The Power of Your Subconscious Mind to Achieve ANY Goal (www.MindMaster.TV)

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Makesi Gaither says:

The Power of your subconscious Mind can achieve anything…

srevanuri says:

It is very intrested

Johnny Jr Beeler says:

nice name and good message.

sacredwisdom71 says:

100% WORKS

mikeisradasfuck says:

we can!

Marita Steffe says:

Thanks for posting this information, it is very helpful. I love the idea
that we can reprogram our minds with something that works for us. It is
very empowering.

elcocoloco21 says:

does this really work

inflames2112 says:

this like most other things work if your actually using it and believing it
etc. the will power to do something is the biggest key.

Michael Hall says:

Don’t knock it before you try it. The Law of Attraction really works,
believe me, I was one of those people who didn’t believe in anything I
couldn’t see, especially magic. However, whether you believe in magic or
not, everyone believes in science and the scientific truth is that every
action has an oposite and equal reaction, which means if you make the
action of being good, you’ll make the opposite reaction of receiving good.
And what you recieve will always be equal to what you gave. =)

MindMasterTV says:

Please see our Facebook Page: You will see comments from over 27,000
people from around the world. Sincerely, MindMaster.TV

dave uno says:


Mike Kincaid says:

Good stuff!

lihat88 says:

Just a personal opinion. While I was transcribing the video for my blog, I
found the sales pitch is a wee bit too aggressive. The advertisement at the
end is superb, particularly the part that says, “This technology is so
powerful that the US and British government do not allow TV advertisers to
use it… safe and effective for personal use.” I say superb because I
believe this to be a statement of fact.

ubercool27 says:

very cool ! 🙂

Jared Maldon says:

Can it work for sinister intentions? Like for example I want to save the
girl I love from making the mistake of staying with her ex. With what i
learned so far, I can now find a way to break them a part! >:D

TheEXpothead says:

just know that everything is possible and learn to accept that truth
everyone has the gift natrualy. you just havn’t been taught about it. you
can do it 🙂 I believe in you all! exercise your mind!

Dassoon Fitz says:

can i use these dvd’s on my dvd player and watch them? if so, what will
appear on my screen? how long will i have to sit and look at the screen?

Eny Karmila says:

Yup…very important to control our subconscious mind.

impowermenow says:

Commitment on what you do or you want to achieve is one of the most
important factor to success its either in career, life, or relationships.
Thanks for your inspiring video.

scerplaya says:

Thinking positively is just dabbling with effects and doesn’t get to the
cause of anything. When you “think” positively it may make you feel better,
but you only convince your mind (the thinking part of you) that things are
going well. It’s akin to sweeping dirt under the rug. If you pay close
attention you may notice that subconscious, unintegrated feelings have a
way of transferring to other aspects of your life. I call it mental
gymnastics. It’s a lot of doing without being.

Ivonnie Moctezuma says:

has anyone actually tried mind master? I would like a little more
information on the product please

Joseph Ian Partington says:

The mind is a powerful thing with enough will and power you can actually
cure illness as Dr’s prove by tricking patients with placebos.

Rubondo Moralez says:

hmm interesting

David Nguyen says:

MindMasterTV Could You Help Me. & Help Other People ?

sara smith says:


livingfiyah says:

Create a vision board

blueceleste says:

interesting. i never had anyone to help me with positive thinking not even
my own parents. i had this urge of positive thinking when i smoked sage. i
have a lot of goals/ideas that i want to incorporate but i just never felt
i could do anything my slow ADHD learning has always hindered me to master
things. im the kind of person who wants to master something in a short
amount of time and use it effective that has always been a goal for me, can
that be achieved? contd….

Chase Wilson says:

love it

MindMasterTV says:

Thank You to Dr. Deepak Chopra for liking MindMaster, and our Facebook Fan
Page where comments are posted daily by over 310,000 fans from around
the world by people who are achieving Success… You can also see
Scientific Studies from Cornell University & Success Stories from
Olympic Gold Medalists, World Boxing Champions and Top Personal
Development Coaches who are using MindMaster Personally. Please visit
MindMaster.TV for a 100% Free Trial

lifechangeyourlife says:

Its all to do with the universal law of cause and effect. Like attracts
like and this applies to the thoughts that us human’s have as well. Whether
you realise it or not, where you are today is a direct result of your most
prominent thoughts.

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