
“programmed” in order to feel threatened by that kind of reasoning because
“feeling” yourself unique is an evolutionary advantage.

IDOGAM3S says:

Oh oh why don’t you do what if you took two people (lets call the bob and
joe) split their brains. took bobs left brain and put it in a person with
joes right brain and/or vice versa

twinboost says:

What if the universe is fractal intelligence , and we a mere unique tuners
of it ,, Is this consciousness? like the central brain or brain stem base
brain the antenna and the senses and massive cortex the squishy stuff that
makes sense of it all????

BT Million says:

Wait wouldn’t that all lead to frankenstein’s existence? I know it hasn’t
happened thus making the answer no to his question but then the theory of
it made the idea occur into someone. Thinking about your conscious is… eh

Meanderthal17 says:

As a kid I somewhat believed that my consciousness was the only real one,
and that everything I see with my eyes, hear, feel, etc. was just a false
reality my brain was creating for me. I believed that as soon as I turned
away from something, the visual part of its construction would disappear,
only to be reanimated when I looked at it again.

Sêng-hiân Lâu says:

Well, this is a perennial question: Can we break a soul into two parts?

gvbhdghdf says:

consciousness is filtered through a brain. thoughts and the spacetime are
made out of the same “thing”.

Levi Omighty says:

Wish I had people relating to me with questions like this when i was a
fucking kid and not BS about God.

mtneves77 says:

How do you know that cleverbot doesn’t have consciousness, no one seems to
wonder if things we assume to be unconscious might actually be?

TJ Smith says:

Consciousness is you reading this…. Its self awareness within one self

Danzinora Switch says:

Have you read ‘Blindsight’ by Peter Watts? He talks about a lot of these
things and sounds right up your alley. I highly recommend it.

DeVon Kuykendall says:

The part where he mentions the zombie thing, that’s kind of like hawk eye
in the begining of the avengers, hes aware but is under control of
something, but does so in his own skill.

TheIittIeKid says:

Before I place my answer for this question I am aware and acknowledge my
answer is an opinion. According to my belief the illusion of being
individual consciousness is the illusion the brain creates for you. That is
why there is plenty of misconeceptions and malfunctions with the brain and
consciousness. The brain is the subconscious, while you are consciousness ,
everyone has consciousness. However the illusion of being an individual is
because of the brain. In Reality there is no ” I ” or ‘ You ” As shown in
this video once the brain shows errors you’ll see that consciousness isn’t
actually just you but ” All “. That’s all.

orbik says:

Consciousness is an abstract model in a person’s neocortex that emerges as
a response to the apparent similarity between the behaviors of both other
people and the person the brain itself controls. Just because the brain
creates a model of something that seems consistent doesn’t mean that it
should correspond to a physical entity. Once the consistency fails (perhaps
due to brain injury), the model may be violated and the concept of
consciousness becomes vague.

MrShadahan says:

I had these questions so many times…

Braeden Young says:

Is one who is conscious qualified to define what consciousness is? How can
you be an unbiased observer if your subject is your own observation? What
conclusions would be drawn about consciousness if it were to be
investigated by an non-conscious entity?

kielle McNeal says:

Consciousness is essentially immortal because think of it like this. When
you die who ever you truly are will leave the body aka the vessel. Some
call it soul or spirit. But by the laws of science thus would be true
because nothing is really destroyed or created its only conserved an
changed to something new

Yusupha Ndure says:

0:40 Holy shit, i got mindfucked out of orbit. I need a cigarette.

ReZdItalia says:

He should have mentioned Rick Strassman and his studies with DMT. That
would’ve been an interesting topic to add.

EvilMarioChu says:

Did michael lose weight?

TheCreepersKing says:

Is there a delay between the video and the audio or am I just going crazy?

Kate Powell says:

The beginning reminds me of the book unwind


I love that the brain is the most important organ…
According to the brain…

Xeno says:

Who needs school when you have Vsauce

Hugh G. Rection says:

Dear Michael,

Please grow your beard out like Dumbledore or Gandalf.

That is all.

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