Time Management for Teachers (v2)

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Help for teachers to balance their work and private lives. How to organize to-do lists, paperwork and time to best help teachers get more done.


Adnan Ilyas says:

Wait, you don’t like Real Madrid? Hmm…

jtn2002 says:

…and then there’s calling parents.

AVKtheConqueror says:

But Grey, you said on the podcast that you didn’t do your homework as a

Alex Kubel says:

3 years ago he sounded like he would teach Physics.

Holy Guacamole says:

experssing ftw

Xenogene Gray says:

First thing we were taught about in my GDipEd was: expect to have to work
during the holidays – preparing teaching resources, keeping up with
bureaucracy, accreditation, etc :(

That Person Who Does Things says:

at 0:49 i looked down at the comments: 666. (667 now)

Tanju132 says:

How will watching this video fit into my schedule?

bhootpurv manusya says:

back in 2012 my hindi teacher all of a sudden start noting names of who
dint submit their homeworks

karen fouad says:

Teachers plan for all of that because of us I feel terrible

Daan Dekker says:

As a studend, I hate you. As a human, I think your smart.

Furious George says:

Would you make a video about how you think a Student should manage their

Umberto Campolongo says:

Does the narrator live in England? I am wondering because I see him
referencing classes as years instead of grades or classes…

Rahwen Rapottas says:

As I hope to become a teacher after high school, I found this video very
helpful. Thank you for the advice, it is much appreciated.

HuggyBearx64 says:

Is it just me or does that first image look like it’s slowly growing?

Louie McConnell says:

I would love any class he teaches.

Sarge Izzard says:

…the summer holidays. I lol’d

Piotr Flis says:

Time Management fro Teachers

seth wuthrich says:

Thx! I work over the summers at fun camps but I am required to take
attendance and keep track of how far they are in the projects. :)

|Jake|C| says:

667 comment, begone satan.

Sunny Quackers says:

Excellent, thank you very much. Plan to pass this advice/video on.

Ozzy O.G says:

I’m not a teacher :)

Lenae Acosta says:

Thank you for the insight. I am looking forward to becoming an educator

Ken Dukes says:

This video makes me so thankful I work in the defense industry.

Alex Black says:

Please make a video like this for students!

Freshfroot1 says:

You could use some of the time you save by following this advice to check
the spelling on your quiz papers. “Experssing” (5:56)? Tut tut :)

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