The Silva Method – Part 1 of 3

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Close – Reduce stress, overcome health challenges, increase your mental capabilities, discover your intuitive abilities, unleash your su…


Racha Boukhores says:

I wan lear more about it i like it and i beleive if 

Constantine Soteriou says:

I ve listened to a similar music in porns.. i mean… WTF is wrong with all

Chris Kavanagh says:

Uhh, I understood your comment just fine slick, and I understand your 2nd
comment just fine too. The point is, the Silva Method is NOT just
meditation, and the people who understand it (which you don’t) will
disagree with your opinion. So listen little boy, b4 you start calling
people names, try growing up & leave your insults to yourself. Really,
didn’t your mammy teach you this!?

Chris Kavanagh says:

Yes it’s “attribute”. Sometimes when I’m in a hurry I make mistakes as you
just did. Nowhere did I call YOU specifically a “lunatic.” . . Please
explain to me why the Silva Method is “delusional”?? Have you tied it? Do
you personally know anyone who’s tried it? My guess is ‘no’ to both
questions. Something isn’t a ‘lie’ or ‘delusional’ just because YOU say it
is. There are plenty of studies proving certain methods used in the system
work. So obviously it’s not ‘delusional’.

2009rogera says:

yes I’ve tried acupuncture. My father ran a successful acupuncture clinic
for several years. Prove to me that the “success rate” of acupuncture or
acupressure is anything more than the placebo effect. I’m not worried for
myself, obviously. I’m worried for the people that get sucked into this
money making scam, which may or may not include people close to me at some
point in the future. How exactly have I “furthered my ignorance” by stating
everything this video says about the mind is wrong?

Trè SwilkS says:

A closed mind is a closed book.

2009rogera says:

Also, the word you wanted was “attribute” not “contribute”; you can’t
contribute your success to someone. Unless you’re referring to their money
(xD). I won’t call you a lunatic (as you called me, inappropriately and Ad
hominem) mostly because you can string a sentence together. But, I will say
that your belief in this is delusional, and you should really have a go at
reading some scientific articles once in a while, instead of following self
help movements like a cult.

bluebird1422 says:

what a funny gayman 🙂

Farrell Rose says:

@dalefantom silva method uses scientific principles of brainwave function
to aid the user…what are you talking about?

cesarvidalcorria says:

Another video for ignorants.

night blaze says:

well i did silva method in 2000, well then i used it to get rid of migrane
attacks and little bit of depression. i cured my migrane attacks. became
the jolliest guy alive, almost like a stand up comedian. i am so jolly /
happy that i now have to act depressed to be normal lol. o one bit
advantage of silva method, even if you do not aim to achieve this you will
get it definately which is very very very good memory and problem solving
mind. well it happened to me.

2009rogera says:

“What if I told you, a few simple tricks…” *mute* STFU, I hate being
filled to the brim with this parapsychological BS

David Stordal says:

@matafuckas This energy literaly exists within everything, and since humans
are conscious of everything around us and the complexity and scale and so
on, the more understanding you are and believing you are, the more you can
manipulate. i can manipulate the wind, i can manipulate electricity, and i
can move small objects with the power of my mind. this is due to this
energy, and this energy is everywhere, in all dimensions. what does that
make it? it is god.

killyrboyfriend says:

The British guy at the beginning is hot but he looks like he is acting in a
Saturday Night Live skit.

2009rogera says:

Actually, the people who made this ad did get payed for it. Acupuncture
works just as well as poking someone with a stick and telling them they’re
getting treatment. People have actually capitalized on this calling it
“acupressure”. This hasn’t given me any information as to how it works, it
has only presented parapsychological crap. everything this ad says about
the mind is wrong. I am not the one with burden of proof here, the people
selling it to you are.

69GamerChannel says:

Nice personality

RonaldBarone says:

@matafuckas oooh ohh ohhh… I can see a bipolar 😉

mrPregabalin says:

It works trust me, The points you have made are quite true and this is a
perfect example of pseudoscience, however many people (including me when I
was a teen)found these techniques quite beneficial. The stronger you
believe in something the stronger is the placebo effect. We all know that.
What we dont know is “how deep goes rabbit hole” when it comes to the
brains capabilities. ( I am not referring to the 10% myth). For example the
fact that by training your working memory you can increase IQ

pimpnprofits says:

someone remove that damn mole!

Marilyn Carter says:

simple practice, amazing personal results.

tammy alenduff says:

Scam which contradicts what current science knows about the brain? And you
know this how? There is much more that science doesn’t know about the
brain, than what they do know. Try doing a bit more research yourself. You
don’t believe in this type of thing, that’s fine. But please don’t be
arrogant and try say ‘this type of thing’ is delusional and doesn’t work.
You clearly are even unwilling to give it a try. Pity.

xileflien says:

The title of the Video is called (Silva Method “What If?” Video).

Abdul Rehman says:

At is a methodology in which a man trying to convince himself to wards
positive approach at Concious level so that he/she can maximum enjoy their
lives .

Chris Kavanagh says:

OMG, you;re an IDIOT!!! Meditation is great, and so is the Silva Method.
Really 2 different things, both are excellent. So, here’s some advice for
you, grow up.

janicejanisjan says:

@TheArsanist88 he’s straight n pretty good lookin too

David Stordal says:

by your fantastic use of words, you seem very mature yourself. you dont
seem like you understand what im saying, heres some advice for you, try to
comprehend a post before you reply. the silvia method is great for people
who dont know where to start with simple meditation. the silva method is
the simplist of simple. meditation is great, but im sorry, the silva method
is just for incompitant people like yourself who prefer to be told what to
do in exchange for money. = pointless money grab

PowerWes says:

I like the Silva Method…. But that first story with the 3 guys seeing a
different experience is insulting…. Why is it that most spiritualists are
leftist arrogant/judgmental jerks? The cowboy sees a “good place to lose a
cow”–. and the “environmentalist” has something valuable to add…. That
is bullshit. The most stupid people in the world are almost always
enviro-leftist or some sort of starving artist leftist. Why didn’t the
“environmentalist” see “global warming” or some stupid shit?

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