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Interview with Larry King and John Assaraf on the success of vision boards. Get your digital vision board at


Mahira Amir Khan says:

that’s such a great story about your home!

digitalfaery says:

history seems to create and repeat itself in those ways.

ic3berg21 says:

That example is a proof the thing works!

Sephroe says:

@lespaul2000 Computer slide show screensaver. You can also wire your
computer to your TV whether with S-video cable for older TVs or digital
cables for newer tvs.

Latosha T. says:

I just posted mine! Thanks for sharing.

Julie-ann Reid says:

Q: would anyone of a great site for vision boards that has pictures.I’m
putting together pictures and have tryed google,yahoo,msn,allposters

Dancing Spiderman says:

And that’s why there are no Laws Of Nature. Only HABITS of Nature. Because
the ways in which the creatures of Nature exist CAN be different, by
changing and adopting more suitable habits.

Dancing Spiderman says:

They are NOT making concepts seem like they just came up with those ideas.
If you listen, they even TELL you that. Listen for it. And don’t be angry
while you do it.

CMKify says:

@lespaul2000 that is actually a great idea!

FenderJunkie100 says:

Huh????? Dude… you may want to take it easy on the pot thing…

Rachelle Geisheker says:

My team and I at work are making our own individual vision boards. 🙂

walterces says:

Now someone actually sees the picture – the very original bible is what we
all should read but that is not possible. The bible has been rewritten
several times and interpretations have been added which does change some of
the meanings. That is why there is the upper class – those with open minds
and understanding of life and those not capable of opening their mind to
think that there is actually more for us in this world than going to work
and cleaning house and going to bed.

LetsHaze says:

@lespaul2000 haha i do this, I swear

Julianapsc says:

Direct to the point! Helps to understand the power of thoughts. Many thanks

powervisionboard says:

they work… they really work, believe it or not

tonybuzanmindmapping says:

Perfect way to create whatever we wish…this is so easy

lespaul2000 says:

I think a great way to create/use a vision board would be by storing
digital pictures on a digital photo picture frame. That way you can play a
slide show of pictures you have collected representing all the
things/experiences you want from life. God Bless you all.

Dancing Spiderman says:

Excellent idea, lespaul2000 ! I think I’ll get one and put some nice items
to show.

FiVibe says:

@lespaul2000 I created a software tool that allows you to create vision
boards and slide shows, just how you describe. Check out my channel

Katasyn says:

i wan more assaraf

stuvox says:

chicgeek1244 Are you sure he’s an actor called John Gearon? I looked at The
Secret on imdb page and it states at the top that John Assaraf is himself-
an entrepreneur. Much further down the list it shows John Gearon playing
John Assaraf. Maybe they used an actor to play John Assaraf in some of the
recreation scenes? Can anyone else clear this up?? Thanks

slvrmsngr says:

I don’t know if I agree with your criticism of these people, but yes, Jesus
and a lot of the teachings of the Bible and other religions already say
things like this. However, it’s not like it’s a bad thing that people today
are using these techniques to create what they want. It just goes to show
you that they actually work, if teachers thousands of years ago and
teachers today are using the same methods to success, then obviously they
are timeless and true.

chicgeek1244 says:

Just to let you know “John Assaraf” does not exist, we was merely invented
to advertise and preach this so called “Secret” (which doesn’t seem to be
much of a secret in the first place) The actor who plays him is named John
Gearon, and his “son” is played by Gabriel Hanvey. If you don’t believe me
check out the movie’s imdb page for yourself.

Rtv03 says:

The description says you can get your digital visionboard at the
website…. Been there, 60% of the site tells you how to make one..lost my
patience looking for the other 40%. Talk about false advertising. Might as
well do it myself.

NPendrigh says:

This may sound simple – like people are attracted to like Like minds are
attracted to like Like thoughts are attracted to like If you are
interested, there is more at: NigelPendrigh. Com/Interview You have to be
what you want to attract

chicgeek1244 says:


superprotege says:

Does anyone know how John program his sub-conscious mind daily? What was
told is that he not only perform visualization daily, but at a certain time
window in a certain brain state! There is a CD program that call Attraction
Acceleration that turbo charge visualization by bring the brain into the
Alpha state … check this out … abundancemanifesting . com/freereport

kwiat77 says:

“the money that I wanted for charity” – yeah right. give me a break. I’m
supposed to believe that this sleazy guy wanted money – for charity.

SpiritualPhysique says:

Are you a woman? DO NOT visit: Spiritual Physique

Mirthless79 says:

wow now lets talk about making money…im past the
super-fantastic-motivational BULLSHIT!

Cylia Lowe says:

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