What every “Enlightened person” knows, but never talks about…

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YouAreCreators says:

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this awesome video!

Georgiy Potulov says:

Enlightenment has a special connotations to it.. It puts that person on a
pedestal that is enlightened by the followers, and we all want to end up
being like that person.. Since we are all unique…Why not just call it the
natural state of functioning?

Louise Miller says:

Great visuals

AlmostEthical says:

Message: Don’t worry, be happy. Space is cool.

The reason to be happy is simple – we are tapping our words on an advanced
machine, sending our thoughts around the world – while most people and
animals in history before our last few generations struggled to even
survive, let along come up with bright ideas about the Universe.

We are exceptionally lucky, and that’s as good a reason as any to

twinboost says:

The truth is that the universe is intelligent , clear you thoughts get
comfortable breath deeply and close your eyes , those that can let go of of
the ego will see we are unique tuners of the universe , those that cannot
may fight the ego to the day they no longer breath.. The ego is only a
result of conditioning some grasp and believe this to be everything ,, they
are incorrect….

Joe Eigo says:

I am here to change this world with a passion to bring a new frequency of
truth and liberate humanity from the matrix :)

Jane Gilgun says:

What does every enlightened person know? Is it that simple? I wonder why
the dramatic, distanced voice?

IH5000 says:

Nice music.

MrAbsoluteknowledge says:

dont forget if u didnt pack ur own shoot u wont find out if it works until
u pull it

at witch time its to late:)

either way

but u can stilll say you sob before impact

ps: always pack ur own shoot
ps2: always do ur own research before you enthrust ur destiny to some gay
yt video

Thai Hoang says:

This is true.
Society looks as us as weird people.
Yet, we eat,sleep,breath as human beings,
We tend to think of the not so ordinary things but, things that we tend to
catch on to in society. I’d say without people like us. This world would
not have many things that it has now. 

lordheimrich says:

How the hell did I end up on the Hippy channel ? 

DhiraVision says:

Hare Krishna,

every so called enlightened person wants to imitate God and wants to
imitate the creator. Our “reality” is created for us according to our will
and karma. So sometimes we get sinful and somtimes pious reactions. We are
small creators, because we have the ability to manipulate the material
energie. But actually this is all exicuted by higher authorites in the
cosmic order accordind to our desire to lord it over matieral natur. We
are not independend and not on the same level as God.

Please Read the books of Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada for
getting real spiritual knowledge and elightenment. For real spiritual
advancement in this age of Kali the only method is the cahting of the Names
of God. espesially the Maha-Mantra – Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna
Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

macek677 says:

Is it ok to re-upload this? :>

F0XYr4bB!T says:

wow this is so bs.

the easiest way to tell if something like this is bs, is if it uses strong
appeal to emotion. you can tell from the music, the tone of his voice, the
delay and reverb he uses on his voice, the broad general statements, and
the visuals. true understanding should appeal to you on an intellectual

larry morgan says:

I agree the video is BS and it has nothing to do with being on a higher
intellect. You yourself can’t explain so you say you understand but only
explain the video is what it is. The title is what every Enlightened person
should know. And I watched it and I didn’t see what every enlightened
person should know. So maybe you can explain the video. 

ShadY Knight says:

This is just bullshit, “let’s tell the enlightened people that they are
enlightened by telling them why they are enlightened, also, in that message
we’re gonna use some very general and universal thoughts that every 5 year
old have had to draw in people.”

TheMissdior123 says:

Yep that’s me…..

Conswela Swauve says:

*The only way to be truly enlightened is to know the complete **Truth about
Are you ready to become enlightened? If so, Simply read “The Present”

~~> Google: *TruthContest* to begin your path to the Ultimate wisdom

Kunta Kinte says:

Don’t eat or drink anything for half a day after waking & notice the
high/amazing feeling you have from giving the temple a break/rest from
things coming in the mouth while you are more intune to things going on
around & inside you!
Make sure you’ve eatin low fat plant foods & water before the meal the
night before!
once you awaken close your eyes flex the muscles, stretch them, after a
light full body exercise You will feel amazing!
Great method for studying aswell, this has been practiced in many cultures
aswell biblical, mostly known as absolute fasting.

feeneyson900 says:

what a load of SHIT

mrpower328 says:

You people are amazing.

Mike Cordova says:


goodgreatlife says:

enlightenment is not about happiness. stupid video

Cray Lala says:

They forget to mention the ups & down on an individual’s spiritual path &
the side-effects of a spiritual awakening. You don’t just wake up one
morning & all of a sudden everything is incredible forever. There will be
many awakenings, which is when you are most in touch with your
super-consious mind, and get inspired & feel more at peace & uplifted,
however those awakenings only last several days. I am sure with persistent
training of all levels of your mind, you can prolong those periods, but you
simply couldn’t function & exist in this world / dimension only using your
superconsious mind. 

Gianfranco Fronzi says:

” Out here on the Perimeter there are no stars [ to guide you ],
out here we is stoned Immaculate .”
[ Jim Morrison of the Doors ] .

BuioPestato says:

bunch of weirdos

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