The Secret Movie Rhonda Byrne: The Law of Attraction Bob Proctor ‘101 Quotes’ (pt1)

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Click here 101 Key Insights and Quotes taken from the International Phenomenon, ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. http://ww…


sensitivesoul says:

this isn’t so easy for us with emotional problems like depression…

2013JOHN says:

x a day but i fell a bit behind last few months and the seeds i planted

mohammad hamour says:

Allah said in theHOLY QURAN in the islamic religion(( Allah Dose not change
What is he sent for the people until they change what inside them))ان الله
لا يغير ما بقوم حتي يغيروا ما بأنفسهمso the Quran told us that befor the
secert book but at all thank you RHONDA it is a good book.

Priyamvada Singh says:

I have read this book. Please guys you gotta read it. This works.

ultranet says:

i can rephrase what i said specially for you : We all have the same essence
inside us 😉 and we all obey the same laws . We all live in the same
planet and we all have the same possibilities 😉 There is no ”creator”
out of this world. The whole is the 1 . and you are part of it 😉 I think
i satisfied you 😛 stuff you already know.

The Big LeBoomski says:

i don’t know about thoughts having a frequency and possessing magnetic
energy but i do believe in this law of attraction cuz i feel that even the
bad things that happened to me it’s cuz a part of me wanted it to happen.
good book

tuu4love says:

osho’s discourses about LOVE from osho vision has made me to understand THE
POWER book by Rhonda better. Hope she includes Osho’s teachings in all her
books as Oshos entire vision is based on celebration, love, gratitude,
positivity, living life totally.

035576 says:

Great job. This is really improving my emotions already. Turned my horrible
week around. Thank you.

ultranet says:

know you can be faster 🙂 Dont just think you are smart or intelligent
(like something inherent and stable and always in relation to other people
) but HAVE THE REAL KNOWLEDGE . you can be whatever you want (if you know
it… and know how to use this knowledge) . If you apply this knowledge .
YES you can be whatever you want . Other people that don’t know this , they
can’t be whatever they want .(because they miss the knowledge or ”they are
sleeping” ) .

brokenarrow2222 says:

her writings are nothing new. just read the bible. it has the same thing.
you don’t have to be religious. you don’t have to believe in God. have
faith in yourself. whatever you can concieve in your brain, you can
accomplish if you go after it.

PiggyGirl10987 says:

@arimasamira Hi Arimasamira, how are you? I fully believe that God is
inside us, but I am still having some diffcultys in my life that I really
want to fix. I have almost always had anxiety in my life, and people tell
me that they have visted heaven and that there is a big battle ahead of us.
How do we prepare for it? Or is heaven what we imange it to be by our
thougts. Anyways message me back if you can ttyl

sensitivesoul says:

no it sounds awesome lol, I’ve been starting to but it’s been slow going…
I like taking my time lol.

4821simpleplan says:

Haha people like Blndrfist make me LAUGH!!! xD Negativity is really bad. I
think that Blndrfist just doesn’t believe in anything. 🙂 He’s too afraid
to try new things. If he had just believed in The Secret then he probably
wouldn’t have made a comment like that. 😛

ToniKaK says:

thank you 🙂

FreespiritPaul says:

Dear friends, I’ve got some interesting stories on my webpage related to
the law of attraction. You can access my website, from my youtube page. I
hope my stories could serve as a positive contribution to your life. Best
wishes to you all.

maisylatif says:

Thank You 4 postin this on….I am at the beginning stage of applying the
Secret to my life, Good Luck to everyone who is seekin more Happiness and
Positivety in their lives…I DO believe it will happen, WE just have to

manoharsinghbisht says:

Fuck god. I , you and we all are gods.

ebayjordan says:

Nice commet young grosshopper you evolved my concious thought instantanesly

Peggy rothman-freeman says:

thanks SO much for posting this..means a lot to me…

John Smith says:

@yofakadan there you go buddy, you are what you think

Successuniverse says:

‘We Are One’ by Cosma. It can be found on the ‘Shanti Bar’ compilation. The
track on the second video is called Mandelbrot by Meitz. Thanks for your
interest 😉

Unshonwe says:

Hi I enjoyed what you have done, I just have one thing about the text it is
a little hard to read and goes quickly… But I did enjoy it and thanks for
the effort of doing what you did. PR


So far, so good. It’s working for me. I’m documenting the whole process
right here on Youtube.

ultranet says:

thats true hammourent . in my house i have the holy Quran .and also Jesus
Christ said stuff like ”believe and you should have” ”your faith saved
you..” . And also in Taoism there is similar thinking about the ”all
providing Dao”. All religions and holy books are just the same thing
expressed in different languadges and adressed to different people . but
the essence is the same . We all have the same creator … no matter if
Indian Arab African New Zealand Toronto or Montreal 🙂 Peace.

Mike Kollin says:

It’s both! Here’s the funny thing! When I first started watching all these
videos on The secret on here, all of a sudden, I got so motivated and
uplifted and positive, I started taking massive action! Now everything is
fun to do! IT’s weird though! I seem to be meeting the right people for the
right things that I need… I can’t explain it… it’s like it’s coming to
me some times.. and I am going to it the other times… It’s both… It’s a
trip, but it’s working… bless you!

Nirbhey Bhatia says:

thank u thank u thank u

fofocheese says:

Hey, let me tell you the secret. The secret is Faith in God.

vallirocks says:

i have read this book!! really it works!! this book changed my life!!! im
thankful for this book!

Invalidstyrkan says:

Good for you m8! Remember, you can ALWAYS choose how to feel! =) I have my
own way of dealing with negativity and I think it’s good to share it. I
don’t push negativity away. I register it and let it slide off. Noticed but
not affecting if you know what I mean.. One’s gotta know that negativity is
also a good thing, without that, we wouldn’t recognize positivity as
easily, or at all! =)

Successuniverse says:

If you enjoyed these universal insights, then please share them with people
you care about. Wishing you success, happiness and prosperity in abundance x

womanlygrace says:

thanks. i like this video very much

ultranet says:

i like your last quote from the matrix. For our practical purposes is
something we should not care . Occam’s razor . I.e if there are other
parallel universes is something that we dont need to bother .but they are
useful tools for thinking , opening the mind e.t.c We are not all the
same.If i train my muscles in the gym . I will be stronger than you in that
field. We are better or worse as far as it concerns a specific
topic/argument or field . but we all have ‘the dynamic to reach’.

PEACE1948 says:

only an ignorant person would anthropomorphize God the Omnipotent as a
grandpa w/ a beard and wooden stick. you dont even know the mechanism of
how you urinate let alone the attributes of the All Mighty

aceon51 says:

what is this song? And whose it by?

Kirk Barkley says:

What goes on in our mind creates our world: this is a PRICELESS video. And
don’t forget the second one! Blessings, scott

colourista says:

I got a sudden realization (that I cannot yet put into words) while
watching this and that realization will change my life. Thank you.

ultranet says:

what did Neo said to Morpheus after saying to him ”do you think that is
air you breath” . ”I know what you do. You are trying to open my mind..
” . or the other quote : “Do you think i beat you because of my muscles”
and another one ”You are faster than that .. Don’t think you
are(visualise)…. KNOW IT ” (know you can choose what you want to be…
know you can be FAST or FASTER or how you want… know you indeed have this
inside you ).

2013JOHN says:

the young dying their parents attracted it because all they see is
negativity how will they know what is what

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