The Science of Procrastination – And How To Manage It

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We’ll write a description later…. Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz). TWITTER: h…


UnknownXV says:

I currently work by cleaning a radiology clinic after it closes. What I
notice is, due to having the option to go anytime after it shuts down
(until it opens) I procrastinate much more than in a normal job. I’ll say
I’m going at 10 PM, definitely. I end up going at 1 AM, somehow..

Rose Mars says:

Watching a procrastination video while procrastinating B) 

Blagno4 says:

Well, the “remove temptation” way is not effective at all, because when you
procrastinate, you avoid something you don’t *want* to do, not something
you don’t like, but something you *want* , so if you’re doing your stuff,
with no temptations, you’ll just end up making nothing. Walking in your
room, stressing, watching the roof, or even lay down on your bed, being
tired about procrastinating, which leads you to stress, depression, and

Mery la bambina Girasole says:

*Carpe Diem!!!*
Among the proposed solutions is the Pomodoro technique, a time-management
method similar to timeboxing that uses timed intervals of work and reward.“Human motivation is highly influenced by how imminent the reward is
perceived to be — meaning, the further away the reward is, the more you
discount its value. This is often referred to as Present bias, or
Hyperbolic discounting”.

Cala Mari says:

Hahaha xD xD xD the first part omg lol i laughed so hard because it was so
true. hahaha

SlugManist says:

Bah. I have to get my math assignment done. I’ve been working on it for 4
hours just because of procrastinating and I’m not even half way done. I
already took an extra 5 minutes just reading the comments 🙁 I’m ashamed

Shriya Siddhartha says:

Am I procrastinating?! :O

Karl Stevenson says:

So since it is a symptom is it then an illness ?

Dianne Reilly says:

This is Great! I thought I’d better put this up, quickly! Enjoy!

Rachel Gurevich says:

I just want to say I wasn’t PROCRASTINATING when I watched this video.. I
was, um, doing research. Yeah. For an article I might write. Like, one
day… maybe next month. Or, eh, in a year and one month. Either one.

Fakenit66 says:

Making a list of reasons of why you want to complete the goal? That sounds
a lot like procrastination to me. X)

Kate says:

I give myself one nothing day a week so that I don’t become too stressed,
and it works well for me… but after watching this on this week’s nothing
day I feel like I should be doing something productive instead of relaxing

TheMrArturb says:

lol another zelda reference XD

PaoloDude404 says:

That Zelda Wiimote though….

Juan David Montoya Habibe says:

But i don’t wanna :(

Eaglescout217 says:

Watched for English Homework, was completely worth it.

Smxc says:

i watched the nap video before this… see you in 30 minutes

Dice12K says:

The beginning of the video is quite accurate… Yes. Yes indeed. xD

Sargeant Johnson says:

but the zelda…

Indiana Melo says:

while watching this video im obviously procastinating.., but i stopped the
video to play pocket mine in my tablet.., that makes me

zodiacfml says:

i use some techniques stated here……but when you’re in a group, or with
a partner, they can be contagious and procrastinating is more fun.

smitty manjensen says:

i masturbate when procrastinating

zhoobin molavi says:

right now, the reason i’m procrastinating is because when i see the end
card, i think “one more episode won’t hurt. that brings up an intresting
question, i’ll ask it on facebook.

Arkasha Krylov says:

can you explain “Adams Rib”.!?

patricia Procopio says:

How do they know that I’m procrastinating??

Tizzle Gaming says:

try this: I do way more homework/revision/exercise
than ever before thanks to this site (also helps if you enjoy games
especially RPGs)

Marlou F says:

That reminds me, I have a book project to finish!

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