Tony Robbins Divorce

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Peter PoLuca says:

He was funny in shallow Hal tho

Peter PoLuca says:

Didn’t he just get divorced ;)

Diamond Dust says:

@veramann lol, slang eh? Bullshit, you spelled it wrong you fucking goof.
Like I said, you came to this page like a cunt shooting off your worthless
mouth. Some guy attacks me, and I defend myself. Gee I guess that is what
you call looking for attention? Shut your fucking trap you pussy boy and
get the fuck off the page.

Diamond Dust says:

@skysharp1 They went to Tony Robbins for help. Are yu that much of a
fucking idiot? The guy on his own with his wife was not happy and that is
why they went to Tony in the first place. You are an absolute fucking

cheeriosinabowl says:

Quick buck artist. People still flock to Tony to hear his baloney?

Ralph Flores says:

@diamonddust22 — You’re nothing and a waste of time. But you are pretty
good at talking like a vulgar pig but one day someone will have the
pleasure of teaching you a lesson of respect. What you need is a good ass
kicking but too bad you are a coward. Shut your mouth an go to hell. Do NOT
email anymore comments.

Diamond Dust says:

@SidneyXda You are an idiot. This is a seminar over 40 hours. You seem
really closed minded. Did you ever stop to think that they went through all
the professional help before they came here? Stop judging the life of
others before you look at yourself in the mirror. I am so sick of self
righteous cunt like you.

Diamond Dust says:

@veram I’m not feeling sorry for him at all. I just want to know who died
and made you boss of telling people all the tabloid gossip about people’s
lives? Go look in the mirror at your own life and start fixing up the
person you see looking back at you. Frankly no one gives a shit about what
you think, and the very fact that you have dedicated your life to spreading
hate, and gossip about Tony, is pathetic. You are a disgusting person, and
so what if he makes money. Get a fucking life dick.

matt301273 says:

Come on. That’s not a good argument. A social-democratic system could make
computers and heart bypass machines too, not to mention a lot cheaper with
the people who make them actually getting a share of the profit. The fact
that he was advising Clinton, a mass-murdering war criminal and the way he
talks about getting rich of the stock market or ‘getting rich out of
screwing the impoverished majority’ just make him a dubious character in my


Amazing!! But I wonder.. If you are in a relationship that is toxic, as far
as verbal abuse mistreating of family members would you be supported to
leave or stay? Maybe this will work if there is no physical or emotional
abuse.. Anthony Robbins seems like a straight up kinda’ guy.. Very good :).

icleaustria says:

How come Tony did not use these principles to save his marriage with Becky

screenflicker1 says:

@ElProximo Well, no animal gets married. humans get married to perhaps
ensure sex. it is an artificial social arrangement, not really natural to
humans, in my understanding. And i could be wrong

Diamond Dust says:

@veramann Telling people 2 sides of the story? Who the fuck are you to tell
anyone’s side? Are you in tony’s life? Did you live in his marriage? No you
didn’t so shut the fuck up. You are shooting your fucking mouth off after
reading bullshit gossip from cunts who have no life. Face it bitch, you are
a failure who has dedicated his life to Tony Robbins, as you run around
like a sissy boy saying, “Oh do you know what he did, oh booo hooo hooo.”
Get a life asshole.

maureen l says:

Posted in 2007. They’re probably divorced by now.

Artful Dodger says:

@OceansideRoberts What has feeling fulfilment got to do with not standing
up for yourself and putting up with others bad behaviour and mistreatment
of you, especially your supposed loved ones? As I said, when she puts him
as a priority, then he can reciprocate. All the fluff , non -reciprocal
devotion and self flagellation will do nothing but leave him an empty
shell, no self respect and utterly lacking in ‘fulfilment’.

britishbrainz says:

@S2Cents That’s not very nice of you. Can you please argue your point of
view in a logical manner? You attack Tony, then you attack me too! That is
a compliment of course putting me in the same category. But what is wrong
with you , eh? You have to insult people? Why?

britishbrainz says:

@skysharp1 why would you say something as vulgar as this? Seriously, why
would you do that?

Roy Long says:

@diamonddust22 People should know that T. Robbins is considered a
“relationship expert.”

Earl Ismyname says:

Yeah, right…………I have no love left for my wife, she’s taking my
child from me because the courts believe her lies. May she get a taste of
the pain she has caused me one day and I hope its the longest day of her
life when it happens!

Ralph Flores says:

@Kellysayshello — In life you get what you condition. Temporary is a word
of transition but to make things permanent you have to nurture and
condition–just like an Olympic athelete does. Tony Robbins divorced
because he and his wife decided it was a values shift that each felt
uncomprimising. Humen beings have that right, you know? The brain is always
posed with making decisions and choices.

Roy Long says:

@THREADSTER12 Most people don’t give a rat ass about it because YouTube
makes good money by bring both good and bad people here. Just look at the
news today. It’s full of wars, drugs, violence, deaths, diseases, natural
disasters, etc. For example, Rush Limbaugh called President Obama a jack
ass and he’s the highest paid personnel on radio.

4JayeP says:

I could careless what anyone else thinks, there is only one thing that I
know: I’ve been using Tony’s techniques for a year and I have managed not
only to save my business, but now it is THRIVING. I have also managed to go
back to school and completely revamp and modernize my enigneering skills.
With Tony’s techinques I have managed break thru after break thru. Just in
business alone the Rate of Return on my investment of Tony’s tapes has
yielded over a 1000% return (no exaggeration).

David Mosier says:

Tony Robbins is divorced is he not????

VicInNocal says:

@Kellysayshello No kidding, I love how these weak people think that picking
up a mic and asking a question to this “guru” is going to solve their
problems. “You know what, with your father around, this guy couldn’t be
your man”….OH MY GOD, YOU’RE SO RIGHT, TONY!! THANK YOU! …It is just so
laughable. It reminds me of those chiropractors who give out free 5minute
spine corrections at the mall.

TooSoonOrTooLate says:


AE Mind says:

Tony always makes me do things that I otherwise wouldn’t do.. I say that in
a Positive Way!

Roy Long says:

@diamonddust22 Look, everyone has a problem. You can’t solve every issue in
life. And so are you; your mouth is so filthy from cursing at users on
YouTube. You can’t even have a civilized conversation w/o all the garbage
coming from your head. Plus, you claim to be a nice guy but you sounds more
like a White trash sitting in front you computer defending Robbins when he
ain’t give a shit about you. He just wants your money.


@S2Cents I see where you’re coming from but all those are examples of
natural born talent. They have little to do with personality. You can be
talented, succesful and still be introverted. It makes very little
difference. We each have strengths and weaknesses to be sure. And yes I am
familiar with Carl Jung and his work. That being said I am also familiar
with B.F. Skinner also. There are plenty of examples of people who have
turned their lives around for the better. How would you explain that?

Roy Long says:

@diamondd Oh, now you’re bitching at NBC. The reason NBC canceled
Breakthrough because most people don’t watch the show. The show has one of
the lowest ratings on TV. It’s about money, you mother-fucker. You should
be more understanding than blaming other people for your anger and
problems. You’re such a jack ass and a fag.

PRE1959 says:

Maybe Tony Robbins should take his own advice and he wouldn’t have left his

appletonattorney says:

Wish more people would share as this couple did during mediations I do….

Diamond Dust says:

@veramann You spelled faggot wrong. Anyone can call themselves an expert,
but are not qualified or capable of tying my shoes. You seem to be lost lil
boy blue, it’s you that needs to change. The very fact that you are a jerk,
makes you experience the world reacting to you being a jerk. Grow up, or
shut up. I started nothing. you came to this page shooting off your mouth
with your hate. You don’t like Tony? Go cry somewhere else pathetic one.

21faiza says:

In his book unlimited power,he introduced himself as anthony robbins n said
tony robbins is his friend.. im confused coz ppl say they both r the names
of a same guy.

2cents says:

@JKDLIFER I admit these posts have been sloppy, not well articulated going
back to my 1st 1 but the message I have is you are you. Popeye sez, “I am
what I am”. Ha. So don’t go trying to be anybody. But you CAN be a
successful however you define success of course! People like Anthony
Robbins OVER-sell RADICAL self-transformation. You can’t mutate into
another person only a better you. Q: How do I explain people turning their
lives around? A: Through HARD ASS WORK, discipline.

rude2you says:

@matt301273 Coming from you…that’s a compliment

xJaysrox says:

I just saw the video on that link… its really inspiring check it out
people 🙂

Roy Long says:

@britishbrainz Wheather Tony is right or wrong, men tend to do this. When
older guys remarry, they most likely want get a younger women because of
the looks. Male brains often see young girls more attractive. It’s a fact
according to the book “Why We Love.” So Tony was probably more excited or
motivated by a younger or newer one–just like most males.

SidneyXda says:

these morons that come on these shows …and cry and make fools of
themselves must make Robbins cringe backstage. FIRST METHOD of being the
best,dominant, is you do things your way, in private. DONT MAKE FOOLS OF
YOURSELF. Image is such an important part of a person, thats what gets you
a wife, friends, job etc.

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