The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics by Burt Goldman and Jose Silva

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Close The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics by Burt Goldman and Jose Silva. From brain waves and the five rules of happ…


G. Mark Phillips says:

Hey Gary G! It was great to see you today! Here’s the guy I was telling
you about. Check out his channel. He reviews all the great books about
growth, higher consciousness, living an authentic life, and becoming the
best versions of ourselves.

Becky – I thought you might like this too.

5winder says:

Why does Silva need Goldman, and vice versa? They both are using demonic
power to take your money. Burt thinks he has 12 female angels around him at
all times to minister to his every need. There are no female angels, so
these are demons. Anybody can talk to demons, but that doesn’t mean they
should… great disturbances will come to those who take the advice (lies)
of these deceivers to heart. Support the devil at your own risk.

benjamin.orozco2 says:

Thank you Brian

subbtopp says:

thank you im inspired

sammy d says:

Cant find any new videos brian:( new wisdom is needed for me! get makin
more vids! are yoo on twitter would love to follow yooo:)@sammyxdale 

Jenny Giblin says:

Definitely inspired 1 person! 

Mike schuldiner says:

The ‘law of rhythm’ is always there we just don’t know it.

Musical Relaxation says:
azas1949 says:

Great insights ! Thank you !

Lori Mage says:

Hey Brian – I just wanted to say that I’m loving today’s note! This is DAY
56 of my own personal 100 day challenge of PNTV & I’m totally diggin’ it.
This episode was especially good AND the 6-page PDF Philosophers Note was
EVEN BETTER! For anyone out there who hasn’t purchased the 6-page PDF files
and the MP3’s yet – you are missing out! Seriously, you’ve to get ’em! I’m
working my way through the 1st 100 right now – using them as a little
mental renewal each day and it’s AWESOME! Thanks Brian!

Lied2Bad says:


Wing Lee says:

you are full of sun & great teacher many many thx

Kent Chen says:

Man… you are awesome!

Max Heter says:

I understand some of these points regarding changing expectations. However,
suppose my state is successfully changed from fear to a positive vibe, the
outcome (or income, pending how you view the results of any expection- met
or unmet in a relationship, business or personal) doesn’t mean an inner
value fulfillment. This note, really illustrated to me that an outcome upon
a well-balanced inner preparation, doesn’t guarantee to be fun, high, or
excited, or down. My challenge is handling that part

Rose Calderon says:

Cool Stuff~

Brian Johnson says:

@lorimage99 Thank you so much, Lori!!! 🙂

Brian Johnson says:

@picslook Thanks!!

hangover71 says:

I have a couple of his books, I love them

thebusyman1 says:

You’re so cool, Brian! Really really cool.

kesa1986 says:


Brian Johnson says:

@azas1949 my pleasure and thank you! 🙂

Rose Calderon says:

enjoy what u like, if not, don’t do it, if you can’t change it, accept

Brian Johnson says:

@turkingst wow. thx!! Thrilled you dug em and excited to continue to grow
together! 🙂

sinsarcasmo says:

I read that book in 1989. Excellent book; packed with techniques to solve

Brian Johnson says:

@Pikoro09 Thanks so much! Planning to do another 100 this year. Just need
to make the time!! 🙂

Brian Johnson says:

@kentchenseo Thank you! 🙂

Steve Turkington says:

One of the best investments I have ever made is purchasing the
philosopher’s notes. Thank you Brian, for creating a life-changing product!

tahj workman says:

Sounds like the kybalion. Personal laws to live by, just 4 ones self. Know

ineffige says:

Brian what is your opinion of claims made by Silva aboute remote
influencing others?

Brian Johnson says:

@sinsarcasmo awesome and amen to that!!

VegetaHidecker69 says:

Thank you for giving me a summery! Ill purchase it soon!

Pikoro09 says:

i enjoy very much your videos, glad you are back man!

Brian Johnson says:

@thebusyman1 hehe. Thank you!! 🙂

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