What Causes Your Stress? Understanding Stress Management

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Friend me on MySpace http://www.myspace.com/psychtruth What Causes Your Stress? Understanding Stress Management Stress test your life by seeing how each stre…



Stress is serious stuff! Start actively managing your stress today.

O'Neil Godfrey says:

*What Causes Your Stress? Understanding Stress Management*

bellechinoise says:

Very well structured information. Many thanks!

shukida says:

Good content, it covers the most important reasons and it has good
solutions. How about sport? it probably falls under the likes of religion,
hobby, yoga, etc) Great, tx.

movadoband says:

listening to this guy stresses me out

Alexander Jones says:

Nowadays many factors can cause stress and make people feel “under
pressure” – that’s true. I completely agree, with eliminating things, which
could cause high blood pressure, but caffeine will be very difficult for
me. In order to keep her stress levels down, my friend Betty has signed in
with Your24hcoach, an online community, online coaching directory. Her
advantage is, that she can chat or call a coach 24h a day, from wherever
she wants to. I’m now considering to do the same.

Heltblind says:

Near Death Experience

Jo Magnif says:

Man I aint gotta watch the whole thing. Stress causes stresses. To be un
stressed if you will quit doing stuff that causes stress duh!! Im now dr
either thats just from being human.

Reta B says:

great video, and ya true things of what hes saying about why we stress out
all the time

Triveni satyanarayana says:

I was stressed bcoz of trying to manage work & family & children & parents
& in-laws & my body. I wished somebody help me! Thanks to my iPhone & my
Gaming interests, I? Luckily came upon an iPhone App called “iHWC” by
Lokesh hanumappa. This is really cool app! Its main focus is on “Hurry,
Worry, Curry” & How to come out of it! & I immediately downloaded it.
Thanks to this app, I am more at ease in my life because I am managing it
pro-actively Hope it helps you too if you are in same situation.

heyawhaw says:

Hannibal Lecture XD BTW is the camera guy zooming in on the chicks ??? Ha-ha

lupabuatchannel says:

Your Video Is Very Useful Sharing Stress test your life by seeing how each
stress factor stacks up.

Joyce Alexander says:

It is so important to speak about the concerns of fast foods and highs and
lows of food. If you get a chance check out my stress management clip and
if we can possibly do some work together. Thanks. Joyce Alexander

Lazaro Cruz says:

Panic attacks, loss of appetite, the feeling of living life outside your
body,the feeling of living in a dream, continuous negative thoughts,
troubling and obsessive thoughts, excessive stress and worry, trouble
sleeping. You are not alone. There are many others who have these
experiences. I USE TO, but NO longer have them. I found what worked. I am
NOT SELLING anything, I just want to share the process that freed me of
anxiety. Please watch my intro. video for more info! Thanks, Stay positive!

Sylvester Brooks says:

Lemay I will be using these stress management skills


Quit your job. Work is a major cause of unnecessary stress.

nameofthepen says:

OperaBaritoneJoe – thank you kindly for your helpful suggestion. No, it was
finally righted after one of You Tube’s “maintenance nights”. Besides, I
wouldn’t be caught dead browsing with Windows – I’m a Firefox devotee! Love
your channel! A great tribute to opera, and to one of the most beautiful
and evocative musical instruments on earth – the human voice. 🙂

Kent Pomares says:

Haha. The unmentioned risk of exposure to this much caffeine is the
destruction (temporary) of your natural ability to produce the
Neurotransmitter Serotonin. Caffeine, in time, ends up inhibiting the
neurotransmitter response in the post synaptic membrane. A detox where you
reduce your intake by 10 percent every 30 days is the typical recalibration
schedule. Dont stop all at once!

IntegrationTraining says:

when my forehead gets like that I’ll be stressed 🙂 only joking, nice
video, thanks

sunnyastronaut says:

im not sure… i have eliminated sugar like cakes and chocolate and all
sodas. i only drink water and green tea/peppermint tea. i have slowly cut
down on coffee. i eat very healthily now. wholegrains, fruits, veg, eggs
nuts. but now theres more stress in my life and i dont know what to do.

headhead9 says:

Sleep, turning my brain off at night, that scares me.

swastedcat says:

that’s great vid, i take Vilift for my depression and stress, it’s really
working and no side effects.

KlarheitTV says:

very interesting video. We talk about stress and what can each person do on
our channel too. Greetings from Germany 🙂

noxokoyo says:

Stress is mainly constructed with the way you think and the way you act, I
think the change you’ve already done is a good start, now you have to go

makezmuzic says:

excellent info. I knew sugar substitutes were toxic, but not what it was
that made it so, I know too mant diet soda drinkers who have dealt with
breast cancer.

Balakrishnan Rangan says:

Useful. Appreciate your services. Thanks.

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