Unbroken – Motivational Video

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Mateusz M says:

I hope it was worth to wait.

israel moscoso says:

i always cry when i hear “fear kill dreams, fear kill hope, fear puts
people in the hospital” 

JonTheElite says:

Out of curiosity? Why doesn’t he get copyright strikes for having movies in
this video?

BeyondThePine says:

I have been watching your videos since you first came around, and I can
honestly say that, Mateusz, you have helped me attain a new vision, a new
view on the world, and have encouraged me to set new goals and rise to the
challenge of being the absolute best I can be, instead of just abiding by
the common expectations of society. Halfway through my boring, repetitive
and frayed experience at my University in my home town, I decided I needed
to move away, to get the losers out of my life, to get the best education I
could get, and to repair and reform my previous mistakes and beliefs. So I
worked hard, I went home every night and put my headphones in and blasted
these powerful words and videos to myself over, and over, and over; to the
point where I began to believe, where I began to change. The best news I
have received in my life just came a few weeks ago, I just recently found
out that I have been accepted into one of the top Universities in Canada,
and that I will begin a new life, a new chapter, and more importantly, a
new me. I guess what I am trying to say is, thank you, Mateusz. You have
inspired me more than words can describe, and I am sure this comment will
just get lost in the thousands of others, and with the millions that you
continue to motivate and inspire every single day. After all of this has
been said, I must say something about fear, because it is fear that had
once held me back from achieving what I had never thought to be possible.
Fear is a lie. It’s a fabrication of the mind, designed to protect
you, but does it? No. It paralyzes you, if you let it. Fear is false,
danger is real. Danger can hurt you, run from danger. Do not run from your
fears. Conquer them. Never run from that which you want. YOU stand on this
earth, fear does not. Dare to control it. Dare to rise above it. Dare to be
Thank you Mateusz, for changing me in ways I could never have imagined.
Thank you all!

John Fanni says:

I stutter but wish to become a lawyer or politician. I have a fear of
public speaking but I know in order to fulfill these goals, I will have to
fight through adversity!

Johns Kottam says:

did anyone cry a little?

Taylor Star says:

they need to play this at my school +Azure Storm +Rebecca Marsh 

h josuke says:

I hope that USA do not forget,
【Hiroshima/Nagasaki Atomic Bombs】 is most huge War Crime in human history.
In addition,
USA’s War crimes for Japan was not the only 『Atomic Bombs』 against Japanese
『Indiscriminate bombing』 against Japanese civilians,
『Massacre』 against Japanese civilians,
『Rape』 against Japanese civilians,
『Killing prisoner of war』 against Japanese prisoner of war,
『Mutilation of corpse』 against Japanese prisoner of war,
『Human experimentation』 against Japanese civilians.
We Japan was judged at silly show of Tokyo Trail,
Meanwhile, All War Crime of US in World War II has been overlooked.

USA make Wars again and again and again.
Never stop.
USA can not learn from the Past,
because USA keep to live in fake history and fake justice.
USA keep to run away quickly from Sins of USA,
USA always behave as if USA were a victim like this movie even though USA
were assailant.
and USA believe that USA are justice side.
USA must know that Victor’s justice are not justice.

Santosh OOmmen says:

Powerful stuff! Something you want to listen to everyday!

ArekusaHime says:

Evweyone says that I suck at drawing, I don’t give up, when I grow up I
want to be a Japanese artist (I made this decision like 2 years ago) Every
day I try harder and harder I get depressed but never stop chasing my goal.

Nicole Magtagnob says:

I just failed to win a contest last week. I thought I’ll win it, make my
parents proud and also to be proud of myself, but then I failed. This week,
it’s our midterm exam, and I still have a lot of projects to do, but even
this failure keeps bothering me and pushing me down, I’ll stand up,
motivated and inspired to be able to change that failure into something
new; opportunities, I’ll still be strong no matter what, for my future, to
be able to work in New York City and to be a successful doctor in the
future because we; all of us, truly fail when we stop trying. So now, I’m
telling you to stand firm with your head up high, ready to face whatever
downfall may come and with our faith in God as an armor and catapult for
reaching our dreams. Don’t stop dreaming everyone, dream big! <3 xo

Joselynn Ramirz says:

Best motivational video ever!!!!

Tanya Cabral says:


Kelly Carter says:

… *nichts* *auf* *dieser* *Welt* , *was* *es* *zu* *haben* *lohnt* ,
*fällt* *einem* *in* *den* *Schoß* ……

MartusSsia01 says:
mahdi heidari says:

can someone plzzz tell me the name of the movies?? plzzzz

Bob Garon II says:

This is your best one to date! 

jennasaur❤ says:

Who says this: “This year I will make this goal become a reality
I wont talk about it anymore. I Can. I Can! I Can!”?

Mike McKenna says:

A rousing video to get your blood pumping (in a good way) this morning.


I’m obviously not in sync with all the other comments! But what’s the name
of the song that plays in the background? (great video…my students loved
it!…so did I…it gave me goosebumps)

Tammy Harris says:

What amazing empowering, powerful motivational I have seen! 

pete lal says:

Unbroken – Motivational Video: http://youtu.be/26U_seo0a1g

Jaquetta Foreman says:

Unbroken – Motivational Video: https://youtu.be/26U_seo0a1g

Aneta Wątor says:

Dla wszystkich Marzycieli.
Odwaga i pewność siebie w każdej sytuacji – tego zycze każdemu z nas, w
koncu wszyscy jestesmy “tylko ludźmi” i popełniamy błędy -wszyscy :)

Jon White says:

Unbroken – Motivational Video: http://youtu.be/26U_seo0a1g

kapleesh says:

That first quote holds an unimaginable amount of truth to it.

Thank you so much for this video.

מיכאל ביטאו says:

1:54 Can someone tell me what’s the name of the guy who starts to talk?

Joel Rivera says:
serquafo says:

I was afraid to talk to girls last year. My hands would be sweating, I woud
get nervous, I could’nt even make a simple sentence. I was depressed. Then
I saw this video and everything changed. Now I’m proud to say that I’m a
succesful PIMP in Rome. This video seriously opened my eyes. I can bang any
girl in my town. Even those who have STD’s. I don’t mind. The important
that I overcame my fears. Thanks you
And now I’m a fucking Ironman by the way.

Dejan Sotirov says:

It is impossible to broke, what is made to be unbroken…the human spirit!
(Dejan Sotirov)

Maren4 . says:

The name of song to start at 4:20 until the end of the video please? Thanks

Bohdan Bártek says:
Benjamin McMillan says:
Yasser Kafe says:

for the people who talk about their achievements in comments, or for the
people who share some inspirational quotes , –‘ work hard in the silence ,
act on the quotes that you share ,and shut the fuck up please 

Francine Gray says:

NEED MOTIVATION TODAY or ANYDAY – this is for you!!!

UnknownSlappy says:

wow this is powerful

Ana Rosa Alvarez Minguez says:

¡Vamos allá!

Ricky Cataldo says:

I have no qaulification I got a job though i had a chance they snatched it
from me.
Now iam back where I was stuck in this rut because everyone thinks iam a
failure they wont give me a chance.
so i didnt like school i didnt do well.
but i read iam self taught iam good with my hands iam eleqaunt iam polite
and iam hard working and i believe.
I believe there are still people in this world that when I go for a
interview dont just want the spec sheet your cv that piece of paper because
me you all of us are more than just words there is still people out there
that want you to show them your worth.
I have had my dark times I wasnt that popular kid I am overweight but I am
comfortable in me other people had a problem with it the bullies to this
day I have about 4 friends, that dont judge me for me they will hang out
with me chill and stand by me and its all thats keeping me going my belief
and my friends.
my point is find what keeps you going I believe I can get there and so can

Fiona Shaik Mahomed says:

Such an awesome, inspiring video, Love it! Thank you!

Brooke Bush says:

I believe that this is right every principle has a promise you have to push
to live in this world and you also have to fight to be what you want to be
and be in control of your own destiny don’t except anything just protect it
Be inspired live inspired to conquer all

Ritesh Malik says:

who is the guy i see in many motivational videos with mustache and spex

Sébastien Saror says:
Xan Sweet says:

This made me go for a run and then 2 minutes later I come back

Damian Forder says:

Music makes all the difference with creating an impact + setting the
emotional connection 🙂


Gideon Amoah says:
Sinigang Boy says:

fear does paralyzes everyone….

Marco Viti says:

HELP! What’s the movie of the guy in the Bicycle! Does anyone know???

Tea Dumbović says:

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