The Science of Getting Rich Summary

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Timi Jeboda says:

Thanks so much for sharing the unknown truths. May my eyes continue to be
opened to these truths, apply them and experience manifestations of
abundance I deeply desire and seek daily. I want to achieve more abundance
so as to be a positive light and energy in this Universe. May you realize
your blessings as well. I am glad to join in this global community of
positive minded creators of abundance.

ParacordFan says:

@MrFabregas1987 Just out of curiosity did you read the book?

ward5256 says:

could be lesbian porn no ? but you go girl wish i had the energy n
enthusiam you do to make buck

Reido2828 says:

anything is possible right. Have you had a religious experience like others
have? if not then we cnanot say their wrong because we did not see what
they saw.

MrFabregas1987 says:

2nd Timothy 4:3-4 foretold about such apostates as Wallace Wattles… “For
the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after
their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching
ears; And they shall turn away [their] ears from the truth, and shall be
turned unto fables.”

MrFabregas1987 says:

@Savechildrens I wish people started to wake up. They have no idea that
Rockefellers and Rothchilds are destroying USA by controlling Federal
Reseve Bank. USA has 14 trillions depth because of the internatiomal
banksters who print money from thin air and lend it to the goverment with
intrest who then make wars to pay back the money. Here are some people who
want to get richer while 2 billions of humans in the world has only under
dollars to survive the day. Talk about what wonderful world.

Matt DeLeon says:

Focus, Action, Results! Be – Do – Have (in that order)

bradnesslin says:

i watch this every day,im motivated by this message

ConstantinePainter says:

everything in the comments are lies all you’ll end up doing is forget it in
a week or two including me why everyone is so excited?? you thing you will
just sit and money will come? HELLOW MARKETING PRODUCT /ALL AMERICAN

Claudia Marin says:

@martinrjflores did you read the book already?

rene29200 says:

Thank You Very Much!!!!

Icon Drucker says:

both of you must live together in NOKOR

Tawee Pianchorb says:

thank you…

Patrick Moore says:

I love this. Thank you.

satya narayana says:

Great Channel with Good Videos, Thanks I had several doubts about law of
attraction, but i had to try because I was broke anyways. So, I did 2
things a) Listen to motivation b) Used a mobile app called LOA by Lokesh
which helped me in attraction journey With this, I started earning around
5300$, so it works!

lookfor goodvideos says:

thank you 🙂

Mártin Flores says:

It really works, but you must to persevere to get results. So don´t give up
and change your thoughts, and your life will change as a consequence.
Thanks… I watch this video almost every day.

pwnwner says:

Is anyone here a millionaire?!?

GaZZAmAAD says:

@tquinlan5 have you ever read the book?? its not saying think about what
you want n its gonna drop from the sky.. u dnt need an education either coz
alot of ppl who r rich is not that educated as u an me…

ayp001 says:

Thanks for the video.

Chachi1205 says:

My gratitude travel through you message….very well done and thank your
gift to us.

Jessie Joey says:

Nothing comes out of nothing. “If you believe, proof is not necessary; if
you don’t, proof is not enough.”

grandtitles says:

In principle this is true. However, Adams sin caused a separation between
the creator and the created. Only in Christ Jesus can this separation be
restored. Most of the ideas on this video are pure bible principles.
Consider, what if the value of gaining the whole world and then losing your
soul? Eternity is a long time to spend separated from Love and Grace, Peace
and Truth

TanukiTengu says:


Marten Zygmuntowicz says:

You don’t have to call it God if you don’t want to. You can just accept is
as the energy of which all things are made (material and non-material).
This is actually scientific proven.

Roelandvinken says:

i only have faith in gods love

toby gto says:

I believe i can fly,i believe i can touch the sky..but then i was arrested!

MrFabregas1987 says:

@ParacordFan Money is important but is not everything in this world. I wont
take my money with me when my time on this earth is over. Only my love for
The Lord Jesus Christ.

Mártin Flores says:

@011azr I never said it was magic.

Adnan10k says:

Everybody who is against this philosophy is just too lazy to accept it and
try it. There is immense beauty in the world, and no soul is deprived from
it or not destined to experience it. All people are equal thus whatever you
wish for and crave will happen to you only if you believe!

Mártin Flores says:

@claudiamarin77 Yes, and I have audiobook too.

Reido2828 says:

I have no problem accepting him believe me. I just think when it says
SCIENCE of getting rich it has to do with religion. That is bull shiot
because science has no connection to the paranormal nor with things that
lack evidence. Maybe read more then message me back when you have. We’ll
talk after that ok man:) I don’t appreciate your comment either. To say we
need god to be successful is insulting to him.

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