“Time Management” by Randy Pausch, November 2007

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See Randy’s book about his “Last Lecture” at http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~robins/Randy_Book.html “Time Management” lecture, given by Randy Pausch (hosted by Gabriel Robins http://www.cs.virginia.


Kim Johns says:

Great Video, It has gave me some great tools to put into effect 

Vagelis Kotsonis says:

Time management & life lessons by Randy Pausch.

Really valuable speach that you shouldn’t miss!
A must see for all of us! 

Canyoudigityesyoucan says:

I am perpetually late & I often curse myself for my poor time management, I
justify it to myself by giving myself reasons why not to be places early or
on time. However, if you get time management right your life starts to be
more fulfilling. Thanks for posting this Gabriel. RIP Mr Pausch, I
appreciate the lesson.

StudentLearning737 says:

Is he still ALIVE? I would like to ask him how he organized that talk. or
the guy me mentored.

Vinicius Carneiro Pereira Souza says:

Great talk by a great man. Just wanted to have seen this earlier.

Deanna Rucks says:

Talent does what it can and genius does what it must.

DGP Devaraj Devaraj says:

i like

Noreen Veffer says:

What I am learning—Time is the only commodity……..Opportunity
costs……….Find your dead time

Eric Beaty says:

Here’s a great lecture on Time Management by the late Randy Pausch. Watch
it and learn, my friends! 

Rafal Moryson says:

Great talk about what’s important in life.

Rafal Moryson says:

Great talk about what’s important in life.

The HR Jedi says:

Here’s the lecture that goes with @Randy_Pausch’s #TimeManagement
presentation: “Time Management” by Randy Pausch, November 2007

feztheforeigner says:

I used this video to procrastinate from doing my work, but it turned out to
be a pretty great video! 😀

gagzy1989 says:

incredible being! You have changed my life for the better! x

Birds Rock says:

great lecture

Noah Burke says:

Great suggestions for time management, thank you.

twigmaster9 says:

Great video!

Malinda Bhadrajith says:


ogor78 says:

Happy Birthday Randy : )

izzang87 says:

Thank you Randy for your lesson and encouragement.

papermason says:

I’m using a speaker phone, so I can do other things while conversing with
long-winded loved ones and friends. Great advice. It’s all excellent
advice. Nice legacy Prof. Pausch, helping people with life four years after
your death.

omar Hunedy says:


MK International says:

Thanx Randy for changing my life as well!

gfdidfs says:

interesting man, sad to hear of his passing in 2008

Anthony Rabadam says:

Thank you Randy.

Brandon McCloskey says:

Hey Gabe thanks for posting this on another channel. I have nothing but
love for Carnegie Mellon who introduced us all to The Last Lecture but I
noticed your videos have a little bit more in them!

Ronak Patel says:

happy birthday 8 months ago randy

Ronak Patel says:

changed my LIFE

Farhana Anwar says:

wonderful people ,we need more people like you randy

Jolie Karno says:

Thanks Gabe. What are the books he recommends?

Kremşanti Limon says:


lisasilv says:

Amazing wisdom, I’m so glad I watched this.

e | e says:

Excellent speech and very informative.

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