Time Management Tip # 1 – Time is a Precious Resource

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Time is more precious than money. Magic trick illustrating how time, once spent, never returns.


tbointernational says:

Time is indeed precious. I like the way this little magic trick was used to
convey the idea.

Flinklehurst says:

You know what, he’s absolutely right… NOW GIVE ME MY 1:03 BACK

HRWellness says:

Manage your time, and learn some magic tricks. Why not?

athenah888 says:

Awesome magic trick, brilliant time management facts! Eversince i come
across timemanagementcom, the subject has fascinated me…it certainly
changes bad habits. 🙂

murphypaul9712 says:

cool video like it .. thanks !!

Salvador Allende says:

the coin trick is easy to figure out but how the hell did he did the water

inspired39 says:

Very simple – very true on the concept that once you spend your time, it is
gone forever.

jessicaprice01 says:

WOW! Peter, where did you learned that trick from? 🙂

Barry Cross says:

Superb video Thanks for posting Barry Cross ***InternetMoneyMaker***

Jess Gibson says:

Clever magic tricks showing why we should use time wisely because time once
spent never comes back.

managerofwealth says:

Aside from the truth of how essential the time is, you could also be a
great magician… You showed and elaborate how precious is TIME for us..
Yes, it’s the only thing in the world that couldn’t be renewed. Thanks,
your video is indeed inspirational.

jessicaprice01 says:

Great tips, will surely try some of them.

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