The Secret & The Law of Attraction by Wayne Dyer

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Peter Perfect says:

New Age mumbo jumbo. This charlatan is making a nice little earner from all
these gullible people!

Jasmine Helme says:

Low attraction it’s really works ! I change whole my life because of this
magic , I don’t know how it’s works but it’s work 

Debbe Decker says:

This is motivational speaking to accomplish worldly success. Do not
confuse it with spiritual enlightenment. He’s using spiritual truths to
teach worldly success NOT spiritual success or enlightenment. I don’t
think he realizes it either.
There IS a spiritual course when seeking enlightenment and further there is
also a path when one becomes enlightened.
“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto
Wayne Dyer I don’t think he realizes what is is is a Guru for the people
Whom’s Money is their God.
People seeking material wealth. that is what he has accomplished and that
is what he is teaching.
If he were REALLY enlightened, he would not live in the world of the world
as he has.
EXAMPLES are Jesus, Gandhi, Krishnamurti, Mother Teresa , Buddha, note what
each one did about worldly wealth, how they handled that aspect of OUR
He could have influenced people so many in such a wonderful lway but
instead teaches self enlightenment not spiritual , and he teaches material
wealth not spiritual wealth.
His own peace hasn’t come from Spiritual enlightenment or awareness, it has
come from seeking wealth and finding it, establishing it and maintaining it.
“as i walked the beaches of Haw and while all of my children are
millionaires” ” and I gave $5 to a homeless man”

Studying spiritual matters is a hobby for him. His main pursuit was wealth.
Knowing spiritual truths, explaining them and living in accordance with
them are 3 different things.
Using some spiritual truths to accomplish worldly success (and then teach
others to do this) is NOT a Spiritual Teacher, it is a Motivational
Speaker/Self Improvement.

It saddens me to see these 2 confused. Sad for Mr. Dyer himself because I
honestly don’t think he even realizes this. I bet that if he would have a
complete awakening, he ‘d have a lot of regrets, but instead he is attached
to the things of this world and he too lives in fear, once establishing
himself a millionaire he lives in the fear of losing that.

Then again if he really were teaching true Spirituality, I bet he would not
have this huge following. This huge following are people who want PERSONAL
happiness and worldly success.
Nothing wrong with that but people need to know this.

“The 3rd most spiritually influential person alive”
THAT IS SAD and dictates that he is a guide to those people whom’s God is
Surely, I will take the heat from the Dyer lovers.
I don’t think he has done this consciously though, I think he does it quite
unconsciously and he connects to the upper middle class who seeks peace
through material comfort.
As Jesus warned “it’s hard for the rich man to make it into heaven”

He’s been asked directly a few times about Giving to others, and gave some
lame answers about “you can’t be poor enough to make someone else less
poor”or some such shit. that’s right shit, later in life he spent a day
giving away money to the homeless and ssaid that it was the best he ever
felt in his life.
and he felt total love and peace doing so.
That was a clue
This society is selfish enough as it is and greedy and materialistic,
doesn’t need someone calling themselves spiritual teacher and teaching to
be moreso.
What about Charity Mr. Dyer? and what about Virtue?
He speaks seldom of each and doesn’t seem too keen on practicing charity
Look at the REAL spiritual gurus for how they dealt with material wealth.
Same ones he quotes by the way.
This upper class who pays $100 to listen to a speech could easily afford to
help the less fortunate and he is in a position to encourage that charity,
but instead he preaches self .

Solowizard says:

This Dr. Wayne Dyer is 100% correct. Prime Example comes to mind;
” I AM ………THE GREATEST ” – Muhammad Ali

Debbe Decker says:

He “leflt this pursuing of wealth” and achievement “it took me awhile”
Yeah, up until you are a multiple millionaire as are your 8 kids and I
haven’t seen much charity out of you either! esp in a world and time where
there is so much need, instead you hoard $$$$
Leaving the pursuit of wealth AFTER you;re a multiple millionaire ain’t
saying much! neither is claiming to be a peace for you have a peace
purchased with Material Comfort!
and I bet these people didn’t come for free to this speech did they? nor
are your books free now are they?
Come on Dyer!
Come Clean! You’ve sought material wealth and procured it !!! from SELLING
spiritual truths that you study as a hobby but do not practice!

snowmanwilly says:

“You are God” – I got goose bumps when he said that

Arman Hatamkhani says:

Yeah, because we don’t already have enough narcissists in society.

He Male says:

Don’t be dissuaded by the naysayers who are leaving negative comments.
Those people are the ones who will say in life “you can’t do that”, “how on
earth is that going to happen”. At first they’ll laugh, then they’ll ask
how you did it. The very belief of this is beneficial anyway, be a dreamer,
believe you deserve more. 

Debbe Decker says:

He certainly has lot of time to read doesn’t he?
Question: When is it ENOUGH? isn’t it the sign of a insecure person to keep
needing more and more and more? Sounds like someone’s trying to fill a
void. That void would be full if he realized the truth about Giving and
Love and God

CrazyLassi says:

Once I hung a poster with models designed in an Arabic and Indian “mood” on
my wall. At the same time we were looking for a holiday destination but we
had no idea where we wanted to go. I left this for my husband to decide. He
chose Dubai and indeed we were in Dubai after two weeks. It was just a
poster on a wall which had the same “air” like Dubai does. I hung it
because it was beautiful without intending it to create Dubai experience (I
didn’t even want to go to Dubai). And it was just two weeks. That made me
wonder about the easiness and fastness of “incidental creation”. That means
that one feeling is enough to manifest things. (I felt: ‘Wow, they are so
totally beautiful, they don’t deserve to be hidden inside the drawers, I
will stick them on my wall”) I understood that the posters where linked to
Dubai after I saw it and thought it had the same energy like those small
posters I hung.

SeekTheTruth10006 . says:

*We evolved and progressed more in the last ten thousand years than we did
in the previous seven-hundred million years. We have to become a new life
form to do it. ~~► Go to TruthContest◙Com and read “The Present” if you
want to know more about our true past and how to take the next step in
evolution and become a new life form again.*

Martha Jareno says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Joze Mohoric says:

sami nakladaci in laznivci tako kot miro župan diler in preprodajalec
belega blaga skratka dubre od dubreta in zdaj se prodaja kot da je bog

j mcmann says:

nothing new here..Rene Descartes said it long ago “je pense donc je suis”

sean Robia says:

what a great speaker and great person

joe d says:

this legend in his own mind likes to use the word YOU………how about
trying to be a professional and use WE.

Denise Fernandes says:

Wow, Wayne Dyer is totally amazing. With God all things are possible to
believe. But, why is there so much negative information now about John of
God coming from Australia. 60 Minutes aired a report that called his
‘treatments’ horrendous and barbaric. Someone is not telling the truth but

Duysters Rita says:

Thank you so much for remembering who I am ! And letting the magic into my
life ! Wish this for everybody!

Denis Barriault says:

I AM so greatful.

Angie Ryan says:

Mm mk. K mk m. Jjj. Ń j. Jnj”@@@””‘k km mkkkmkk mk m

Chic Équilibre says:

everybody should listen to this video…. i mean EVERYBODY:)

steve kosvic says:

No more books need to be written or read – no more phrases need to be sung
or said. All that is needed in order to grow is to practice what you
already know.

is timein says:

interesting comments…. each is a mirror to our own individual beliefs
(and world view) … sad and unnecessary are negative thoughts… and yet
each is a reminder, that the true place to be looking– is just into
ourselves, not judging others (ourselves).. all that we need is within us.
peace is, inescapably, within us, where judgment is absent. God does not
forgive…. because God never condemned. . . kind thoughts give hope..
inspiration. Give mutual remembering… so simply take what you like.. and
leave the rest….thank you. Peace to you all…

Mark Houde says:

Thanks Dr. Wayne Dyer for your videos! They are very inspirational,
powerful and full of usable truth. 2nd, they often bring me to my next
good book and higher level of thinking… “There is an enormous difference
between attention directed objectively and attention directed subjectively,
and the capacity to change your future depends on the latter” Neville 

Teachings of Abraham Hicks - Manifesting in the Vortex says:

We know this is true. You attract to you that which you are.

FearLoathingHolland says:

You gullible idiots will believe any pseudoscientific bullshit wrapped in a
nice jacket wont you?

Solowizard says:

I like the ending, but I need to change it to fit me; YOU CAN EITHER BE A

Theresia Riggs says:

Hi Wayne, NANA RIGGS here, and I want to tell you that I am a great fan of
yours, and I watch you on Oprah all the time. In fact, you and Oprah, have
both inspired me to undertake a new endeavor, as an author/ translator,
and re-teller, of Old German/ European Fairy-Tales and Folklore
Stories, written during the 1500s-1800s. After having had a
profound, near-death experience in 2011, at the age of 64, and being
bi-lingual, I developed a passion for re-telling of old fairy tales &
folklore with a moral to the story from which children can learn empathy
and kindness, as well as right from wrong. I believe that God can move
mountains. I was given my gift of “story-telling,” for a reason. P.S. I
love your famous saying: “Change your thoughts and change your life.”
Sincerely, Nana Riggs.. Nana I am also on Youtube: “Fairy Tales
with Nana Riggs.” Here’s hoping the law of attraction works for me. I would
love to see my stories in school libraries. All I need is an agent to help
in my cause.

Melissa Jujihara says:

Thank You for this… i really needed this beautiful program. Everytime I
have needed guidance, Dr Dyer has shown up in my life.. God Bless

Fred Jansen says:

allow me to share this inspiring video about the law of attraction by Wayne

#postivethinking #lawofattraction #waynedyer 

Bob Gilmour says:

Time to face and overcome the dark side of your mind ~~► go to
TruthContest◙com and read “The Present”.

John Flynn says:

allow me to share this inspiring video about the law of attraction by Wayne

#postivethinking #lawofattraction #waynedyer 

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