The Secret To Subconscious Mind Control #1

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Secret To Subconscious Mind Control


Joseph Skues says:

Real and simple. Excellent discovery.

GharudaProductions says:

Need help visualizing dont spend money on ppl talking spend it on drugs 😀

Young Neil says:

Its cuz your being a fat ass. You need to work to get what you want.
Nothing is free in this world.

Richard Petrie says:

Lol. that’s good. I like that. Yes action ultimately gets results, the
right mindset generates action.

N Ross says:

Petrie? Very interesting name my friend.

kp2able says:

thanks,,for insight…………. cosmicBEstwishes

Ben Dover says:

Thank you, good man

Rajesh Shrestha says:

It’s been a while I was trying to control my subconscious mind with the
logic and reasons, but it didn’t work. Now I know that how to control my
subconscious mind. Thanks so much for this video.

Subconscious Way says:

Terrific vedio Its really as the way I use my symbols all the time … I
guess now Thank you

Richard Petrie says:

good for you

Dan Hammonds says:

So many people believe Law of Attraction works like magic, but in my
experience there is a logic to it… When you constantly envision your goal
in detail, your mind begins prioritize this train of thought. As a result,
your subconscious will throw out more ideas relating to that goal and ways
you can achieve it…as opposed to the random thoughts you get when you
have no focus or direction. It’s now upto you to pay attention, pursue and
develop these ideas and act on them.

48Ana48 says:

☆.☆.☆¨tank you! ☆¸.•°*”˜ƸӜƷ ~ Namaste

Jake DV says:

Thanks for uploading. I have had learning problems my whole life. I just
could´nt seem to store the information quick and efficient enough. This
clip will help me alot!!

Richard Petrie says:

I got a chart done did but it felt like cold reading. – but hey I am happy
to be wrong.

Fishpigg says:

yeah who do you work with?

sixahem says:

1 percent inspiration ,99 percent perspiration !!

Tadewing says:

Wonder how long it will take to create a rasengan. 🙂 Any ideas how the
shaolin monks use chi? By mixing images and emotions…. something?

RazieLbboy says:

please can you give me that web site for images what you say on the end of
video please ?

Richard Petrie says:

yes – emotional images program (replayed repetitiously programs our

Youd says:

Thank you! That was informative.

Korky Da Cat says:

I visualised finding a video that would give me the answer to all my
problems and it worked i got it … Thanks

Richard Petrie says:

‘ice berg’

Richard Petrie says:

yes thats what the scientists think.

Erin Liggins says:

My chocolate bar told me it was apart of the Illuminati.

kiomars Hadji says:

he knows what he is taking about.

Yilin Wang says:

I want to know how anti-mind reading works. It feels shit that everyone
around you know every moment of your thoughts before I decided what to say.
SUCKKKING mind reading thing!

Marr Mell says:

the best explanation ever. I do understand about ,subconscious mind, now
much better. Thank you for share the video

7thArrowofGod says:

Dont forget about beliefs. If you dont believe that you’ll achieve AND
maintain your goal. You’ll always impede your self.

elitemarts says:

who red the book named Law Of Felling ?

Richard Petrie says:

The ozzie accent is full of an ‘eeeeee’ pronouciations. Kiwis can sound a
little more like south africans.

chironapolonio says:

Great illustration and so very clear and practicable. Thanks.

Greg Skies says:

It’s true. Your subconscious cannot tell the difference from what is real
and what is not. A few times when I’m in the process of falling asleep but
still awake and I’m aware of what is happening around me. I began to have a
dream that I was falling and I would feel my hand and feet would react
automatically to brace for the fall. As if it was happening for real.

PRHILL9696 says:

So you are suppose to use visions of what you desire to have happen and
feel how badly you want that to be true? So if I need or want money or a
job, etc I see what I want in my mind and use emotions of how bad I need or
want what I am seeing to become true?

Richard Petrie says:

you don’t need to believe in any religion to use this stuff.

CosmosPrivateer says:

So that is how The Powers That Be jack with our minds. They use
images/pictures. Would you say that the subconscious part of our brain is
the old part before we had written language, logic and reason?

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