Update: Bunny Bust 2, 2nd Channel, Streams, Time Management etc etc.

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Tried to cut it down to be as short as possible. Links below to stuff 🙂 I love 1D. Links: 2nd Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/NovaPipebomb Twitter: htt…


NeoNFilms says:

Relax, he said in a recent video that he purposely set up his webcam
in-line with those 1D posters, haha. Yes, he read the comments.

SarahGurl211 says:

YEAH NOVA. WOO. -a 1D fan.

AcePlays says:

2 years later still never uploaded on NOVAPIPEBOMB

thehomie407 says:

you and spoon are funny

mw2glitchguy says:

One direction? Anyone else notice that?

Kyle Teetz says:

Love you man

Zombiepal says:

I’m hoping this 1D poster is a joke.

Azzy171 says:

i could just imagine nova dancing in his room to 1D lmfao

jknintendo says:

Fucking IZ T-Shirt. Where have you been my whole life?

Manifest says:

Anyone else notice the Gay 1Direction Poster? O.o The fuck?

Austin R says:

You have Wizard 101 as your profile pic, his poster is sarcastic, shut up

Gabriel Reyes says:

Mindless behavior went to my school because one of them was from my skool

Kelton Seiler says:

So what’s with quad mountin?

DarkMystGaming says:

I love 1d aswell, who needs the other 2 dimensions

TIMBERDOG2123 says:

why the fuck is one direction in the background!?

賭博 雨作る says:

what the heck 1D!


Yep cause Im that guy

Itachix520 says:

You guys really think that nova’s excuse for there not being good maps for
happywheels is real ? He just does not want people creating fan wars saying
that people copy him and he copying people and for that he loses views 🙁
good guy nova

keyboardheadroll53 says:

read the description

JimmieW1996 says:

You guys do know that nova is crazy and doesn’t give a damn if he puts the
queer gaydirection up right? ._.

ReiTargaryen38 says:

He also put up a Justin Bieber one lol

Batman says:


Skulduggery Unpleasant says:

15,907 people are ponies

AthenaWhisper says:

Because he likes them, clearly…

ProxyCuTzHD says:

yeah we need him!

tehevilmonkey1 says:

I like your shirt, Nova.

mayakitty9711 says:

umm does anybody else see the one direction poster

Michele S says:

Love the shirt ! 🙂

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