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Robbins began his career promoting seminars for Jim Rohn. According to Robbins, Rohn taught him that “happiness and success in life are not the result of what we have, but rather of how we…


Darly Souza says:

This man has the blueprint of life. I think everyone has something to learn
from him.

Anthony Laws says:

Tony Robins’ ability to engage and challenge our “inner being” is a gift
that he shares to all who will listen. He inspires and believes that each
one of us can become a better person. Thank you ! 

Andreea SERBAN says:
Gwyn Huff says:

I hope this post didn’t post twice! I apologize if it did. I relate this
#decisions video by Tony Robbins to writing. For instance: business=writing
productivity or writing schedule. Customer=reader; anything to do with the
economy=ever changing publishing and aggregator changes. Life Cycle =
Increase or hone writing skills. You’ll get it. Hope this helps you as it
helps me. 

Jayden Lawson says:

Can see myself at 4:06 in the audience – was a great 4 days!! +Gary Vee’s
talk rocked :D

Mohit Jain says:

Tony Robbins. Thank you so much!! 🙂
I want to be a mentor like you, someday! :)

Paras Mj says:

that moment when he said “focus” is your decision, completely blew my mind!
this guy is a gem

1010Morada says:

I feel we should be teaching this in our High Schools, I think it would
catch the attention of students and help them to become a more successful
society. Motivational speaking should be included as an elective. It will
change their world!!!

robert brykted says:

you need to watch this

Andre Betuel says:

we may have lost James Rohn, but we still have Tony Robbins- what an
amazing teacher. This should be taught in our schools.

B.R.A.A.D says:

Tony needs to meet BRAAD!!

Dahnasia Palmer says:
Ibrahem Emam says:
rami abo says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

harry balls says:


JITU KUSHWAHA Youtube says:

Fantastic. …!

Colette Goldthorpe says:

This is Great! It will definiteoy chanhe things. One to keep and watch
again! Thanks for sharing. Do you have more from this particular seminar? 

Simou Vicky says:

He is very special….But he needs a special therapist for his voice.

Sofija Daudoraviciute says:


Josue Clarin Espenorio says:

Very informative! Thanks for sharing valuable and great ideas…KUDOS!

Pandora Desire says:

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Diana Westrup says:

Thanks, Tony Robbins. I think you are incredible! Regards from Cancun,

Jeremy Watts says:

Tony really is an alpha male, barking away like top dog..

Batur Changez says:

Awesome !!

Gwyn Huff says:

Tony Robbins strategy on making decisions changed my ability to make
decisions. Some decisions-not hard. Personal decisions were very difficult.
I watched this video several times and heard something different or my life
changed and I looked at the video’s information. I also replaced the word
“business” with family, writing, and so forth. I hope you find this video
as helpful as I have. Peace!

Junaid ahmad says:


Nicholas Pinn says:
Oscar Cuban says:

!!!! Decide 2 Decide !!!!

shahzad Awan says:


Nika Veganlover says:

Word. ❤️

Danielle Manley says:


linda f says:

Tony is a genuis. He is dripping with motivation and energy.

Debra Olejownik says:

Excellent information! 

Sanna Hellström says:

Thanks for sharing! 🙂 

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