Wealth Affirmation 1- The Secret Law of Attraction

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Imagine wealth now. Concentrate and believe each affirmation.Play twice a day. Once upon awakening and once just before bedtime. Global prosperity begins wit…


Ervin Ling says:

The sounds make me feel lost… 

forexwealth says:

You will be amaze at what can come to you when you use gratitude and are
open to receive.You really can start with nothing and out of nothing away
can be made.This video could not said it any better! Attitude of abundance
and wealth.

nataglia says:

“I welcome great abundance into life” stupid consumism and materialism.
this certainly won’t lead to anything good

mdueri says:

hmm.. so going to college and working hard don’t count? cool man!

mentalgate says:

God provided Plety arround us to live in. The paper called MONEY only
represents ONE piece of the plenty. A good person will do a lot of good. A
bad person will do bad with or without money!! We cannot blame moeny as an
excuse for OUR FAULTS!! Money makes nobody be good nor bad! What are you
afraid of? I am not afraid of one of the thousands of energies around us –
which of only ONE is money. USE MOENEY AND LOVE PEOPLE! That’s all. /-> the
2 comments are reply to lowellz80/

TalkToKathleen says:

Thank you for the reminder that we are Abundance and as we think so it
shall be. “Enlightening Hope Through Spirit” worldwide, one person at a

openskyzz says:

you get all what you want when your eyes and mind are open… that is why
it is called as AFFIRMATION! If you don’t believe it, then don’t because
there are people who changed their lives for the better because of
AFFIRMATION. A PLETHORA of blessings by all means. More power to you all!

CassidyForester1 says:

I visualized money without doing anything. I took half a year when I
suddenly got on the website fastmoneylinks(.com) which shows a collection
of money making software that aren’t a scam…I bought one and I’m now
making around 200 dollars a day by doing nothing, this universal law is
fantastic, never give up faith people. Greetings

balancewealth says:

Thank you for sharing such wonderful words of wisdom. balancewealthradio
(dot) com

mistadiscovery says:

Law of Attraction is true but people can’t perceive we are gods.. We are
not gods, we are gods creatures and he gave us this gift to use.. and to be
thankful for what we have. To love eachother and to share.

TheAngelSavior says:

Foster2367 you are misleading people from the TRUTH! Do not listen to him,
if you have read books or even attended seminars concerning the law of
attraction and haven’t achieved whatever desires you may have. Then don’t
worry, the law of attraction is very real! It hasn’t worked for you because
you are not being taught the entire truth! If you want more information on
where to really learn about the LAW OF ATTRACTION message me and I will
change your life forever, of course for the better. The

muhdazmi says:

Since nothing is fixed and everything is in a state of potential,
everything is possible. As we understand that everything is possible, and
as we focus our thoughts on what we want to attract, we can literally call
into existence whatever we desire. masterkeysponsoring[dot]com-Discover How
To Build A Downline Of 37,222!

sassysizzle says:

No I don’t. God is real and I have too good a track record with God to
consider athiestic rants! A fool denies His existence. The devil is a liar.
Jeusu is Lord and God is (eternally) on the Throne… and you don’t get it.
Oh, but that’s okay, prayers of the righteous still accomplish much & God
still shows favor to the unrighteous. He’s merciful like that! May God
richly bless & preserve you. You are precious in His sight and God loves
you! Have a magnificent day… 🙂

santiago S says:

why in this video wealth and money are represented as equals?

jayneejames says:

Great video!..thank you!

connectionprosperity says:

I love the video well done.

thethirdq says:

What a great video. I hope you like mine and the power of the Third Q!

MG777 says:

Im a money magnet since using the LOA. I can’t stop laughing at the
negative comments that people write when it comes to wealth…because those
people obviously hate being poor yet are too silly to do anything about it.

d3lllt says:

Nice vid but terrible audio. For some reason I kept looking around
expecting an alien abduction…really creepy. But nice message 🙂

ngonea says:

Thank You, I’m a work in progress!

attractionlaw26 says:

It is such an honor to have the chance to enroll in your video presentation
discussion with this effect! I would like to prolong my own many thanks for
this kind of.

guitarfaces says:

This was absolutely inspiring – I’m gonna watch it again and give it five
stars. Videos like these and my own “Mind Movie” help keep me moving in the
right direction. If you get a chance, take a look at my movie, get
encouragement from it, and make your own – you won’t regret it.

SolTheImmoralFire says:

this sickens me right to the soul..

figocooldude says:

this is a bit conformist

EricFalcon1 says:

Thanks for the affirmations video. I recently posted my newest video of
affirmations for activating the ‘law of attraction,’ spoken out loud to
inspiring music. Just sit back and listen, or keep it on in the background,
while you do other things. Best regards, – Eric Falcon

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