Time Management and the 80-20 Rule

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How can you finally achieve buying your perfect house? The average person has about 300 projects to take care of right now. The fact is, you will never get c…


Eli E Co says:

watch this every week…

emerson24 says:

That light reflection on his head appeared at first like he got whacked
with a hammer.

satya narayana says:

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going sir! Sir, I also use an iPhone app called “my8020” by lokesh
hanumappa which really helps me to practice pareto principle like anything!
I have saved almost 3.8 hrs/day because of this app! Sir, really technology
really helps a lot. Internet is great. Your Video and Apps are great! Keep
it going sir!

nanyaverey says:

Yeah but I don’t want any frog, even the better tasting one. They’re all
yuck and I don’t have the courage to go through any of this.

Vincent J says:

It’s so backwards: The people who don’t watch and listen to material like
this, they need this more than you and I.

Ahmad Fawad says:

Very nice.

Alin Cosmin iamandii says:

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freegamepick says:

i got some nice time management games

greenleaf81 says:


YourMindofSuccess says:

This is important because you assume the mental and emotional space of one
who can “do the worst first.” This empowers your self-image with a growing
sense of success and is important for four reasons: It gets the biggest
task of the day done first. It sets a tone of success and accomplishment.
It makes you feel good about yourself. It makes you feel like you belong in
the company of successful people because they do the worst first as well.
Thanks for posting.

Sydney Metrick says:

My clients who work and have babies or young children don’t seem to be able
to always succeed with this principle.

haal001 says:

I like how you explain the 80:20 rule. Thank you for the video!

Sheleigh101 says:

Now that’s what I was doing wrong, I did the little things first and left
the big till last… no wonder I never had enough time… makes perfect

Satyapal Rawat says:

Its great to learn how to apply 80:20 rule to your own time or career.

Gabrielle Holly says:

Excellent, succinct advice. I often struggle with time management –
especially since I office from home. I’m going to put your method in
practice in the new year.

mobsta101 says:

Great Stuff

frantix22 says:

i’ll rather eat both frogs at the same time than catching up on my 8
chapters of accounting!

Dee Phillips says:

Best of advice I’ve heard since learning to say “no”. Thank you

Juan Manuel Fernández says:

Just eat the FROG!!!!!

Barret Somerville says:

Screw time management -:/

Salvador Allende says:

Im going to the market to buy a dozen of frog

Katrina Lewis says:

i need to eat a live frog daily!

Michael Harr says:

No more Frog Legs -ever? That’s severe. To make a list of things to do
daily is easy. But it does help you FOCUS & SORT PRIORITIZE stuff -which
does change back and forth daily often. What was #1 yesterday may be still
important but not the most “doable” today. And never make a “to do” list
longer than one page.

yellowstar247 says:

Thank you. This was very helpful. And I like how the video was short!

Ima Mayasari says:

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Vigatos says:

Good Advice, thank you.

EvangelineSky says:

Thank you

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