The Tapping Solution – EFT Documentary Film

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Visit to get a Free Ebook on EFT. This documentary on EFT features energy and abundance experts such as Jack Canfield, Bob P…


Mag Hepner says:

Going to start “tapping” to deal with chronic pain from auto-immune
diseases. Has anyone else done this? If so, what was your experience? I’ll
let you know what my results are. I’ll try anything, at this point. Drugs
do not work, and I want an organic solution.

LLoyd Gordon says:

This is a powerful new technique in Experimental Natural Medicine.

mikehedge says:

very neat.

tintinworld says:

really good movie. It’s going to be amazing when EFT catches on. You
mention in the credits that there are more interviews you did. Is there
anyway you can include these on the DVD as extra’s? or on your website
(sent as a link when you purchase the film, if it has to be kept under
wraps that is)? Dr. Lipton was particularly interesting. thanks, j

Colleen Miller says:
sonia bellani says:
sonia bellani says:

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