Time Management Tips: How to Set Priorities and Improve Your Time Management Skills

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Time management tips about how to set priorities by time management expert, Peter Turla. Time tips and techniques on how to be more effective, how to better …


Jess Gibson says:

These are great ideas! I’m going to encourage everyone on my team to watch
this video.

Abhishek Sinha says:

hats off to Peter. Truly helping personality. (I have an exam in coming 2
days, and I am sitting here at 3 AM in night and watching the video on Time
Management. This shows how much I want to and have to work on my T.M.
skills. This video will surely go a long way in my life. I took notes, btw,
while watching this video, and I have done this for the first time ever,
while watching a U tube video).. thanks for the video

hirabd says:

thank for the tips..

sunrisesotrue says:

Great advice. Thank you

hewallord says:

exxx exxx exellent, and very useful. thnx to share 🙂

budakbone says:

wow not many expert will give out that type of tips for an interview..

cranendonckcoaching says:

Interesting stuff on prioritization. Raymond

SAStudyadvice says:

Dear TimeMan, Good advice; straight talking. Thanks, Alec Gill

athenah888 says:

Great time management pointers from Peter. This is such a nice resource
material – Short but concise! More like those articles on
timemanagementcom. Thanks for sharing!

kuvtsisnyiamkoj says:

Priorities can be set BUT circumstances will negate your capacity to
execute. Thus, time can be wasted because of unfair circumstances. Key to
life is to get educated and create value and thus make a lot of money.
However, this cannot happen for everybody.

akinder808 says:

great interview, this was very helpful, thank you, i think the idea of
getting energized on small tasks you accomplished is a good way of looking
at it, and kissing the frog is a nice pearl of wisdom, thanks time man

markfuller042 says:

You pointed out those very great points… It’s really a matter of
prioritizing things and wise commonsense when it comes to time management.

polos505 says:

Time management is the major factor in medical school.

epiphanyc says:

Good Tips!

XMB008 says:

Thanks for the KRAs I will try them this week.

Sales & Social Media Tips says:

Great video, I’m going to impliment these immediately

caterpillartomoko says:

Thank you very much for this video. I find it quite resourceful. Thank you
for sharing.

looker768 says:

I think my problem is I have no priorities….when it comes to keeping my
place clean….lol

neeezzz1 says:

This is the most amazing Time Managment information that I have ever seen.
It is really helpfull and opens eyes towards the KRA. Makes a lot of sense.
Thanks a lot

KusanagiRai says:

The sheer amount and importance of the video’s content and the bright
disposition of the speaker compelled me to take notes (which I had never
done before, as far as YouTube videos go). What a pleasant, helpful person
Peter Turla is.

1978smartass says:

I can really relate to his and it’s helpful, thanks!

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