The Skill of Self Confidence: Dr. Ivan Joseph at TEDxRyersonU

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As the Athletic Director and head coach of the Varsity Soccer team at Ryerson University, Dr. Joseph is often asked what skills he is searching for as a recr…


Gustav Rubbestad says:

Steve Jobs words at the end

ImDino says:

this is yet another seminar where they bring up the topic of confidense and
some of the behaviours connected to it, but not actually breaking it down
and helping people…

Jyothsna Manda says:

Amazing and most inspiring video …..loved it 

Drue Doman says:

Possibly the most important video on the internet. Parents NEED to watch
this with their children, it’ll do them both wonders.

Anca Tamara says:

People with no self-confidence, FUCKING WATCH IT !!!! (not my case)

whartanto2 says:

Lance Armstrong – Live Strong – Do Steroids :)

Ricky Boy says:

i wish this guy was my dad

Matto Niyazi says:

really agree with the section on positive conditioning 

Mark ONeill says:

I have met a lot of very confident people who are not successful –
especially in the arts. Who doesn’t know a rapper that thinks hes the

Elmira's miscellaneous says:

Thanks :)

JR Woods MA MDiv says:

90% of this talk has NOTHING to do with confidence. Practice and confidence
are not the same thing. Related, at times, yes. But not the same. If I tell
people I’m going to “talk about cars” and all I discuss is spark plugs they
would rightfully be unimpressed. 

Hipocrates Rodriguez says:


Sanchez9531 says:

self confidence only comes out of deeper understanding of your true nature,
of your infinite self. everything else is just false ego games.

anthony then says:

One of the best Ted talks

Gregory Peterson says:

I found an opportunity to use social media to make money. I love it so much

Luc Lalande says:

The Skill of Self Confidence: Dr. Ivan Joseph at TEDxRyersonU

to be successful it takes confidence, but how to you gain confidence?

Alonso Diaz says:

Close your eyes and listen to him talk. Does he or does he not sound like
Denzel Washington?

thisaccursedman says:

Yet another waffly, self-help book-esque exposition of some vague notion of
‘self-confidence’ without any practical recommendations whatsoever. Next.

Jester123ish says:

I’ve heard that if you strive for something it should be challenging enough
that there is roughly a fifty percent chance you’ll fail. The difference
should be down to you.

Perhaps if you continually challenge yourself you slowly build confidence
in yourself, but when you strive for too little you don’t grow or find
enough reward to keep you motivated, strive for too much and you fail too
often and get discouraged, but get the balance right and succeed by your
own efforts, that’s so rewarding it builds confidence.

Theodore Cooper says:

That was awesome.

徐艺轩 says:

So brilliant. I love it!

Giada Combusti says:

Thanks Dr. Ivan Joseph 

Chee Chai says:

I was wondering what I was doing wrong. That was a great advice on coaching
others. Thanks!

Rex Nelson says:

Our schools are busy passing kids on shoddy work, telling them they are
wonderful without having developed either skill or work ethic. Confidence
is powerful when based on some sense of reality and striving to achieve.
It’s pathetic when it is nothing more than self deception.

Qaiser Ali says:

No one will believe on you unless you do. Really great talk :-)

Alex Prieto says:

Self Confidence is basically a delusion that things will go your way just
because you’re you. It’s insanity.

Cory Garner says:


Josefina Webster says:

Wow!!! Great lesson for me!!! THANK YOU.

Sahil Dua says:

No one will believe in you, unless you do! Great saying!

Nicolas Xu says:

this is hilarious speech!

Twesigye Jackson Kaguri says:

Okay, so what do we do with people who pretend to be confident when they
are not?

Jay Ivan says:


Spike Padley says:

Good talk. He’s incredibly charismatic.

raju jannawar says:


tom6612 says:

Beware of those with self confidence. Bush was filled with self confidence.
Only problem is he was wrong. End result was half a million slaughtered

TheMrSpam says:

pretty true,
i never heard my parents confirm any good quality of me. They have left me
completely clueless of my capabilities, so now i got to catch up.

fer017xc says:

The livestrong armband was to remind Lance he had to inject himself some
more EPO

trafficXsecretsDOTcom Shah says:

simply L-O-V-E-D IT…Heard it for the first time when somebody called
“SELF CONFIDENCE” a skill….which I really believe it is…………

fvklsafsk. fn dsl,mn says:

This TEDx stuff is a lot of common sense sometimes. People just don’t think
anymore or lack in areas for whatever reason. I’m going to write a book on
how to do something people don’t do anymore thats really easy as hell…

Priesthoodagitator says:

What some people call self confidence, other people call being a jerk, a
prick, or an ass hole. 

Sarah Worthy says:

SKIIIILLLS 😉 Go after it, and learn from those who PERSIST and Achieve,
to see the Success that they created with those who too Believe <3

Elnur Bagirov says:

an idiot speaking of what he lacks

Sabra AndSultan says:

Learn Spoken Arabic the Easy Way with an Amazon Bestseller..specifically
designed for English speakers:
Tunisian Arabic in 30 Lessons 

Kendra Caruso says:

Fantastic Talk!!!! Thank you Dr. Joseph.

Ernone Horvath says:

there are and there are task we should fulfill and to be able to see the
picture of our successes.

Stu Williams says:

Great talk. No self understanding, no self confidence. What holds you back?
You can’t know, because WHAT holds you back also keeps you from knowing


I have met many people who are extremely skilled and talented but failed as
lack of confidence!! Yess, confidence is not success but its one of the ”
inevitable key” to success!!

Carlos H says:

good speech, many good points .. but the story at the end with his son is
kinda confusing .. sounds like he’s raising him to be a confident-stupid
person!? I especially love these kinda people at work – they do everything
wrong but defend their bullshit.

Roenie says:

12:26 that’s from the movie dumb & dumber.
12:52 that’s steve jobs.

a.k.a.: how to make money in sports if you suck at sports.

uriel shamir adams says:

#ted #skill of #selfconfidence 

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