The Secret:Positive Thinking & Bring abundance to your life!

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Law of Attraction Guide Ebook- a step by step on how to apply the law


Md Parves Chy says:

hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about attract abundance
affirmations try Tarbetti Amazing Attraction Tutor(do a google search ) ?
Ive heard some incredible things about it and my colleague got amazing
results with it.

Els Leppens says:
DEVONYEA100™ says:

if only it were that simple, but good vid anyways

TheTheultimatelover says:

@LabRat6619 Maybe the other people commenting here can help you out…

u2hubbard says:

I’ve done my part. I’ve never been in trouble with the law, got a college
degree and moved away from the lower class area I was born into. Why do I
still struggle to come by money when I’ve done my part. And I’ve ran across
plenty of Black people like me. Still signing the same songs of racial
frustration, and still struggling to find prosperity. I may sound racist
but I was told to let it out hear. How can I have White friends and child
with a White woman and feel this way.

liventhetruth says:

@u2hubbard In all of your comments I noticed you referring to your race as
a major factor in the negative parts of your life. Only you can cause you
to be “filled with negative energy”. If you feel proud of your race, then
act proud and if you notice others who are attempting to make you feel
negatively about your race, view them as a reflection of your PAST
insecurities and focus on feeling positive about yourself. Focus on what
you WANT / try to eliminate your view of a racist white society

Rachmat Haekal says:

really great video..!!

Marwa Farouk says:

I feel inspired already..:) thx 4 sharing

tom6612 says:

@bansha34 — Thanks Bro. But you know that leading a horse to water does
not always guarantee they will drink. Still your effort has value. It helps
to remember that america is a lost country that has become highly dependent
on delusional thinking. It’s not surprising that it would produce ill
informed people. By the way the Aeschylus quote was Bobby Kennedys favorite
after his brother was assassinated.

timmlive says:

That’s why I stopped wathing tv. It doesn’t have enought of this stuff.
namaste♥ to everyone. Timm from Belgium

Marina Malik says:

That was very powerful and uplifting. I loved it.

wildbill6410 says:

@Bernard20108 Yet amazingly, the world’s wealthiest philanthropists such as
Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are atheists.

Greg Felt says:

I like the concepts and the pictures. Programs like this are needed around
the world to help us to find happiness in our whole life. I am with a club
that teaches a plan that helps you to apply these concepts.

td fisk says:

I expect to see a lot more of this kind of thing. The best way to control
the minds of people is to get them to focus on themselves creating an
egocentric fantasy world. The problem here is that reality travels at the
speed of light and will inevitably smack you right upside your head. We are
headed straight for the Second American Revolution and it will affect the
whole world. Thomas

Cortney Budney says:

Law of Attraction is very powerful stuff. We manifest our reality through
our thoughts. Pretty awesome. 🙂

BabylonsKing says:

This was absolutely Beautiful, thanks for posting.

jayboy12398 says:

thank you

yeepi says:

its to selfish for me i love to live so i can live for others make them
happy thats my thrill in life

yar1950 says:

I would love to be a positive person but all you are doing in this clip is
blotting out all the crap in the world from your mind. If we all did that
who would help or care for those that are suffering or need help ?

dreamstar14 says:

The law of Attraction does exist, but positive thinking isnt the answer to
living an extordinary life. When you see yourself as nothing and undefined,
that is when you can create yourself. Positive thinking only hides the bad
that you really believe about yourself

Sofia Nw says:

I read the book and i also watched the movie and i have to say that this
has changed my life! Start thinking positive and you’ll see the difference!

mORGANICo says:

Fantastic! The secret werked for me, now im a successful artist (-;

tom6612 says:

@Flavorsful wrote — “is there something wrong with thinking positive?” God
the simplistic, superficial cliches you guys really seem to believe in. How
old are you ? Delusional thinking it is always wrong. In 2007 the head of
Lehman Bros real estate division told his boss that there could be bad
times ahead for the housing market. They fired him for not having a
positive attitude. A year later Lehman Brothers went bankrupt.

Johnbernard Fabro says:

@GeeseOz Not all positive thinking is beyond our own control it is the will
of God and for him to make everything before us became a reality. Positive
thinking alone will not work”…. positive thinking should be corporated
with Faith to God,…Humbleness before God…..Patient…enourmous willing
and purity of heart….Hardwork….and many more…………..To think
positive thinking will work without God intervention is very very

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