The Silva Centering Exercise Meditation – Silva Method

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The world’s famous Silva Centering exercise practiced by over 1.5 million people. Click here to download it: Vishen Lakhiani, the founder…


pauliojr says:

No go. Guess my mind is shut 

Terri Heighington says:

stop talking aaagghhh lol

Stuart Brooks says:

Absolutely amazing! I’ve been practicing it for around 3 weeks and already
magical things are happening. Thank you… thank you… thank you!

Simple Smart Science says:

Do yourself a favor this morning and take 30 minutes to stop, listen, and
focus your amazing brain.

This is just terrific.

Have a wonderful day.

Alex Tamez says:

I felt my heart pumping really fast and that kept me from concentrating in
a lot of things :(

Lisa Winehouse says:

cool video i like it Method Silva

Matt DeWolfe says:

Does anyone have any advice for how level 3 can be easier?

Elisabeth Harström says:

Thanks! I participated in Silva mind Control in Sweden 20 years ago with
Duddu Sturzenbecker. I still use it daily and it is really useful.

MrSharperimage10 says:

This exercise was excellent. When I got finished listening the mediation I
felt very awake and ready to keep going. The color seem to be very bright,
my vision is crisp, my brain feels like it has expanded and wants to keep
learning more and more. It is just a great audio. Thanks!

Kristen acea says:

I usually dont comment on videos.. but this is one good video which has
forced me share me experience… This is amazing.. this is one holy peace..
I thank you for keeping such videos for free.. God Bless.. Great Job!!

Thing says:

I love it , it totally wipes the floor with what a jack ass life is…it’s
like happy pills but without the need for a prescription and takeing crap
that fu**s up your body

Freedomtoascend says:

Thank you for sharing. I had a beautiful experience that I can tell I got

Lovemoodart Redwood says:

Hi there, with everything I have been through, been in tune to my inner
guides, this is just one of many uplifting life changing circles I found.I
give thanks for The Silva Method. :)

Satish Talim says:

‎** Anyone here has had success with the Silva Method? **

The Centering exercise is the heart of The Silva Method – which many people
vouch to be one of the most popular personal development courses in the
world. Over 1.5 million people have already downloaded this exercise. Now,
it’s available on Youtube for free. To download it, click and sign up here

Thing says:

Talking untill 4.30 for all those seasoned meditators who don’t need to
listen to the pitch ! 

Azaman Muhammad says:

centering exercise

jnxmaster says:

For me personally I can get to the desired mind-body state much faster and
deeper without a guided meditation. I think it’s much more effective to
create your own methods and tactics with meditation as opposed to following
others. Our brains work in such different ways. However I can understand
that a guided meditation can be good for those who just want to try
meditation out or isn’t as interested/experienced.

DaBaddestDime91 says:

Just got through doin this meditation and I LOVE it!

Rawvegan Grandma says:

I was in a huge trance while doing this when at about 1/2 way into it my
whole body VIOLENTLY convulsed & it scared the crap out of me. What in the
hell was that? Needless to say, I was immediately out of the trance, but I
do have to say that prior to the convulsion, I was the most relaxed than I
have ever been, and I’ve done lots of yoga and relaxation/meditation.

N8ZU says:

Laura Silva does a great job doing this meditation I have to give her
credit for this meditation

Claudia Maria Malnati says:


Ahsan Ali Badshah says:

Hello, I attended 3 days workshop of Silva Basic Lecture Series. my
intuition is not enhanced and no change has been there. I invested alot of
money :(. At last day of case working, I could not have ESP experience. I
did not see anything. Could you explain this? I am trying to enter alpha
since 3 months but i got no results. I have original certificate issued, I
live in London, England. Could you help me so that I get positive reults
and then i could ask my family members to attend this workshop

E Smith says:

I felt a little claustrophobic when I was told to focus my awareness on my
forehead. I really want this to work for me, but I feel none of the
sensations they say I should be having.

Cizo Thomas says:

Love this, i feel amazing

Goatie Odus says:

Blessings & Peace!

Bohemian Wrecks says:

If you are having a hard time doing this well, do some happy-weed and then
do it. It should really work well. After getting “there” do a chakra
clearing exercise-in Alpha. It is bomb! Practice until you can slip deeper
into Theta, that is where you can create your life as you desire.
Blessings, I love this stuff

julie paul says:

This is the one

Jel Horvatich says:

Thank you for this gift. 🙂

Don Pinge says:

you are “drawn” to the realm of energy, to finding understanding, learning
the use and experience of it…as I am. I’m no master, but…I believe. I
am a very logical, left brained person, yet, I beleive, and I continue my
search, study, and practice, as time and money permits. It is important to
understand that we, as pieces of a much larger whole, with individual
awareness and attributes, will resonate with different disciplines, and we
must find what works for us, through continued searching.

Netsky Nety says:

was fast

Andre Labbe says:


penallipy says:

I’m 15 and I hope this can help me in my life journey to come.

klyser10 says:

Hey guys, about third part, countdown lets say from 100 to 1. How do you
count, as you exhale or until you can clearly imagine that number?

shizmoney78 says:

Great job guys im following every video.

Knallknallknallknall says:

… “Your 5 senses”!! Grah! It’s wrong! We have more than 5 senses! Ok…
Obnoxious fact-spewing-need has been satisfied.

eugen stillzz says:

I have been to heaven and back!!

David Bermudez says:

I’m a novice on this method I’ve done other methods without a guide. What I
did is just calmed my spirit, relaxed my body and released all the stress,
tensions, concerns and worries. Hope this one works better I’ll let you all
know and write a log on the exercise.

medryl says:

WOW!!! my whole body was tingling and moving felt cold then some heat all
around my body this is mindblowing

OGPlaylist2012 says:

The audio cannot b used as an exercise as it’s disruptive with the

Arthur Edwards El says:

All we know is that it works for all of our associates.

Don Pinge says:

Don’t base your decision to continue in this field on the approval of
others. Most of the world live their lives at the mercy of other’s opinions
and incorrect teachings. Look at their lives, see that they are not really
happy at deep levels, or successful at anything meaningful. There is much
more to see in their lives to show you they don’t really know which way to
go. Continue, be patient, don’t share with them until you build your own
good results and confidence, then share. It takes time.

Ty Davis says:


Jayne Hasselroth says:

Enjoyed this meditation very much.

wellnesspays says:

Thanks for sharing

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