The Secret: Rhonda Byrne

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Close Rhonda Byrne is the producer of the hit-movie “the Secret”. When she started this project she was broke and down. By using the Secre…


Srđan Tubin says:

Yes, i believe the reason she wanted all of us to know the “secret” is for
us to be happy, not because she wanted it for herself…

freddie viera says:

@idheadam read the book and then u can talk all the shit u want.

jeemes202 says:

from the Power by Rhonda Byrne: “When you are feeling happy and you keep
feeling happy, then only happy people, circumstances and events can come
into your life.” More than 50 million people dying in the World War II must
have been really pesimists…

Johnny Cash says:

This is a scam.Think about it. I was given this book by a friend and all of
its basic teachings are taken from the bible just cleverly worded. Im not
the worlds greatest christian believe me I sometimes question myself but I
can even tell that she just cleverly reworded them.

prprincessgirl says:

this lady obviously does not know the secret and anybody who believes her
and this, i pray that god shows u the way before it’s to late.. Their is
only one secret and will always be the only one secret, and i wont even
charge u to tell it, that is the secret of the holy spirit that was freely
given to us by the price of the death of our lour and saviour JESUS CHRIST.
I pray one day that the world will know the truth and stop believing the
liar of all liars, who only wants to take our souls.

slysendyse says:

Where were we before Rhonda Byrne??? C’mon folks… there’s no bedrock
truths here. It’s exactly what we want to hear: ‘sculpt your own reality’.
I don’t know why I even post this, except that I feel compelled to counter
bad philosophies…

Virusbleumage says:

Those who criticize this book are not taking from it what they should. This
is not an anti-religious or brainwashing type book. NO BOOK WRITTEN BY MAN
COULD EVER CHANGE MY BELIEFS. I read the book, and it did not change my
beliefs whatsoever. It did, however, make me want to think more positively,
and to be a better person. And I know as well as I am typing on this
keyboard right now, that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!! A great book!!

Aida Lopez says:

hola…. me gustaria poder ver algun video de Rhonda en español …

freddie viera says:

@JDivinorumVideo yeeeessssss

Robert Edwards says:

God help anyone who can believe this rubbish. When we belch or break wind
we set up a vibration. Do we not have to be careful to set up the right
vibrations in this way if we are trying to attract success?

Jordana Divinorum says:

Seriously? So do the starving people in Africa just have a bad attitude
about starvation? We should tell them: “LOL, just think about food dummies!”

logelamutp says:

@amopower1 hahahahhahahahaha you should try, the law of attraction is
works. please refer the bible or quran

jeemes202 says:

@outrageoustrini You are maggot, aren’t you?

LatinTaco4u says:

@sgraffiliateprogram Really? prove it. This is exactly what Sagan warned
right before he pasted away. “Psuedo Science”!

Al lag says:

The secret is like your breath , but someone says to you have you ever been
conscious while you are sleeping and you´re still breathing .You said I m
sleeping but not breathing . Think about !!!

zozAbdulla says:

law of attraction is nothing new to believers god the most merciful has
informed us of some of his laws way before people came to realize them
through science it is stated in the quran that “If any do desire a reward
in this life, We shall give it to him; and if any do desire a reward in the
Hereafter, We shall give it to him” (Al ‘Imran) 003.145 “Verily never will
Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves
(with their own souls).”(Al ra’d) 013.011

logelamutp says:

@amopower1 Then, watch Napoleon Hill video

RedKhaos says:

They Got God and renamed it “The Universe”. They got prayer and changed it
to “Thinking Good Thoughts”. Everyone knows thoughts do nothing. By
restricting what you can or cannot think, you will just go insane. I know
it has had detrimental effects on me.

Julie-ann Reid says:

Q:why are people saying ”The Secret” is a HOAX? when I’m on the internet
see titles saying law of attraction is a lie and video’s on youtube.Q:Whats
True and whats false?

davidtibble7 says:

NO…..your words create your reality….All exists by words….Words are
Everything…Only the specific words in the specific context manifest!!!

Luap Mahgni says:

I listened to what my mentor Bob Proctor said: “In over 40 years of
studying success, I have never seen a greater opportunity than with
YOUnique.” Take a look like I did. Visit

rob ord says:

rhonda byrne is just being generous. we should not condemn her.

Christina Bauer says:

it works, but only if you never doubt it ! it has worked for me every time.
and in every way.. its not about getting what you want and being rich. its
about changing ur life and be positive.

Yoliechula says:

Sad how people fear this knowledge so much. Sleep walkers. Hope they awaken
from their ego minds soon, or they will just keep attracting the same
misery over and over again. Poor things. God love them.

logelamutp says:

@LeoVenz bro are you muslim?

Sozdatel Stila says:

there are no good or bad people, there are just several opinions

MrFabregas1987 says:

“And having food and raiment let us be therewith content. But they that
will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and [into] many foolish and
hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love
of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have
erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. But
thou, O man of God, flee these things…” (1st Timothy6:8-11).

daonepl says:

People are making me sick, this book is a shit load of CRAP ! There’s no
MIRACLE, HARD WORK IS THE KEY, if you believe the secret, wake up your
f*cking mind and do something of your life instead of crying about
everything. ***Feeling good with yourself and being in a good mood will
have a positive effect in your life and on the people around you, enough

Thomas Wessely says:

this is a big shit for boring people watch matrix

batalla74 says:


kecskef6 says:

@soundskeeperwillie yes it works. trust me.

Elane Horhi says:

based on her book, she still doesn’t know what she thinks she knows. She
just found a great subject that many dumb/desperate people could believe
and follow and that is “the secret”.

bocafutsal says:

Don’t you realize she got rich from selling this stuff? Really?

IncomeChannelTV says:

“Have they changed their layouts?”

prprincessgirl says:

the sad thing about this movie is that their making it look like christians
believe it, never the less satan knows the bible and so do many of his
followers. A real christ follower not a false one would know better its sad
that they hide behind spirituality, this is plain old witch craft i have
studied it and people need to get educated before believeing things, becuz
take it form exp. u might end up not knowing that u are giving ur soul to
satan god says if your not with him your against him!

jeemes202 says:

the Secret and the Power are nothing more than a mind-boggling stupidity.
People, open your eyes!

soundskeeperwillie says:

@kecskef6 does the secret work?

asia anuradha says:

Rhonda Byrne and this film is referenced in the book, “6 Newly Discovered
and Never Before Published Secrets to Eternal Youth and Immortality” by
Eternal Youth Empire. Thank you for being a profound inspiration!!!!!!!!!!

mesutallee says:

There are two versions of The Secret. The original was based on the
teaching of “Abraham” channeled by Ester Hicks. THAT WAS THE SECRET.
Abraham was edited out of the second version because of contractual rights.
When this was done the movie lost the teachings that made it work. If you
have not seen the original you have done yourself an injustice. Get it,
watch it, then you’ll understand what this movie is really about. Search on
Abraham-Hicks…. Namaste

soundskeeperwillie says:

@RedKhaos bullshit! weres the video then?

jimpumfrey says:

daonepl…it is obvious you did not watch the movie, your mind is closed,
work hard? I would rather work smart.. can you complete a sentence without
a swear work, try a dictionary or thesaurus if your stuck..

martial887 says:

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