Tomorrowland 2014 | Introduction

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In a time when darkness roamed and creativity and joy were forbidden, there was a man with only one dream: Releasing the world from all its misery. He built …


rewinside says:

Got my ticket.

I’am excited. :D

Ward Steemans says:

f*ck off!!!
this sucks, the music sucks, just go ahead and play some f*cking normal

Zuly Camelo says:

Tomorrowland 2014 | Introduction

:'( maldita pobreza!!

Pink_moonlight96 says:

A 17 year old girl can go to Tomorrowland? :3

Gosh every introduction of them are golden, (y) 

Thomas Delemarre says:

YES, it’s that time of the year again. Looking forward to the Belgian
festivals again.

Tomorrowland (best dance festival in the world) released their 2014 intro
today. To be honest I’m more interested in the candy, not so much the
wrapping … 

Allana Mclachlan says:

Tomorrowland 2016, hopefully will be the year that I’ll get to go

thefruiter21 says:

Tomorrowland is bullshit … they should make a festival called
yesterdayland where the electronic music is shit and the good real music is
made by real instruments and not by a computer

Bandisenec05 says:

There should be a view of the festival in the video at the end…

AndJorD says:

Please anyone knows who is the narrator of this intro? that voice is
amazing, please tell me

Toni Jose says:

woooooow :O amazing trailer, look the edn of the video this will be
mainstage, i think so

Paul Kononenko says:

Тема сисек раскрыта не полностью))))

Wanderlust says:

TMRWLAND = 10x Ultra

and by far my favorite festival

roxie rosie says:

I hate my life right now..

Axtone says:

Tomorrowland kicks off tomorrow! Who’s lucky enough to be going this year? 

jenniferlawrencefan8 says:

ok but whattt does this trailer have to do to the festival? what is the
festival exactly? is it like coachella?…

xDD says:

Poner subtítulos en los vídeos por favor ! 

María Barranco says:


TheCookieLazer says:

They should hide a Key somewhere on the festival and the guy who finds it
wins at life or something

xDaMiWORLDx says:

She’s got a cracking pair of tits!

Elisia Pe says:

And the anthem in the background… Too beautiful <3

lubekka says:

That’s why i love this thing, edm and fantasy in the same place, amazing!

Donum Diabolus says:

Any knows what is the official anthem of Tomorrowland 2014?

Parafina S. says:

If the music was actually the music played on this video, I would love to
go. Symphonic >>> Eletronic.

Sikk TM says:

my dick can not go because I’m only 15: ((((((( Tomorrowland Forever <3

olainer piñango says:

tomorrowland es el sueño de todos y espero algun día ir lastima que tengo
que tener 21 años

Keila Camilo says:

My eyes shine with this video.
Vibrates inside me want to dance.
TomorrowLand is where our imagination goes nowhere.

Os meus olhos brilham com esse vídeo.
Dentro de mim vibra de vontade de dançar.
TomorrowLand é o lugar onde a nossa imaginação sai do lugar.

Lenny The Hopeless says:

I don’t get it.

lafasta_adriel says:

I am here for Knife Party – Reconnect

maria c.castro Castro says:

Não gosto de ver coisas catastróficas o nos ja vivemos presenciando
catástrofe diariamte.

Bart Helming says:
Dj WiLLi says:

Name song please :’)

Sever Alexandru Tanase says:

In a time when darkness roamed and creativity and joy were forbidden, there
was a man with only one dream: Releasing the world from all its misery.
He built an instrument, assembled in an enormous work of art.
To protect his creation, he fabricated a mythical key…
That would only be found by the purest of hearts…

A new chapter will be written,
The Key to Happiness

Sountrack: Tomorrowland Hymn by Hans Zimmer

Vethalon says:

This is a giant rave festival?
Very misleading video, thought at first it was some kind of Larp

Jose Vergara says:

Si no logro ir yo algún día are todo por que mis hijos lleguen !! u.u

Aggi Pop says:

Just to remember you of the size:

Quentin lightfly says:

Hans Zimmer <3

doni Toic says:

BRAZIL 2015 eu irei … 

Karla dos Santos says:


MochiSims says:

It was amazing!

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