The Power of Your Subconscious Mind to Achieve ANY Goal

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Ge Tol says:

I just feel like my life is useless now. No hope. This world is making me
think always and always to end my life until now. People here, please help
me. Is there God at all? I am faithful and kept on talking to Him to change
everything but I found no answer. Please help me! I am so tired of my life.

jeannylovesvic says:

Conscious mind is something that you know you are thinking. Subconscious
mind is something in your mind, but you don’t know about. A slip of tongue
is an example. For instance, your subconscious mind is thinking of your
exboyfriend, but your conscious mind is not. then you get confused when you
called your husband, you called him by your ex’s name. It’s your
subconscious mind that made you do it.

John Thomas says:

Thanks 4 the video. People with shyness and social anxiety never seem to
meet others like them. These people have so much talent that they will look
and act way different if only they came out of their shell. I had this idea
and created a blog. Hope it may help, even if only a little.

Demetrius Jones says:

Thanx for posting this video!

Harif Musa says:


lester says:

not the safest thing to do for people not born with a gift;)

Blakeley Quayat says:

For the comment left by wiscont2, it is probably a panic attack. I went
through the exact same thing. I hope you see this comment but I don’t know
if youtube will notify you that this was left. My advice is do not take the
medication as it will only in the long run make it worse. They may tell u
its the only way, but I promise, its not

Filprimehomes1 says:

Very interesting… Got to experiment on this.

Sayantan Mukherjee says:


OneAndOnlyDriew says:


Ahmad Azwad Mukhtar says:

consistency …

magnallc says:

i would like to mention a big mistake we do…. its not our “Sub”conscious
but “Hyper”conscious

Melchersson says:

Dito! I have had a really tough life cause of my sufferings from Social
phobia and panic attacks. But overall I love my happy moments between the
anxiety and are blessed with very fine friends. I find that to love and
help my fellow humans makes me forget about my problems.

Naturaful says:

Confidence in yourself has a large part to do with your body image.For a
great body image and high-self confidence, you need to get your body to
where you would like it to be…from there you can set your mind to achieve
your other goals without letting your lack of confidence interfere.

dawnloveshorses says:

I almost didn’t get an operation that was desperately needed because of
fear and anxiety. People who don’t suffer from anxiety don’t understand. It
is refreshing to know that people are sharing like this.

britneyspears37 says:

The conscious mind is when your aware what your thinking and doing. The
subconscious is when you see or hear something but you don’t pay much
attention to it

necroJJ says:

i put dollar bills wallpaper on my wall & and it makes me wanna make money

NachoChannel23 says:

Can anyone please explain the difference between a conscious and a
subconscious mind?

benaberry says:

Is this like the Secret?

GlacierRider says:

I believe your subconscious mind and learning to access it can be the way
to cure life long social anxiety that has hindered one from living a life
of happiness. Traditional therapy where you just talk for 45-60 minutes
just does not cut it for me. I have deep seeded emotions and I feel I have
to have more evasive treatment. I just got out of hypnosis and I feel
better than I would have with weeks of regular counceling!

Mind Movies says:

As George Eliot once said, “It is never too late to be what you might have

MindMaster says:

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Paul Grout says:

Mindmaster sounds excellent. We are all surrounded by subliminal messages
constantly in our daily lives. Just look around and notice how many adverts
there are placed in shopping centers. Even when we do not fully engage the
adverts the unconscious mind will pick up information. It happens all the
time, even whilst watching adverts on Youtube. The key is to be fully aware
of this and focus our attention on what you really want in life to work
with the Law of Attraction.

Apollyon says:

After having anxiety for a long time. I noticed that when I start dreaming
vivid dreams.. No matter what it can be good or bad. I start having
anxiety and panics for no reason. When I don’t have vivid dreams I wake up
and don’t remember those one’s.. I’m fine.. like I never had anxiety in my
life.Only after 16 years I finally noticed this.I don’t have fear or
palpitations anymore. I just have the shock of those symptoms It’s like my
body beat it! But the awful feeling likes to return.

Beto Latvezzi says:

Supposedly the reason people feel less confident or lack confidence in a
specific area is because they have not been exposed to that situation
before. I go to Mexico almost every week but everytime I cross the border I
always get nervous and anxious like if idk whats going to happen but Ive
been in this situation millions of times yet I still get nervous. Ive
played soccer my whole life, but yet I feel I cant do my own thing on the
field bc I feel I have to fulfill what others expect of me first

musclectavio17 says:

They give no absolute credit to the man who started all this who is
“Napoleon Hill’ because of Mr.Hill more then 12millon people are successful
i am not saying MindMaster doesnt work because it does why? because is base
on the Napoleon Hill Methods and other great successful people like Thomas
Edison, Henry Ford ect.

marksen321 says:

thats genius!

jacob ayala says:

does this work for depersonalization disorder anybody?

DelseyKathryn says:

Subliminal messages used to be used the advertisements, before the movie,
in drive-in theaters to increase the desire in the movie goers to buy pop
and snacks. It worked extremely well and the use of subliminal messages was
subsequently banned. 😀

wiscont2 says:

I have a hard time breathing. The doctor checked my lungs and heart rate
and he said they were normal. Still he prescribed me medicine. Am i a
experiencing panic attacks?

Jacob Watson says:


britneyspears37 says:

Talk about it with someone or start a journal. Ever notice how it feels so
much better when you talk about your problems?

rawer77 says:

every second of your life counts make it good make every second good every
second our ancestors are in the past we are now lets make every second good
everyone one from now one dont do good sometimes do good every second then
we will all go to the good place we hope to go when we pass. i love the
world and everyone and everything in it. every second!!!!

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