WEALTH VISION BOARD Attract Wealth Success Prosperity

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Wealth Vision Board for attracting wealth and success based on the law of attraction. Visualisation is a powerful tool that can be utilised to program the ma…


kerby franck says:

I love this 

pearl dsouza says:

The most amazing wealth creation video I’ve seen….felt my vision board in
motion..truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Tom Anderson says:

When I am financially secure I am making a donation to All IS ONE. This is
one of my favorites…I wonder if it was tuned to 432 instead of 440 it
would make any difference?

John Durante says:

This is one of my favorite Mind Movies. I come back to it on a daily basis.
These Abundance visuals along with “I am” are fantastic. Thank you All Is
One, for your fine work. Happy New Year. I hope you attract success,
abundance, and happiness in 2015. 

Kelly TheGoddess says:

Seriously?? Lol… How could you not like this video? This is freakin’
AMAZING!! I honestly feel like I hit the jackpot! Words can’t even describe
in depth what this video truly did for my consciousness. Keep up the GREAT
work & Thank you sooo much! You ROCK!

9jalicious says:

This is the classiest, cleanest & most sophisticated vision board video I
ever since and I’ve seen a few

Sigifredo Luis Lopez says:

I AM very happy to see that is it real. I share all this thoughts with you
and all others because we are one with the Universe. I have kept theses
words (thoughts) in my ipad Keynote for more than a year and now I see that
you have the same wonderful thoughts.. Congratulations for the beautiful

fernando lopez says:

I AM very happy to see that is it real. I share all this thoughts with you
and all others because we are one with the Universe. I have kept these
words (thoughts) in my ipad Keynote for more than a year and now I see that
you have the same wonderful thoughts.. Congratulations for the beautiful

acaiseekers says:

Love this video! Question for All is One, What frequency is this set to?
440 or 432? 

S Kumaran says:

Shoot to the Moon, the chances are you may land among the Stars!!

Yes it is true, Dram big regardless of what others think of you. I believe
the video in today’s post may be in some way helps you to achieve your
dreams. Please Share, Like and Comment.

Teddy Witczak says:

This is surely one of the best wealth videos l have seen, thank you for
sharing :-)

Faytsalon says:

Ah… Thank you, it feels so good, so real, so calm and the music is so
relaxing… heaven…one of the best.

Steve Derkacz says:

This is totally outstanding!! – love it

Loot Smith says:

I am success,wealth,happiness,love and peace of mind.

jaccobi nolast says:

amazing video. well done iav

n chandrasekhar naidu says:

wow wow Amazing! keep it up good compilation My heartfelt thanks to this
video maker

70ME3E says:

I’m all about attracting wealth and joy,
but I felt a bit odd, felt you want to Look wealthy instead of really Feel
Sorry I’m not being negative just maybe u focus on a bit 2 much about the
luxury items and the outlook 🙂 I might be wrong ofc, just shared this
little feeling

Wish you love, beauty and true, honest joy that comes from the heart <3

Dominique C says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Forever The King says:

When you are gonna upload new video? Your videos are the best!!!! :)

Eric Kiszely says:

Brilliant! Well done. Classy, sophisticated, elegant…. Abundance! 😉 

Bella J says:

Beautiful video and lovely music.

Viking12 says:

Thank you so much for posting. One word: awesome. And.. inspiring,
touching, full of beauty and grace. These images, affirmations and music
uplift the mind, body and soul. All is possible. Our dreams do come true.
Thank you for pointing us in the right direction. 

Lily Jameson says:

Amazing! This video actually made me feel so happy, that I felt like my
vibration was raised through the roof! I really felt like I was living all
of those wonderful scenes myself! Thank you! Great job!

Deborah Hardnett says:

Love this Video! Thank you for creating it . You are a true blessing and
extremely talented. It’s so real and I feel completely one with it.

Loot Smith says:

I am an abundance of wealth and I am thankful.

coding math says:

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you. How do you make these videos? Can you help
me creating one? I want to create a video like this one, where I am the
hero in the video , living the life of my dreams. You can email me at

kandybaby2082 says:

I never comment on youtube videos, but this is a must! I thank u for
allowing yourself to be used. I have been wanting something like this for
ages. Very, very well done! 

Rich Handsome says:

Great work thanks a lot !

evelyn duncan says:

Bbeautiful beach scenes are my porn!

Sandijs Laps says:

On of the best sublimnal wealth video i watch if not the best. The first
time I watch it, it was MAGICAL. The words in video was perfect and the
music, everything PERFECT. This video help me to remebmer what is
imoprtant in mu LIFE . thanks dude. 

sebastian iskra says:

It’s one of my favourite videos on youtube. Thank you! (note the binaural
beats in the background 😉 )


Words cannot describe how this video touches my life. I feel as this is my
life on screen. Elegant, classy, breathtaking…..I love the music as well.
I am so addicted to this video. I watch it every morning and every night.
It’s believable in such a great way!!! I had to get my own personalized
mind movie and can barely wait to get it. Thanks for being so inspiring!

wendell magtalas says:

I am Wonderful….thanks!!!

Patrick Magrath says:

It’s very good.. how did you muster up all those videos if you don’t mind
me asking? :D

edessaable says:

please where and how can I find the music of your above video.. thanks

TheEssentialbarbie says:

This REALLY evokes those emotions catapulting you into the vibration. This
is the best way! Thank you love!

Alpha Kargbo says:

This video is awsome thanks, you’ve made my day :-)

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