The secret to subconscious mind control #2

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The secret to subconscious mind control #2


TheBard SchoolofThought says:

That is brilliant! Thank you.

vineet vajpai says:


kkrocks02 says:

sir u told about this method its great no doubt about it ,but did oprah
followed such method or any other star,celebrity,or a business tycoon who
is at the top today,it might have come to them by themselves i don’t think
they needed such kind of course or such ,your technique is good but
charging for it seems a bit tricky thing,anyways u did a good job and i
praise u for it 🙂 (just a thought from my side) 

Nicholas Witter says:

Nah but this is fascinating to me

Sylvester Abror says:

Dear sir am Sylvester and I want to know how I can train my mind to
understand my engineering coarse am reading

Faith Factory says:

Dear Mr Petrie, how to tell the conscious mind to overcome binge eating and
food addiction.

Myk ul says:

i hope yall know you can google all information for free lol..

Chandan Balu says:

Hey, Rich. This whole stuff is brilliant. Driving me crazy.  Keep making
more videos on these things.

Antiklimaxx says:

You can also call this technique the “act as if” technique. If you find it
hard, then start small. You dont have to change the world in one week. “Act
as if” acctually works. I know, because I went through it personally. You
simply push yourselt to act as if you had the “balls” to do it. Ask
yourself. – How would I have done this if I didnt feel like I do right now?
And the act on it. Just do it. And as I said. Start small. Set up goals and
be sure they are reachable for you. Good luck 🙂

Richard Petrie says:

short cut’s make me PSIHOLOGICALY unstable? and you have the universe
worked out at 24 years old… wow

Iex97 says:

does dmt have anything to do with expnading conscious and sub-conscious
capacitys? or using the mind in some sort of beneficial or interesting way

Chris Kavanagh says:

“OPRAH” LOL, that’s hilarious! I have this same problem Richard, a hard
time visualizing things I want or don’t want in my life. It’s extremely
irritating, frustrating because I know what I have to do, I just cannot
visualize some things.

boiragirules says:

I know it is your profession. your lively hood. I don’t want you to suffer
with my all heart and mind, but help us how to generate or holding a
visualising pattern in the mind and generate feeling. As sub-conscious does
not seperate between what is real or imaginary and acts accordingly. How to
generate that passion or emotion for winning. I realise you are in business
and not in a charity, but can you help brokes (broken but not beaten) like
us in a very short video. Possible? Please…

Richard Petrie says:

Part 4 Now that little simple image work work for others maybe but who
cares, it does it for me. I feel good and that is my gauge. This is one
where you have to use your gut feel to guide you. Put logic to one side and
just ‘see’ stuff that makes you feel good. Hope this helps. I do a specific
template I use if you go to the mini training series.

Richard Petrie says:

i agree, but a good mindset allows us to take good action

Lars Hartmann says:

Richard I really like your videos and they way you present them. You are an
inspiring person, not only by the things you say – also your attitude makes
it easier to consume the lessons.

Gaffoish says:

You should know that shortcut’s can make you PSIHOLOGICALY unstable, this
thing what you teaching is written in holly quaran, jew’ish torra, you can
find it in buddism, hinduism etc but only if you know how to crack
metaphors, im not trying to say you are a bad person, you just might not
know what you really doing, because i know all this knowledge in right
position and i dont tend to have any material benefits from it, its a law
you know, and you should start thinkin why u break it

Richard Petrie says:

you can visualize anything. you just make it up. THATS ALL THATS REQUIRED.
Imagine a red giraffe. There you go. Imagine yourself riding on a red
giraffe. If you can imagine that then you can imagine anything… its easy
… just make it up in your head and watch it. Everyone needs to stop
thinking this is hard, you’ve brainwashed yourself. Its natural to do this
stuff. Call it ‘daydreaming’ if it makes you feel better. Can you day
dream? GREAT that is all it is. Problem solved. NOT DO IT 🙂

Richard Petrie says:

@Iex97 Bad news for you lex – you are never going to know everything, but
you probably know enough already to get results. Here’s an idea …use what
you have been given free first. I am going to put the dvds onto digital
format soon, so then I will be able to make them available at an even
better price than the 500 I dont smile about. In the meantime follow the
link below the video and there are some more strategies in your price

Richard Petrie says:

like I said I do know systems for removing emotional blockages, if you
email me we can discuss.

Richard Petrie says:

a degree in commerce. I did one psychology paper at university but it was
all theory and I wanted results, so I stopped. How to get into this field?
Help people get what they want. … better still help rich people get what
they want 🙂

Peter Udoka says:

u could do all this or just use emotinal freedom technique. eft. get
results faster.

Jethro Joshua says:

Thanks, but I was just correlating it with ‘CHI’ science. I know when it
comes to evidence based study, it is not a convincing one, but I have seen
and experienced ‘ CHI’ Power executions. First I thought it was just an
illusion or trick, but later I found it is real (anecdotal though).

Peter Udoka says:

@SuperHusan cause ur subconscious doesnt believe u. ur trying to act
controry to ur self image limitations. try eft tobremovevself imposed
limiitations. then use this exercise

boiragirules says:

Rich, I am 36, part qualified accountant (due to gfc, could not finish my
cpa) in syd, now no job, no money and about to lose my apartment and my
beloved cat. Worked massively hard for last 10 years. achived nothing. I
know the theory (maxwell maltz, nepolian hill, shakti gawin), but my
problem is I can’t find a role model like you described as Oprah, or can’t
hold a vision of me being a winner. I do not generate the emotion in me, I
find very emply hollow in my chest when visualising.

Richard Petrie says:

do you see him in your mind?

onetwofive varma says:

I think you should watch this: TWInc&list=UUmmZc4S7Z6ZKKDu_wdeeaQg

Bill Williams says:

What is LSD and where do you get it? I’ve tried to appeal to your sense of
reasoning and I’ve given you a good sense of doubt ,but I still don’t get
it.I have to give you credit for trying,I think you’re smart but you just
do not have it.May the force be with you .LOVE AND LIGHT iI AM

Iex97 says:

@Ilovevivianlmao same to u as i said to googlevideosrule but worse

mike hockbig says:

KIA ORA!’ Im in NZ too

andymaliandy says:

$100 to create duality in your mind and fuck your life up,its a steal!

Richard Petrie says:

visualize you love studying it and getting ‘A’s and able to retain info

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