The Secrets Of Vibration 528hz) Hidden truths of sound! Law Of Attraction Part 1

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Do you know that the universe vibrates and so do you, even grass vibrates at 528hz, so what does that mean for you, well check out the video and be amazed fo…


Haxxor Soniq says:

Had to stop at 2:48 – blade of grass ‘Intelligently Designed’…. I can see
where this is going;
I expect he’s going to make some outlandish claims about ‘scientifically
proving’ something using the bible and jesus, right?
I suppose that if I investigate this so-called ‘science’, then it’ll just
be the usual nonsense bull-shit you expect to hear from creationists and
muslims, desperately abusing science in an attempt to add credibility, to
sell a book or something…

Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Michele P says:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy,
frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

Paris Shane Greer says:

At this moment in my music studies, I would be more concerned with the
tempered western system than the fact that 440 is standard tuning. It is
not true to the harmonic law. For a reason though. So that one instrument
can play in multiple keys. For example. A true major 3rd. is a bit lower
than in the tempered system. If you have a stringed instrument then explore
the harmonics. Not just the louder, and obvious ones, but the subtle and
quiet ones as well. Wherever you place your finger. There will be a
harmonic. They will vary in decible level. These harmonics will remain when
the string is played. Actually many frequencies are sounding when a note is
played or sung. Explore this with a tuner or your ear. You will find the
western tempered system is intentionally, slightly off. As far as tuning
goes, I would reccommend tuning to the sound happening around you. i.e.
crickets and birds. As for love. It is more about how we treat one another,
rather than a frequency. Play all the 528hz you want, but without patience
and kindness it will be futile.

TruAnRksT says:

Wow 528 is dead in the center of the human hearing range so if grass is
vibrating then any field of grass would be deafening. Done here.


I love Jesus!

a gypsyranger says:

The Secrets Of Vibration 528hz) Hidden truths o…:

Lee Duffield says:

On my spiritual growth I have found this talk on this subject to be very
I like to listen to the different angles and views
I appreciate different learning aids that we are lucky to have in our tool
kit for our growth
I feel it really important not be afraid to seek answers as I do on my quest
I have been practicing Reiki for 4 years now
Thank You
In love and light

Aiscit Oniurop says:

The Secrets Of Vibration 528hz) Hidden truths o…:

Tim Howe says:

This is a direct quote from this video:
“How is 528 tied into the golden ratio, the Fibonacci sequence?”

“You have 5280 feet in a measured mile. You wouldn’t have that without

Ricardo Granja says:

I’m, sorry.And I do not mean any disrespect as I can seen there has been a
lot of work put into this. But what is the point? I’ve written and deleted
several times now.
OK, as he suggests, let’s all go AAHHHHH ad infinitum, and ???? Please help.
This makes for a feeling of despondency that borders on the dejection my
dog portrays when he is made to leave the cat in peace.
OK. the dissonance created when the dog wants to taste the cat, because
that’s all he wants to do, juste taste. But you think the cat will
co-operate? Yeah, right.
Which makes about as much sense, and has about as much practical use, as
all this that I’ve just heard.
Once again, to what avail. And is this only for the more affluent in
society? As of one thing I’m certain. A man with a family to feed, rest
assured, would have little or no time to sit around going AAAHHHHHHHHH..
Maybe it should be GGGAAAHHHHH GGGAAAHHHH from a child’s perspective? And
what would Mommy say? ^%$$£”%^**^%$£ and *&%£”£$^&**^%$!!!!! Finishing up
with “useless git”. 

Sebastian Jacobsson says:

I wish that science and religion could study the world and universe apart..
something like 70-80% of the population is religious in some way so people
who believe in the science is a big minority. you need to understand that.
It’s hard to believe in science when almost every “scientific” video on
youtube that use math and frequency to try and see a pattern in wich all is
connected in some way without the whole thing turning in to a meaningless
argument about religion. Respect others opinion. I honestly want a *non
religious scientific study on these things* Just as i have a mute button
on my music player.. I want one for a religion. I am sorry if this seems
harsh but understand that literally every video on ancient science,
frequency, conspiracy, holographic universe in some way brings up the
bible. For me that is not freedom to think for myself.. have a nice day

Kevin Colt says:

This vibration is so strong that even if you act in a certain way, say out
loud certain things and/or do some stuff but you feel different inside of
you, the universe and people around you will perceive and understand what
you feel and not what you just said or did.
Thats why many times you say people dont understand you,.. they do
understand you but you are trying to look like something different which
you are not on that moment.

Itchy Dupa says:

Ok…. I listened to the first 18 minutes and I took all I can stands and I
can’t stands no more, so I need to ask the most obvious and important
question this video begs to offer… Does this mean that the all powerful
and mighty mythical weapon ever to exist in all of time and space is
actually possible?? I speak of *The Brown Note*!!?!?!

Thinking Aloud says:

1984 movie “Dune”, starring Kyle Maclachlan, features the notion of
harnessing the power of sound as a weapon…if Hollywood knew this back
then, we can only imagine what the military can do with sound technology

James Reynolds says:

The Secrets Of Vibration 528hz) Hidden truths of sound! Law Of Attrac…:

Mrgruffy44 says:

I’ve had some spiritual feelings when listening to some classical pieces.
The “Adagio for Strings” by Samuel Barber and and Bach’s ” Air on the G
String” both move me deeply into a sense of sorrow, even bringing tears to
my eyes. Why would that happen? I have the same feelings when listening
to “The Rose” sung by Bette Midler.

Jennifer Jones says:

ok i believe that sound has power in word, vibration, etc… but doesn’t
the act of speaking require air… so uh im confused as to how speaking
came into play in the “beginning”?
man is imposing their abilities upon a creator that has nor had no need for
speech… no need to understand it really or expand on the subject from the
beginning or from the perspective of religion or God… we are just to
accept that vibration/sound is the tool in which all life is manipulated…

rickfaw says:

I have experimented greatly with tones. I from a young age found I could
change the pitch of my flatulence,(farts),and I matched my farts to guitar
chords and found I have a 3 octave range. From there I started moving
plates on the table. Then I accidentally deafened my neighbors dog. After
that I stayed in the more bassier tones. This is risky if you have loose
stool. As this dude teaches you have to also use your voice with the hah,or
ah,,ahhhhh. Depending on the pressure relieved from the lower bowel. I like
to moan an almost orgasmic sound and then stress is taken even lower
working wholelisticly throughout the whole body,,hole and all. One must use
rationale to know when to strain and when to just do the squeeze and clench
method. I once opened every door in my house with each lock unlocking
themselves with no keys present. I think it was about a F#,(sharp). 

Jihad Bunnydick says:

Science is the intelligence of God.

Hilary Smith says:

*When you get your mind out of the way, you become conscious of something
you were not conscious before. You become conscious of something beyond the
mind. You can make contact with the universal mind of life. **Start by
reading “The Present” at TruthContest♥Com*

Karen Speak says:

The Secrets Of Vibration 528hz) Hidden truths o…:

Antony Debling says:

Amazing video, what he is saying here is life changing for everyone!



gregory johns says:

natural health is not an alternative and holistic is not Wholistic,,,,,wake
up and stop using the words you are bated into using Chiropractic,
Naturopathic and other care using nature are PRIMARY HEALTH CARE as taught
by the Father of Medicine Hippocrates, “modern medicine” is a
bastardization and their schools teach burning, cutting and poisoning which
is the alternative that puts many who use it in a hole so it is holistic

Vishnave Maharaja says:

The 5th note of Krishna’s flute…. is what they are trying to describe;
and only Srimati Radharani, can play the sixth note. Just vibrate:
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

Chris McCusker says:

Biggest load of crap I’ve heard…..

Ryan Fiske says:

Healing with Light and Love 528hz frequency … Heal your mind body and

John W says:

I have listened to this 5 times. Can someone explain why I still think this
is absolutely crazy quixotic and specious?

CJLozi123 says:

Haxxor, you had to stop at 2:48? I totally agree with you about crazy
claims & all the nonsense…. However how do you learn anything being so
closed minded? ? How can you criticize or comment when you have Zero idea
what the other person is saying?
“Hard Core Skeptics” & “Crazy True Believers” are more alike than they
would like to admit. Both believe their arguments & side is so correct,
they will not listen to the other side.
True, real science comes from not understanding something then pursuing &
finding the CORRECT answer, no matter where it takes you.
To have a real & credible opinion, you need to be educated.
Being educated means learning as much as you can on a topic. Learning also
means hearing ALL sides & being intelligent enough to discern nonsense from
Your comment would be much more credible, had you listened to all these men
had to say, then spouted you opinion.
Once again… I agree with what you said….However by hearing 1/10 of the
conversation, you lose ability to criticize, because you are speaking out
of ignorance. 

Just Want Peace and Love to be the New Religion.................... says:

Secrets of Vibrations based on Tesla’s finings…….

Meme A. says:

Very interesting. God made our seen & unseen worlds so fascinating.

luis godinez says:

Waaaaow, What a bunch of bull$hit. hahahaha

Arthur Remington says:

When Horowitz said “electrons” beaming from the sun when he clearly should
have said “photons” he pretty much blew it totally in the credibility

John Walker says:

I’d definitely consider myself a spiritual person. I do know for sure that
enlightenment, self-knowledge, inner peace, contentment and profound
knowledge of Creation’s Purpose come from within, and not from without. I
also know that conventional religions and traditions such as Christianity,
Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism etc might give us rare glimpses of
the truth of Life, but their original spiritual purposes are today lost
and drowned by a very loud din of traditions, ceremonies, axiomatic beliefs
and dogma – no question about it. I’m not a traditional person and I don’t
follow any religion or religious tradition – never have and never will.

I’m a seeker of truth, and spirituality is simply a matter
of self-expression and self-knowledge. That’s spirituality at its very
core. Since we are a part of the Creation, it means that the deeper, more
profound questions concerning our existence, are automatically weaved into
our souls and our understanding of ourselves. So self-knowledge and
self-expression are the keys to all spirituality. This is where I agree
100% with all or at least most spiritual people.

However, silencing the truth and turning a blind eye to world affairs is
not in congruence with spirituality. If people TRULY are spiritual, then
they should apply a truthful and equal standard to everyone. I’m afraid Mr
Horowitz doesn’t do that. Spirituality has to start with speaking the
truth. It’s not about judging people or deeming some people to better than
others – its about admitting that every human being is equal before The
Universe/God and that every human being must be held responsible for their
actions. Mr Horowitz’s claims are actually, wilfully or not, political and
ideological as well – despite that his claims that his statements are made
purely from a spiritual point of view. They aren’t.

Mr Horowitz’s claims about spirituality ring false with his hatred of
Israel and his blindness to the reality of Islam. It’s not a figment of the
Americans’ imagination that the tiny country of Israel is fighting for its
right to exist in an ocean of Arab and Moslem medieval racism and hatred of
the Jewish nation. History and the present clearly show that hundreds of
millions of Moslems ARE threatening Israel and the Jewish nation with
genocide, and no amount of whitewash or denial can change that. This is NOT
a figment of anyone’s imagination – this is an observable FACT in the
physical universe.

Accepting that Jews or Israelis are EQUAL in every way possible to every
human being on this planet, and that they ARE the historical and native
population in the land of Israel, isn’t an ideological or political
statement – that’s a factual and moral statement. This is absolutely moral
and spiritual!

It’s strange that the Italians, the Greeks, the Spaniards, the Dutch, the
Swedes, the Poles, the Irish, the Germans, the Russians, the Arabs, the
Iranians, the Turks, the French, the Europeans, the Chinese, the Africans
and the Japanese, the Koreans and pretty much everyone else can have their
own nation states, but Jews cannot because Mr Horowitz deems Israel to be

So one cannot support Israel because Mr Horowitz deems this to be
“anti-spiritual”? So it’s anti-spiritual to support the Jewish nation and
their right to live and exist in their historical homeland, in which they
have lived for 4000 years, and it’s “anti-spiritual” to factually,
correctly and truthfully point out that hundreds of millions of Moslems are
threatening to destroy Israel and the Jewish people, but it’s all of the
sudden a natural and accepted fact that every other nation on this planet
can and should exist? This is not spirituality. This shows Mr Horowitz’s

So Mr Horowitz believes that supporting the Jews’ right to their own
country, located in their historical homeland, and denying Arabs, Moslems
and “Palestinians” the “right” to conquer and steal the homeland of the
Jewish people, and defending Israel against vicious anti-Semitic real
attacks, perpetrated by several Moslem countries, is all of the sudden
“paranoia” and “anti-spiritual”?

Yes, Israel IS being threatened by hundreds of millions of Arabs and
Moslems and Jews have been massacred, mutilated, raped, persecuted,
discriminated by Arabs and Moslems for centuries – this is a historical
fact. Read history books. Check the present Arab-Israeli conflict. Millions
of Arabs live in Israel – almost all Jews have been ethnically cleansed
from most Arab states. Why is Mr Horowitz denying this? Facts are
facts. The Arab and Moslem hatred of Jews and Israel goes on even today as
we speak, and YES Israel IS fighting for its existence. There is not a
single country out there except for Israel which has to fight for its right
to exist and explain its right to exist. The Arabs and the Moslems do
intend to destroy Israel and the Jews. Thank God, the Arabs and the Moslems
have failed with their genocidal plans.

USA supporting the tiny land of Israel is a moral and ethical thing to do –
its shows human kindness, generosity and friendship. Absolutely in
congruence with frequency 528.

It shows that USA doesn’t tolerate that major parts of the world (which
ISN’T in tune with spirituality), singles out one tribe and race of people
(the Jewish nation) and deems the Jewish people to be unfit or unworthy of
living on this planet and having a country of their own – their ancient and
historical Jewish homeland, where Jews have lived for the past 4000 years –
long before Western civilization, Arabs and Moslems even existed.

Arabs and Moslems claiming and conquering the ancient homeland of the
Jewish people, and suppressing the national freedom of other non-Arabs and
non-Moslems across the Middle East isn’t exactly moral or ethical. Why
should this truth be suppressed?

Why should the ugly face of Islam be suppressed and denied? Who is
committing most if not all acts of terrorism across the globe? Why should
this be suppressed and denied in the name of spirituality?

Why should it be suppressed and denied, in the name of spirituality, that
Islam, based on the Al Koran – Islam’s “sacred” book, is a political mass
movement cloaked as a religion, advocating world wide conquest, mass murder
and genocide on Jews, Christians, non-Moslems, non-believers and atheists –
and discrimination of women? There is no difference between Islam, Nazism,
Fascism and Communism. The only reason why Islam is tolerated in the West,
in Israel, in Russia, in China, in India and elsewhere, is because it is
deemed to be a “religion”, and Moslems refer to their right of religious
practice. If the Moslems and Islam had the direct opposite intentions, and
treated the Jews and Israel with love and tolerance – as the 528 frequency
suggests – there wouldn’t be any problem between Jews and Moslems. It’s
that simple!

If Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, the Turkish/Ottoman empire, the Spanish
empire, the Portuguese empire, the Dutch empire, the Belgian empire, the
British empire and the ancient Roman, Greek and Persian empires all could
be held responsible either by histiorians or their adversaries, for their
actions, why can’t Islam and Moslems be held responsible for their actions?

Is Mr Horowitz’s definition of spirituality granting all tribes and races a
country of their own except for the Jews, and turning a blind eye to Islam,
which in fact isn’t very different from Nazism, Fascism and Communism?

Spirituality must start from speaking the truth – not suppressing, denying
or whitewashing it or applying double standards against the Jewish people.
Jews and Israel are a part of the Creation of Unconditional Love as well!

Praise Yahuwah says:

Around the 19 minute mark into this very thought provoking video, Dr.
Horowitz, if I spelled that wrong I apologize in advance, declared our
Saviors Name as Yeshua… yet we are realizing from 528hz that it was
declared earlier that the frequency of life is Yaaaaa and aHHHHHH that is
in the frequency of 528hz… hence… His Name while on earth is (Ya)HuW
and then given The Name Above All Names (Ya)uW(aH)… in keeping with the
frequency of life @ 528hz. Thank you for this very very thought provoking

LLynne Switzer says:

Do you know that the universe vibrates and so do you, even grass vibrates
at 528hz, so what does that mean for you, well check out the video and be

BillionaireEmpire says:

It is not possible that God/Love is on a lower frequency than Satan. 528 is
clearly lower than 741. That makes no sense. ChristIsKing!

zysis . says:

444*528= 234432 …a very interesting result, as above, so below? also
noticing that 33 put into 528… 2+3=5+3=8 interesting…

frank sze says:

I see where this is leading to; using modern science – quantum mechanics,
string theory, big bang, fabric of universe… as a proof of the existence
of God, Juses and Bible. Good try!

Joel Mara says:

it disgusts me when Christians hijack information and twist it to their own

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