VISION – Motivational Video

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DΔKICE says:

these plane scenes in the beggining, what movie is that?

Alice NoWonder says:

I’ll listen to this.. and i feel rich!!

ShortFlame says:

I wish you would list the names of the videos that you use. At 4:55 what is
the name of that movie where the boy is painting?

moha glade says:

you know i suffred a lot in my life doesn’t mean i was poor or i had no
home the problem is from the inside , dieing from inside is what makes
people suicide i was afraid of what might people think about me to make
mistakes in front of them ,i was shy living in an unvisibale prison
,sometimes i felt like life has no meaning i can’t taste i wanted to die
but i realized that fear was choice and i can choose to be what i want to
be , because deep inside i wanted to have my dreams ,because everytime i
let go an oprotunity or a step to my dream i live in regret about why i
didn’t risk it, and now i tell it’s anger you must get angry on your
current sitiuation blow up feel your power and take action now if i can
write a book to talk about my experince im still young my journey has just
begun im happy about the future because i have faith in the maker who holds
the key of the future ,im gonna do everything in my hands and keep the
faith on the one who doesn’t let any humain who got the power of changing
inside of him down!!!!

serena stewart says:

We are all born with everything needed to achieve any goal Understand what
you have and use it to the fullest

zetachi001 says:

1:59 after i saw those kids messing with that victim.. i started balling my
fist up. that’s one thing i hate. picking on those who are smaller and
weaker than you. but are afraid to take on people their size, or bigger. 

Nihel Akr says:

I have a vision! I have a dream! and I beleive on it!

wwwwario says:

The worst thing is when you feel that things aren’t right, that you want to
change yourself, want to change your life, want to stop being shy, stop
being anxious, stop being stressed, but you don’t know what to do. You want
something, you feel that you want so many things different, but you’re
unsure exactly what you want to change, and how to do it. It’s like you’re
trapped and can’t ser an exit. You don’t know if aything is wrong at all,
or if it’s all in your head. You get confused. But then, there are videos
like this that makes all of those confusing and scary thoughts being
crushed by a feeling of being able to make it, no matter what. Even if you
don’t know what you’re supposed to do, these videos makes you feel that you
WILL make a choice that will get you to where you want to be! Thanks
Mateusz M. Thanks

Emah Sarah says:


NaTascha Krempges says:

Start your day with this!!! Bury yourself deep in it!!!

┐( °ー ° )┌ I'm a pelican says:

Lindsey Sterling <33

C Nonis says:

The fact that you putted subtitles in my mother language, it touches my
heart… thank you…

memyjourney says:

Good morning. #beunstoppable

Joe Bob says:

Self motivation IS NOT the answer, Jesus is the only way to true success.
If you think you don’t need Jesus and try self motivation then your Hell
bound and no self motivational video will stop that, only Jesus!!

Monika Kurowska says:

It features Lindsey Stirling – a perfect example of what the video is all

peter19220 says:

Thank you so much for putting up this video
You have no idea how much it helps me.
Thank you!

matthieu pascal says:

Anyone knows the name of the movie at 5:25 ? Thanks you

Irfan Chaudhary says:

This video is worth watching. It is a “MASTER PIECE.” The people who gave
thumbs down are those who don’t see the picture. They are not willing to
step outside the box… I would like to know who were speaking in the

Kris Kearney says:

The video with the boy painting is called:
The Way to Happiness Book on Film—Flourish and Prosper, Precept 2

ELona Brahimllari says:

Lindsey Stirling! :D

Lester Quiroa says:

is it on your DNA???

SuperWonderWhy says:

I live and fight every day .. i love to listen this..

Jake T. Shepherd says:


Christiana P says:

#vision #motivation #dedication #dertimination #inspiration 

What a Beautiful Life says:


Jayreed4Jesus says:

One of the best motivational videos I have seen. Really affected me.

aztecabo1 says:

what is that video called where the boys painting keep getting destroyed?

Axmed Bahjad says:

Some people who have no idea what they are talking about will say to you
that ‘you can’t do this and that,’ the secret is to follow your heart and
disregard their opinions of you. Most of the times they are wrong about you!
Most successful people in the history of mankind have ignored cheap
opinions from people who did not make something of themselves, but talk
rubbish about them. Be your own expert of yourself. Be visionary and see
where there is none to see yet; be a leader and go ahead of the crowd. Look
forward into the future.
I envision a world where ALL people are successful; where there is no class
but only people, love, peace and respect. It’s indeed possible. Good luck

Aces SnKy says:

i have an audition on saturday and i felt like i was nervous and i was
gonna give up… but then i found confidence and now if i fail this
audition i am going to get back up and try again i promise myself that i
will fail forward.

AlwaysHaveFaithGuys1 says:

Downloaded this to my mobile as an mp3 file and i just listen to this
everytime it gets hard. Guys never fcking give up.

tony trad says:

God bless you for making these videos!

Bruno Bento says:

Movie on 6:00? pls

Othman Haidam says:

4:51 min…. plz name of the movie 

DrihunGaming says:

+Mateusz M Hello Mateus, I was wondering if I could give this speech and
change it a little. It’s for a big assembly for a collection of students
who are on the brink of “failing” their classes, hopefully this speech will
motivate them or at least give them something to think about.

Thank you and best regards,

Matt Foley says:

VISION – Motivational Video

Celine C. says:

You used Juba films Video :D

Teresa Rucker says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

sean duke says:

VISION – Motivational Video: #fun

David Rodriguez says:

My Son Is My Motivation. End Of Story.

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