The Science of Getting Rich & Rhonda Byrne

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Close In this video Rhonda Byrne talks on The Oprah Show about her inspiration for ‘The Secret’ movie ~ The Science of Getting Rich. The…


USGTM says:

I agree the SOGR is much better, because it emphasizes action in a more
dramatic way.

Mireya Rivero says:

This woman discovered The Secret through Abraham-Hicks material also!

ProsperityGlobal says:

I think “The Science of Getting Rich” is acctuly better than The Secret.

LampfireProductions says:


mogges says:

Every one is looking high a low for this great big SECRET there is none the
only Secret is its in you.

Caleb Rosengard says:

@MiaGilaani people prefer to spread what’s bad instead of what’s good

Tord Sand says:

Wish to make The Secret big here in Sweden, and later also in the rest of
Europe where i live! c”,)..anyone that wish to join and get a taste of real
freedom in life?

018thelastfighter says:

here’s why it is so easy to believe that the law of attraction works. we
all know it works even if we don’t necessarily know why, how or what it is.
every human being tends to hope. hope is something we have inside us. when
we’re in a bad situation, no matter how negative we are, we always hope it
turns out alright. we were born knowing that we can have it all just by
wanting it, but somewhere along the way we forgot. thank you Rhonda for
sharing The Secret with the world!

BODacious X Studios says:

It worked for me too and I am on a mission to tell One Million people
myself. I have a Master Plan!!! The Wizard of BOD

Curtis F says:

The book that really jump started “the secret” for me was “Think and grow
rich” by Napoleon Hill. A must read !!!

monasinghuei says:

i have read many books but The secret is different from others … I learn
how to deal with life

MiaGilaani says:

how come there arnt many interviews of rhonda byrne , neither shes on tv

ibelieveinhumans says:

my secret is that it burns when I pee. can i write a book about that and
will people buy it? pls respond

BayviewFinch says:

@MiaGilaani – It’s a secret. Shh.

mongol8x8 says:

GIN huh…what’s your opinion of Kevin Trudeau?

EveLang1 says:

@MiaGilaani Hi, I too have wondered why there is not much more on Rhonda
considering how known she is. Thinking about it, I think there are some
valid reasons. One, she has made so much money from her books, audios and
DVDs, that she doesn’t HAVE to promote herself all over the Internet and
can afform to just sit back and remain private and let the money roll in.
Also, she made claims to be reversing the aging process in herself. If
people can see she hasn’t, they will lose faith in her!

giriisindahouse says:

Its always the best for the Author herself to say it publicly coz she’s the
one who experienced the most out of it

2050miltons says:


731sset says:

I am reading The Science of Getting Rich and I love THE SECRET! it works
because it’s deep in our soul….

New Leaf Programme says:

This is Fantastic advice for PTSD

johnnyjackpot says:

Thanks so much for this!

johnnyontube says:

I cant understand how this idea is such a revolution to people. think and
you will receive is the basic message. why is that soo profound ? And its
been disproved through out my whole life. I held the view that if i believe
myself it will happen view as a kid and it never worked. I can not be
totally sure of anything, thank god life would be so boring if it was

miserkocho says:

imo money is no longer tied to anything natural so is not subject to
natural law.

mogges says:

Will SAM I Am rich.I have 1 1/2 ac of land that is bought and payed for.I
raise my own foods.I have a home I payed 2500 dollars for.NO its not a
shack.and no it not not Trump house. but its mine.yet some would call me
poor cause I don’t have 50 million dollars.and I’m not famous.But by dam
I’m not dependent on the gas company are the electric and supermarkets.I’m
rich by my standurds your rich by your.

keith john says:

A raging flame lit me bank account, I am leeving a dreeem

Pandachinoo says:

whata is the secret? O____O

surfstomp says:

Write a book about the secret of getting rich and sell it. That is the

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