The Psychology of Self-Motivation: Scott Geller at TEDxVirginiaTech

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Scott Geller is Alumni Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech and Director of the Center for Applied Behavior Systems in the Department of Psychology. He i…


Benjamin Clark says:

what kind of people dislike a video like this?´╗┐

P Ben says:

In Thai schools it’s usually rude to question the teacher because it makes
the student look like they think they’re more clever and does not respect
“authority.” ­čÖü ´╗┐

Chris Hugh says:

Ugh. The cookie thief thing is from a Douglas Adams book. ´╗┐

RedFlyer411 says:

HI, I’m a 20 year old with Aspergers which is an antisocial disorder. If I
have a problem communicating my feelings and opinions to other irl, what do
“I” need to do? To become Self-motivated.´╗┐

monjiaitaly says:

try teaching a black woman or correcting a black woman on anything, when
your white. Hahahaha, they’re all bigots.´╗┐

Rocky Sinai says:

The greatest fuel for self-motivation is when lots of people give you
unasked criticism and discouragement. Just smile, ignore them and keep
climbing. Good luck!´╗┐

Todd Smith says:

Not inspiring at all. Worst Ted Talk I’ve ever seen. ´╗┐

Indiekid39 says:

Its easy for privileged white people with good looks to say motivation is
easy. They’ve been praised their whole lives´╗┐

Robert Langford says:

Everyday I get filled with self doubt. It’s truly the worst feeling in the
world; when you have a voice in the back of your mind questioning anything
and everything that you’re doing. It always says ‘Don’t be stupid, you’ll
never get your band signed, you’ll never become a good programmer, you’ll
never get a beautiful girl, you’ll never move out, you’ll never complete
university, you’ll never make new friends’ etc etc. It can be the most
crippling thing in the world if you let it speak to you. If anyone has a
spare 5 minutes, and is feeling extremely charitable, please checkout my
indie band online. Search ‘The Cavaliers- Rooftops’ on youtube. I refuse to
lose sight of something I believe in, you should too. Peace and love

iZaaac21 says:

uncanny resemblance with Forest Gump´╗┐ says:

“Beyond boundaries is something different”.
People in our lives drive one another to excel in our abilities ´╗┐

Sharbel Freiberger says:
Mitch Dearness says:

classic role out of expectancy theory from any management textbook´╗┐

John Do says:

This guy should be president of a small country.´╗┐

gamesmoney1025 says:


Ezra Kong says:

This guy talks like Jordan Belfort´╗┐

benD'anon fawkes says:


MrDiscreet100 says:

What a fantastic pitch. Me and this guy get along nicely!´╗┐

uv2012 says:

I’m i the only one who thinks he looks like Bryan Cranston? ­čśŤ :P´╗┐

Jose Javier Garde Lecumberri says:

The Psychology of Self-Motivation: Scott Geller
#Psychology #Self-Motivation: #ScottGeller´╗┐

INNO222 says:

Great clip.´╗┐

myztic123 says:

somehow this talk makes me self-motivated. good job guy´╗┐

Stephen Whittingstall says:

What dummies are giving this thumbs down, and why? ´╗┐

Paul Cox says:

I really like this speaker and hes a good drummer, old video but well worth
a view´╗┐

Karthik Iyengar says:

Nice Drumroll.´╗┐

john stewart says:

Awwwwrite Pops
I enjoyed that
….thank yoo:)))´╗┐

Happy Reads says:

The Psychology of Self-Motivation: Scott Geller at TEDxVirginiaTech´╗┐

Schools Training says:

Just loved the cookie story!´╗┐

sujeet tudu says:

….thanks scot…i like the stuff´╗┐

Indiekid39 says:

Good points, but his example doesn’t really apply because he wanted to play
the drums. what about kids who don’t like math but have to sit through it?
or people who have to write reports for their jobs that they don’t want to
do? If everyone only did what they wanted, we’d have too many drummers and
actors and marine biologists and athletes. The fact of the matter is,
sometimes you can’t do what you want. That makes motivation much harder.
Tell the inner city kid with no parents to be motivated like this rich
white dude is. Not as easy´╗┐

Norma Cristina Echavarria says:

Una excelente s├şntesis que hace foco en la Motivaci├│n. Muy bueno, y muy
buen mensaje para los docentes. Ense├▒ar mientras los educandos desean
aprender¡¡¡!!!! Es como cuando digo, encuentren el quiero adentro de cada
debo….y hacerlo sera mas facil. buena semana´╗┐

Dylan O'Brien says:

+Stephane Ehouman Find a pen and a notebook and write, Done.´╗┐

Xi Zui says:

What if you want to be in a meditative state? Also robots will be doing
everything soon´╗┐

Nelly Nelson says:


Corey Geller says:

Excellent lecture on motivation.´╗┐

FoodForAHealthyYou says:
WhatIsYourEdge says:

Fabulous delivery and content.´╗┐

Jennifer Wagner says:

Read “Drive” by D. Pink. This video goes along nicely with it.´╗┐

john stewart says:

Awwwwrite Pops
I enjoyed that
….thank yoo:)))´╗┐

vijay b says:

This is good and great. Questioning your teacher in India might help you to
fail in Internal Exams and thesis.´╗┐

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