THE UNSTOPPABLE by Sandeep Maheshwari in Hindi (Full Video)

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Ending all inhibitions that stop you, this session by Sandeep Maheshwari is a mirror that puts forth your true potential, making you UNSTOPPABLE in true sens…


Richard V.R says:


Muhammad Adnan says:

Love from Pakistan to Sandeep!!

Mousumi Saha says:

Sandeep, all the best. Simply you are rock!! Thanks.

jatin bhatt says:

what a coincidence sir , our thought are exactly same . I never appreciate
law of attraction , I truly believe in karma ….

Dimple mohite says:

Really sir.urs all videos has change my whole life.its not joke bt its bad time as god sent some one to help as i find urs videos to
change my thinking and my self.thnks a losts for ur this contributions

Narendra Rathore says:

loveee u …..lve long life…god bless u broooo

Jayraj Gondaliya says:

really amazing to listen you Sandip maheshvari 

Navin Kumar says:

Shandeep sir you are really great. 

Piyush Singh Rathore says:

sir ji you are great

Abhinav Aggarwal says:

U actually tell the importance of Motivation in Life..

ramneet kalsi says:

Dude you are just awesome

A Ramesh Kumar says:

Thank You.

Vikash Dhankar says:

🙂 rocks

Harmeetsingh Bassi says:

its great 

muskaan zara says:

u are very good motivator in the world hats of to u really inspiring video

gunjan verma says:

nice sir

brajesh upadhyay says:

Sandeep Maheswari’s Success story

kishor latthe says:

plz……sir .i want to meet u….part 3 in continue AASAN HAI…….

Avijit Chaudhary says:

sandeepji ap law of attraction thik se samjhao…kaise isko apply kare?

Amit Jain says:


Arti Kumari says:

amazening sir….

wolverine rahul says:

sandeep ji you have cleared my concepts of the law of attraction.instead of
you simply asking stuff from universe if you ask yourself why you want it
and have the answer beforehand ,the universe will give you enough zeal to
get anything.

Rupender Pal Singh says:

Everyone who change his life plz see it ….don’t miss



Rajan Kumar says:

the story of doctor matches with one of my neighbour whose father died
because of absence of doctor and today he is a doctor and he serves in his
in spite of being interested to become lawyer he became doctor for sake of
the other people so that no other could die as that of his father.

sourav singh says:

Mast hai sandip ji …

mohd jameel says:

wow,,,love is way of life ,,,,true

Muhammad Abbas says:

must watch

amol bankhele says:


Hema Varshita says:

sandeep maheshwari’s really inspiring…..!!! he’s unstoppable!

Yash raj sharma says:

DOnt gEt it…who r those 123 u disliked ur video..???

suraj thapa says:

Sandeep sir ur great, I’m salute u.

Meghraj Shreekhande says:

Guys take some time of ur life and please listen to this tom. wiil be
different for u…….this video has change my way of thinking……….

Subhashree Patra says:

After watching dis seminar a lot of questions arised in my mind…..& i’m
sure i’ll get all dos answers by myself bt d only question which always
strikes in my mind & i’m nt able to answer z dt “wt z this society & wy
dis society z so much interested to know abt us”….. we r living our own
life bt smwhere this society stops us doin this………………………..
why this is so ????????????????????????????????????????????

Mahesh Yadav says:

I like all video sandip sir

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