The Sedona Method Introduction

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An Introduction to The Sedona Method with Hale Dwoskin, Jack Canfield, Bill Harris, James Ray and others.


Linda Pander says:

This will change your life it did and is mine!!! :D

Naeem Ahmad says:

The Sedona Method
The Sedona Method Introduction‎

Learning to just let go… 

alesrb says:

@AllBetterFinally First of all, when you answer the questions, give
yourself time for the answer to come to you, let your higher self answer.
Then, give yourself the possibility to answer “No” to the question “Can I
let it go?” Sedona method doesn’t give this option, I have found this
through Burt Harding, he answers questions for free and is an Advaita
teacher, find him here. If the answer is “No”, ask yourself this :
(continued in the next coment)

Dragan572 says:

who is lester

cityofdreams95 says:

lol good perspective

Joe Rodriguez says:

@cunnidvd Buy it, my friend, it will be the best decision in your life you
ever made. It works.

AllBetterFinally says:

…because I wasn’t answering the questions ‘HONESTLY’. So tonight I
finally realize my honest answer to the “when?” question has always been…
“When I get to the Station, THAT’s when.” And so I don’t “let-go” of
ANYTHING. And my idea of “the Station” has always been “WHEN I GET my
goal… THAT’s when I’ll “let-go”… and guess what? TWO years of waiting
to get to The Station and I’m STILL not at The Station… Maybe I’ve
actually BEEN at The Station the whole time… cont. nex post…

alacas69 says:

The emotional well being of the patient is of vital importance in all
healing and in this the Sedona Method has shown measurable results.
Essentially a ‘good’ physician sets up the best conditions for the body to
heal; the reduction of stress, anxiety and depression has been shown to
have a positive effect on the immune system and health. It is important not
to ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’. Having a positive mood is
beneficial and the Sedona Method is a good tool.

Claude Lebel says:

I was also a fan of Byron Katie many years ago but now I also go with a
more staightforward approach. I noticed that you have the guided meditation
by Steven W. on your channel. Interesting, since I was thinking of
recommending it to you. I also spent time with Mooji in Tiru a couple of
years ago. All in all, it seems we have many of the same inspirations. Take

nigel lewis says:

This method works say what you want it works, very well and very quickly.

FilmInMusic says:

let it go

sassy8delicious says:

Anything that Bill Harris is validating means loads of mail, emails that
you have to block and as for any help should you come up against anything
wait for it…… the answer is ( and always be ) “You are in Resistance!”
So shove it guys… Using a catch cry to get people to keep putting money
where your mouth is and then receiving the stock answer of “You are in
Resistance” is so bloody unhelpful. So take it from me ….. I let YOU
go!!! I love my life.. it is the BEST!

crazymanthomas1654 says:

I’m sorry but the noise of all those pens hitting the ground made me
laugh!!! asides from that this os amazing!

Claude Lebel says:

Pretty well every conscious teacher says the same. Suffering is optional.
Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie had ovenight releases from the sense of
separation, the number one drama on planet earth. It is a needless drama in
the sense that the sense of separation is illusory, simply a thought
believed in and acted out in countless ways.

Dragan572 says:

Thank you for the long reply. I am assuming then, to do this method one
needs to mediate only? Sorry, I was a little confused.

HS74AB9 says:

go away you piss-ant.

RoxettePaint says:

Ive heard and read a lot of Lester and he makes the most bold statements
Ive ever heard of any teacher or master. There is an incredible story I
read of him in which he went from total misery to freedom in only 3 months
time, I have used and continue using this method described in that story.
He says that we too can go free in a few months if our will would be strong
enough, yet I havent heard of anyone else who has accomplished this feat.

soloman81 says:

Many problems we have are due to a an irrational negativity, sure. It’s
important to move past those hang ups in life. But trading a negative
irrationality, for a positive irrationality (i.e., the idea that releasing
fear cures tonsilitis), is still embracing an irrational world view. It’s

AllBetterFinally says:

#2- I just realized tonight, my REAL and HONEST answer to the third
question of “When?” is “When I GET to the fucking Station!!! THAT’S when!!”
and guess what? There IS no Station. Life is the journey itself. We all
think there’s “a Station” we’re going to get to… and it’s an illusion; a
lie we tell ourselves. THERE IS NO STATION! … I’ve been caught up
thinking I SHOULD answer the “When?” question with “Now”, and then I’d get
MORE frustrated, because I wasn’t being…cont. next post…

RoxettePaint says:

The further ‘up’ we go the more bliss we can experience in meditation but
even that bliss we have to be detached from and see what is beyond even
that, basically what remains without thoughts/memorys/concepts/experience?
We as a human race are so brainwashed that we think our concepts are the
reality, completlely overlooking that they are concepts! This really is
insanity. Continued…

Robert Edwards says:

God help anyone who can believe this rubbish.

Blake T says:

Yes, its not the events themselves that cause us to feel negative emotions,
its the resistance to the events. So when you release your negative
emotioms you have already solved the problem, but as a bonus you can see
more clearly to move to the outcome you would prefer.

Amifar80 says:

This is an incredible technique. I have had extreme mood swings my whole
life and my body hurt all the time. My head felt so heavy. I have tried
every single supplement out there and nothing was working for me. I decided
I had enough and was about to see a psychiatrist, until I cam across this
method. I tried it for one day, but thought there is no way that it could
work and it was all just pseudo crap.

samborub says:

@wowzersmikie proof?

Noreason1907s says:

Why call it the SEDONA method. Sedona is an incredibly boring town full of
old people and hippies.

samborub says:

everyone realises after a while, the sedona method doesn’t work

RoxettePaint says:

Nice hearing from you 🙂

RoxettePaint says:

@cunnidvd you can read Lesters Autobiography it will tell you everything
you need to know and you wont need to spend a single penny thereafter, in
fact I suggest not even wasting your money on any of these courses they
dont tell you anything new once you read Lesters Story you will have
everything you need to go free.

John Kirchknopf says:

I see a lot of people saying that Sedona/ Release Technique are a placebo.
Placebo refers to fake or dummy, as in sugar pills. This technique is far
from that and it simply does not apply in any way, shape or form.. I know
of no therapy/technique that has as deep, profound and lasting an effect.

David Ekstrom says:

@typky omg, I have a terrible fear of heights, if I even think of looking
out at say 100 stories, I get the same feeling that I would probably get if
I were really at that height, lol For some reason I get the feeling like
I’m going to just like jump off, or get pushed off, or trip, or whatever it
may be, lol

JazzyKat2009 says:

I would like to try this method. I like the idea of the woman in the video
not caring that another woman is loving her husband. I have been in a
similar position and am now trying to get rid of it. I hope this method can
work for me as well. I feel that the idea of him and another woman hurts so
much because i lack love of myself. If I truly loved myself, it would not
bother me. I think.


It could also be that the natural course of emotion took each of these
people, and the simultaneous occurences of them being happier in their life
would have happened anyway. Their reading of the sedona method was not the
cause at all. Just coincidence.

phlegmuffin says:

A friend of mine made me borrow and read a book on the Sedona Method. I
believe it was titled, “Happiness is Free”… Not to offend any of you
fans, but I had never laughed so hard in my life. It boggles my mind how
popular this is. At the same time, I’m not surprised. It’s a miracle cure
that’s as simple as dropping a pen. Letting it go! Nonsense! And why should
we want to be free and rid ourselves of our emotions? I want those
emotions. Fear, grief, anger, sadness. This is what makes us human!

cybersphere says:

Placebo, whatever. I know this has worked for other people.

Raypat1965 says:

The Sedona Method = sucking up stupid peoples’ money. What a load of

anxietyawaynow says:

Just stopped by, nice vid’s

superprotege says:

cool, great n awesome . what more can i say ? …abundancemanifesting . com

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