Very Deep Delta Meditation Experience (Binaural Beats Alpha-Theta-Delta)

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Free Full Meditation Program Spiritual Meditation Music + Alpha Theta Delta Binaural Beat 10 Minute Deep meditation experience …


Maddie Higgins says:

Your videos are very helpful! I especially enjoy the Charka opening with
theta. Thank you so very much for sharing such beautiful, healing music! 

Szabó Mihály Máté says:

This is creepy man

Susanne Folmann says:

Beautiful and rejuvenating.

Whoamiii111 says:

I like your video. what did you use to make it with?

MrQuader4 says:

Go here and type in the url for this video:

Darla Spanky says:

Beautiful lights and sound. Thank you !

howitwillbe1 says:

Nice! Interesting!

artistxmusic says:

great stuff! I wrote a song about meditating and living in the moment
inspired by Eckhart Tolle, check it out on my channel if you’re interested.

MrBeewatch says:

I would like to download this to my phone – is this possible?

hellmut Kurz says:

depence what you do with it, believe or don’t wanna believe the choose is

Jasen Johnson says:

Sooo beautiful :-)!!!

Gurpreet Kaur says:

This was very cool and nice, i also felt a bit emotional because of the
delta brainwaves that bring out the emotional side out of the brain. Vey
good thankyou for uploading. 🙂

achm1488 says:

Does this work?

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