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Visit to get a Free Ebook on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). This documentary on Tapping features energy and abundance …


Ron Davis says:

Give An Ideal You a call to discover the amazing life you have

Caroline Lawrence says:

Note to therapists, physicians, ministers and other members of the healing
professions this is worth watching.Surprising physical healing through EFT

Rohan Gajbhiye says:

Very nice Vedio i need full movie And book to practice it

onelove1968 says:

about a year ago, you mentioned you had quit smoking for 4 weeks. i’m
interested to know if you are still smoke-free, or did you start up again?
many thanks.

SunEyes27 says:

@Janpickett I think they do want help but it’s sometimes difficult for
people to overcome their belief systems and believe something new.

Lois Grasso says:

This works for many people, AND many need professional support and guidance
in order to achieve deep healing. EFT can bring up traumatic memories into
your awareness and without the support of a therapist, it can feel too
scary to continue tapping. Most of us are programmed to feel guilty when we
show unpleasant feelings. A therapist can help you accept and appreciate
the value of those feelings, which is necessary for true healing to occur.

Jimwell Duran says:

i hope this is the real deal here. we need this badly…

fgfuyfyuiuyf says:

EFT has helped me in numerous ways. The one I am most proud of? Quitting
smoking. This is my upteenth time quitting smoking and by day one I would
be fiending for a cigarette. It’s now going on week 4 and feeling really
good. No cravings. 🙂 Thank you so much for this gift! I am immensely

Janpickett says:

It’s wonderful for those of us who know this, but my goodness, I have tried
convincing others and that s so hard. So many just don’t REALLY want help

Laszlo Hajdu says:

Is true! That’s because “YOU WANT” to help! You can help others, by help
your self first. That way they see a good example, and they see results
with they own eyes. I think people getting tired of hearing what they need
to do. If you really want to help show your care and patience and wait
until they digest it on they own pace. I’m hope this was helpful! 🙂

EFT4Me says:

You can certainly conquer many different fears by doing EFT by yourself.
Some people can do lots more. When U have Chronic Illness, allergies,
chronic negativity, Addictions & other situations U can be what is called
‘reversed’. P.R. or Psychological Reversal to change happens when the
subconscious is exactly that, resistant to change. That’s when an EFT
practitioner can really help U. People who say things like “I try to quit
smoking or try to lose wt” They self sabotage themselves have ‘P.R.’

KaraLynAsCher says:

This is brilliant! I’ve known about EFT for a few years and have
experienced tremendous results with it!! I can’t wait to watch the whole
DVD, because now I’m going to up the ante with it!!!!

TheHealingPiano says:

Excellent, except again, the speaking is hard to hear well.

wilfriede thin says:

I get smiles from people when I tell them about eft but no one seems to
even try it to see for themselves how it works. I’ve had some success but
in some other problems it’s not working yet and I’ve been doing it for a
good week.

Cdn joe says:

I look forward to receiving my material and start sharing with others, as
soon as I apply it to self.

dpasseto says:

I just watched this whole DVD and its phenomenal. As Jan said below, its so
hard to get people to check it out. Even I dragged my feet to watch it. I
felt dumb for having waited so long. The techniques and teachings in the
DVD are something you’ll always have with you. I know i’ve called upon them
several times since watching it. Great job guys.

מיכל סימפלר says:

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